Group Members

  • PhD and Master Students (Experiment Group)

    • Bowen SONG
      Bowen Song
    • Xiangdong ZHANG
      Xiangdong Zhang
    • Guoping GAO
      Guoping Gao
    • Jinbo HU
      Jinbo HU
    • Yanmeng SHAO
      yanmeng SHAO
    • Weixi HUANG
      Weixi HUANG
  • Former Post-docs and Students
    • Dr. Yang LI (PhD student, graduated 2021)

    • Dr. Da-Wu XIAO (PhD student, graduated 2021, now postdoc in CUHK)

    • Dr. Feng TANG (PhD student, graduated 2020, now postdoc in SUSTech)

    • Dr. Hongying YANG (PhD student, graduated 2020, now postdoc at Hangzhou Innovation Institute, Beihang Univ.)

    • Dr. Ke ZHANG (PhD student, graduated 2019, now postdoc in Germany)

    • Dr. Kewen XIAO (PhD student, graduated 2017, now in US)

    • Dr. Xing XIAO (post-doc, now faculty in Gannan Normal Univ.)

    • Dr. Aixian LI (post-doc, now in Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences)

    • Dr. Zhihuang Luo (post-doc, now faculty in Sun Yat-Sen Univ.)

    • Dr. Wenhui HU (post-doc)

    • Dr. Li GE (post-doc, now faculty in Zhejiang Sci-Tech Univ.)

    • Dr. Li-Ping YANG (post-doc, now faculty in Northeast Normal University)

    • Dr. Lei-Ming ZHOU (post-doc, now faculty in Hefei University of Technology)

    • Dr. Yinan FANG (visiting student, now faculty in Yunnan University)

    • Mr. Tong YANG (visiting student, now in US)

    • Mr. Mofan Zhang (visiting student, now in US)