Chair Professor, Interim Division Head Li-Shi Luo


Office Location
Room B219

06/12/1993   Ph.D. (Physics, minor in Mathematics) Georgia Institute of Technology, USA 

10/13/1986   M.Sc. (Physics) University of Western Ontario, Canada 

10/15/1982   B.Eng. (Hon., Electrical Engineering) Fuzhou University, P. R. China

Professional Employment

1993-1994 Research Assistant Professor, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

1994-1996 Consultant, Los Alamos National Laboratory

1996 Post-Doctoral Fellow, Los Alamos National Laboratory

1996-1998 Sta Scientist, ICASE, NASA Langley Research Center

1998-2002 Senior Sta Scientist, ICASE, NASA Langley Research Center

2003 Senior Sta Scientist, National Institute of Aerospace

2003-2004 Research Fellow, National Institute of Aerospace

2004-2009 Associate Professor, Dept. of Math. & Stat., Old Dominion University

2007-Present The Richard Barry Jr. Distinguished Endowed Professor in Mathematics

2009-Present Professor, Dept. of Math. & Stat., Old Dominion University


2011, Faculty Research Achievement Award, Old Dominion University

2010, Fellow, American Physical Society, Division of Fluid Dynamics

2009, Outstanding Research Award, College of Science, ODU

2008, Outstanding Referee, American Physical Society

Representative Publications
1.  L.-S. Luo. Comment on Heat transfer and uid ow in microchannels and nanochannels at high Knudsen number using thermal lattice-Boltzmann method". To appear in Phys. Rev. E (2011).
2.  L.-S. Luo, W. Liao, X. Chen, Y. Peng, and W. Zhang. Practice of the lattice Boltzmann method: MRT, TRT, LBGK and ELBE schemes. To appear in Phys. Rev. E (2011).
3.  M. Cheng, J. Lou, and L.-S. Luo. Numerical study of a vortex ring impacting a plane wall. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 660:430{455 (2010).
4.  W. Liao, Y. Peng, and L.-S. Luo. Eects of multi-temperature non-equilibrium on compressible homogeneous turbulence. Physical Review E 80(4):046704 (2010).
5.  W. Liao, L.-S. Luo, and L.-P. Wang. Comparison of the lattice Boltzmann and pseudo- spectral methods for decaying turbulence: Low-order statistics. Computers & Fluids 39(4):568{591 (2010).
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