Stefano Chesi, Assistant Professor

My research area is Condensed Matter Theory, with strong interests in nanoscience, spin coherence, and Quantum Information.

After graduating from Purdue University in 2007, I matured postdoctoral research experience in top groups in Europe and North America, and became Research Scientist at RIKEN (Japan) in 2013. I joined Beijing CSRC as a faculty in 2014, after being selected by the national Recruitment program 1000 Young Thousand Talents of China.

I am currently recruiting graduate students and/or postdocs. Applications should include a CV with publication list and the names and contacts of 2-3 referees.


Beijing CSRC
Building 9, East Zone, ZPark II
No. 10 Xibeiwang East Road
Haidan district, Beijing
China, 100093

Office: A302

Tel: +86-10-56981814
Fax: +86-10-56981700

Latest news:

25-30 Nov 2019 - Hosted a China-Italy scientific exchange and workshop.

23 Nov 2019 - Talk at "QSQD 2019", Beijing, China.

16-19 Sep 2019 - Scientific visit to Tohoku University and RIKEN, Japan.

3 Sep 2019 - "Hole spin echo envelope modulations" is published in PRB.

16 Aug 2019 - General grant of NSFC is approved for 640,000 CNY.

13 Jun 2019 - "Mixed-Order Symmetry-Breaking Quantum Phase Transition Far from Equilibrium" is published in PRL.

Older news are here.