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Beijing Computational Science Research Center (CSRC) is a multi-disciplinary fundamental research organization under the auspices of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics (CAEP). The Center has its own Council, an Academic Committee and is headed by Director Hai-Qing Lin.

Established in August 2009, CSRC positions itself as a center of excellence in computational science research addressing current and critical issues in multidisciplinary mixes of Mathematics, Mechanics, Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science, and Computational Science.

Mission and Goals: 

carry out fundamental, frontier, critical , and multidisciplinary research with advanced computational approaches, thereby attract talents worldwide and train highly qualified research personnel, to support grand scientific development and technology innovation in China;

develop and maintain collaboration with research institutes elsewhere by building a comprehensive and internationalized research platform, to support academic and technological exchange and advancement;

innovate and reform organizational structures, management policies and methods for enabling creative and effective scientific research, to raise our national competence in technology innovation and enhance our comprehensive strength in science and technology.

Specifically, CSRC supports the development and implementation of grand challenging projects in natural science and engineering where computational modeling and simulation play a key role. CSRC also encourages its members to engage in the development of computational algorithms and software.


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