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The CSRC hybrid cluster contains 68 computing nodes with the blade structure, including 136 Xeon X5650 CPUs, 8 NVIDIA Tesla M2070 cards, 1.6 TB memory and 68TB storage. All nodes are connected via the 40Gbps Infiniband QDR interconnect. The theoretical peak performance is about 12 TFlop/s. The Cluster also  contains one management node, and two I/O nodes of rack-mounted server.
 CPU cluster
  (a) 64 nodes, 8 TFlop/s in total.
  (b) Each node has 2 Xeon X5650 CPUs, 24GB memory.
GPU cluster
  (a) 4 nodes, 4 TFlop/s in total.
  (b) Each node has 2 Xeon X5650 CPUs, 24GB memory.               
  (c) Each node has 2 NVIDIA Tesla M2070 cards.
  ATK 10.8.2 (Hai-Qing Lin  research group)
  Crystal 09 (Hai-Qing Lin  research group)
  Mathematica 8 (single license)
  Intel Compiler 11.1 
  Origin 8.5 (single license)
  Phonon 5.10 (Hai-Qing Lin  research group)
  VASP 5.2 (Hai-Qing Lin  research group)
  Wien2k 2010 (Hai-Qing Lin  research group)
  FDTD Solutions 7.5.5 (FULL license + addition license) 

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