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[29-08-2014] 2014 International Workshop on Electronic Structure Computations of Nanostructures
[19-07-2014] The 1st International Workshop on Frontiers in Quantum Optics and Quantum Information
[05-06-2014] Workshop on Green Materials for Energy
[28-04-2014] Workshop on Quantum Optics and Quantum Information(2014)
[23-04-2014] Hands-on Workshop on Biomolecular Computation and Data Analysis
[08-04-2014] Focused workshop on “Biological underpinnings of cognitive abilities in health and diseases”
[05-12-2013] Prof. Shi-Yao Zhu won the Willis E.Lamb Award
[05-12-2013] The 16th Asian Workshop on First-Principles Electronic Structure Calculations
[01-11-2013] The 6th International Workshop on Solid State Quantum Computing
[23-08-2013] 1st Workshop on Calypso
[25-06-2013] Workshop on Energy Landscape of Complex Systems
[25-06-2013] Workshop on Complex Networks and Statistical Mechanics
[08-06-2013] Quantum Optics and New Materials (V)
[31-05-2013] International Workshop on Computational and Applied Mathematics
[16-04-2013] Prof. DU Qiang elected as SIAM Fellow
[21-01-2013] Prof. Xue-Chu Shen Visited CSRC
[23-11-2012] Workshop on Frontiers of Quantum Optics and Quantum Information Science
[21-11-2012] Prof. Roy. J. Glauber visited CSRC
[10-08-2012] Prof. Chi-Wang Shu from Brown University Visited CSRC
[30-07-2012] 2012 Summer School on the Lattice Boltzmann Method

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