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Upon arrival, please visit the general office (Room 613) and contact our assistant to obtain an entry card and an office key. In case that you are scheduled to arrive in China before or after the business hours of the CSRC general office, please be advised to contact us before your departure for CSRC.

Please keep your entry card and office key carefully during your stay and don’t forget to return them to your research assistant before leaving CSRC.

Working Hours & Holidays

The regular working hours of the office of the administrative service are from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The office is closed on weekends and China Public holidays.


CSRC offers visitors computing services including PC, network and printing. For any question about the computing, please contact our computer technician ( Mr. YIN Chao, Room 508) at 8268 7008.

PC: A desktop PC and a printer are provided for visitors with an assigned office, by which you can surf the Internet and do the printing. If you bring your own laptop, you can use the Internet service after IP registration. For IP registration, please be advised to contact us.

Network access: In every office, a network cable is ready to be connected. Wireless network access is also available and the password is 19841984.

Printing: You can also do the printing, scanning and faxing in the printing room located in the Room 614. Fax number: 8610-8268 7002.

Phone Calls

Inter-institutional calls are available throughout the CSRC with office phones by dialing 4-digit extension numbers. To place off-CSRC calls with the office phones, please dial 0 first followed by area codes and phone numbers. In case of a local call within Beijing, no area code is necessary. For international calls, please contact the general office (Room613).


All incoming and outgoing mails are handled at the general office. Please contact the general office for your delivery.


Beijing Computational Science Research Center

No.3 HeQing Road, Haidian District

Beijing, 100084, China


Please check our library resources before renting a book. Write down the Title and Author. Then contact the librarian (Miss GAO Yuan, Room613) at 8268 7001.


Meal card: A meal card can be drawn from the general office (Room613), with which you can have your meals in the canteen of Tsinghua University. CNY200 for deposit of the meal card would be required.

Restaurant: There is a restaurant (belong to RunZeJiaYe Hotel) located in the 2nd floor, providing working meal in Chinese food (CNY30/person). Please contact your research assistant if you need to order the meal (own expense).

Café: There is a Café located in CSRC Room 629 at 6th floor, where a coffee machine, refrigerator, microwave oven can be used.

For the supermarket, bank, hospital, restaurant around CSRC office and for other information, please refer to “The Handbook of Beijing” placed in your office bookcase. You can also visit  Useful Information for more details.

Fitness room

A table tennis room and a fitness room with treadmills and exercise equipments located in the staircases are opened to all CSRC members and visitors.


Boiled water is supplied by water-boiling machine on the left side of the men’s room. Please note that the tap water is undrinkable.


Automatic washing machines are placed inside the women's room on the 5th floor and the men's room on the 6th floor. You can do the laundry by yourself there.


Any announcements listing important information, talks, workshops, etc will be displayed on the display boards both in the 5th and 6th floor of CSRC. We encourage you to read it.


Please contact your research assistant to rent a bicycle if needed. The rent of bicycle is CNY1 per day and the deposit CNY300. A purchase price should be paid if missing.


Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed areas of the CSRC office; however there are ashtrays located just at the staircases each floor.


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