Associate Professor Yang Ding


Office Location
Room A205

Ph.D. in Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011 

B.S. in Physics, University of Science and Technology of China, 2005

Professional Employment

Yang Ding received his Ph.D. in physics from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2011. Afterwards, he did postdoctoral studies atGeorgia Institute of Technology and University of Southern California. In 2014, he joined Beijing Computational Science Research Center as a Research Assistant Professor.

Research Interests

He is interested in using theoretical and computational approaches to study the interactions between organisms/bio-inspired robots and complex media. Previously he have worked on the mechanics of control of swimming in granular media (e.g. sand) and the mixing of low Re fluids due to the beating of cilia. He is currently interested in the dynamics and control of undulatory swimming in low and high Re fluids and legged locomotion on land.

Representative Publications
1.  Mixing and transport by ciliary carpets: a numerical study, Yang Ding, Janna C. Nawroth, Margaret J. McFall-Ngai and Eva Kanso Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 743, 124-140 (2014).
2.  Emergence of the advancing neuromechanical phase in a resistive force dominated medium, Yang Ding, Sarah S. Sharpe, Kurt Wiesenfeld, and Daniel I. Goldman Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 110(25), 10123-10128 (2013).
3.  Mechanics of Undulatory Swimming in a Frictional Fluid, Yang Ding, Sarah S. Sharpe, Andrew Masse and Daniel I. Goldman, Plos Computational biology, 8(12), e1002810 (2012)
4.  Drag induced lift in granular media, Yang Ding, Nick Gravish and Daniel I. Goldman, Physical Review Letters, 106, 028001 (2011)
5.  Undulatory swimming in sand: subsurface locomotion of the sandfish lizard, Ryan Maladen, Yang Ding, Chen Li and Daniel I. Goldman, Science, 325, 314 (2009)
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