Professor Peng-Fei Guan

Materials and Energy

Office Location
Room B416
Professional Employment

1981       Xuancheng, Auhui;

1996-2000  BS, Department of Physics, Jilin University;

2000-2003  MS, Department of Physics, Jilin University;

2003-2004  Research Assistent, Institute of Physics, CAS;  

2004-2008  Ph.D, Institute of Functional Materials, CISRI;

2008-2011  Research Associate, WPI-AIMR, Tohoku University;

2011-2013  Research Associate, MSE, Johns Hopkins University;

2014-      Beijing Computational Science Research Center.

Research Interests

1. Atomic Structure and related properties of Amorphous Materials;

2. Glass and Glass Transtion;

3. Strutcure-properties correlation of Functional materials;

4. High-throughput calculation & Materials design;

5. High performances and Prediction model of Metallic alloys.


Representative Publications
1.  B. S. Shang, W. H. Wang, A. L. Greer, P. F. Guan*, Atomistic modelling of thermal-cycling rejuvenation in metallic glasses. Acta Materialia. 213, 116952(2021)
2.  B. Wang, L. J. Wang, B. S. Shang, X. Q. Gao, Y. Yang*, H. Y. Bai, M. X. Pan*, W. H. Wang, P. F. Guan*, Revealing the low-temperature fast relaxation peak in a model metallic glass, Acta Materialia. 195, 2611-620(2020)
3.  B. S. Shang, P. F. Guan*, J. L. Barrat*, Elastic avalanches reveal marginal behaviour in amorphous solids, Proc. Natl Acad. Sci. 117, 86 (2020)
4.  B. S. Shang, J. Rottler, P. F. Guan*, J. L. Barrat*, Phys. Rev. Lett. 122,105501 (2019), Editors’ Suggestion
5.  L. J. Wang, N. Xu*, W. H. Wang, P. F. Guan*, Phys. Rev. Lett. 120,125502 (2018)
6.  Y. C. Hu*, Y. W. Li, Y. Yang, P. F. Guan*, H. Y. Bai, W. H. Wang, Proc. Natl Acad. Sci. 115, 6375(2018)
7.  Y. C. Hu, Y. Z. Wang, R. Su, C. R. Cao, F. Li, C. W. Sun*, Y. Yang, P. F. Guan*, D. W. Ding, Z. L. Wang, W. H. Wang*, Adv. Mater. 28, 10293(2016)
8.  P. F. Guan, S. Lu, M. Spector, P. K. Valavala, M. L. Falk, Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 185502 (2013)
9.  P. F. Guan, T. Fujita, A. Hirata, Y. H. Liu, M. W. Chen, Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 175501 (2012)
10.  A. Hirata, P. F. Guan, T. Fujita, Y. Hirotsu, A. Inoue, A. R. Yavari, T. Sakurai and M. W. Chen*, Nature Materials 10, 28 (2011)
11.  P. F. Guan, M. W. Chen, T. Egami. Stress-temperature scaling for steady-state flow in metallic glasses. Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 205701 (2010)
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