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Lodging and Workshop Venue
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Lodging and workshop Venue

ASIAN-16 will be held in Jiuhua Resort & Convention Center VIP building, a garden hotel famous for hot springs. The hotel is 35Km away from downtown of Beijing and 26Km away from Beijing international Airport. Both the lodging and workshop venue are in the same hotel.

We will arrange free shuttle buses between Beijing Capital Airport and Jiuhua Resort & Convention Center VIP building on Oct. 27th and 30th. The time tables for shuttle buses are below:

  1. Oct. 27th, from Beijing Capital Airport to Jiuhua Resort & Convention Center VIP building, three shuttle buses will depart at 12:00pm, 3:30pm, and 7:00pm from Terminal 3 (the gate 5 of airport exit B).
  2. Oct. 30th, from Jiuhua Resort & Convention Center VIP building to Beijing Capital Airport, two shuttle buses depart at 1:00pm and 3:00pm.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Buses will depart sharply according to the time tables. In order to ensure your seats, please reserve the bus ticket in your registration under "Memo", indicating the departure time.

Jiuhua Resort & Convention Center VIP building ()

  • Mafang Town, Changping District, Beijing, China (500 meters eastbound of Mafang Bridge) inside North 6th Ring Road
  • Phone: +86-10-87938336
  • Workshop Discount Room Rate: 460 CNY/night (Standard room with two beds)
  • Participants do not need to book hotel. The organizing committee will help to arrange accommodation if you have registered before.

    If you need our help on hotel booking, please choose the room type (one room or one bed) in the registration. One room means you plan to occupy a single room, while one bed is a stay in a shared room with another participant with a cost of 230 CNY/night. However, since we buy in unit of one room, we highly encourage you to find yourself a roommate for sharing the cost. If you cannot find a right roommate and choose “one bed” in the registration, we will try to help you find one but there is no 100 % guarantee. In rare cases, one room rate might be applied to you.

Location of Jiuhua Resort & Convention Center VIP building

How to access to Jiuhua Resort & Convention Center VIP Building:

  1. From Beijing Capital Airport (airport code PEK)

    • Taxi (cost about ¥75 RMB or $12 USD, 40mins)
    • This is the easiest way. Please give taxi driver the following address:
    • Phone: +86-10-87938336
    • Taxi locations in Capital Airport:
      • Outside Gate 1 to 5 on F1
      • Outside Gate 5 to 9 on F1
      • Please refer to the signs inside the terminal building.
  2. From Beijing West Railway Station
    • Walk to Subway Station and take Line 9 northbound to National Library direction, and get off at BAI-SHI-QIAN SOUTH Station.
    • Transfer to Line 6 eastbound to CAO-FANG station, and get off at DONG-SI Station.
    • Transfer to Line 5 north-bound to TIAN-TONG-YUAN NORTH station and get off at TIAN-TONG-YUAN station, exit the station.
    • Take Bus #59/#52/#984/#537 northbound and get off at XIAO-TANG-SHAN-MA-FANG stop, walk to Jiuhua Resort & Convention Center VIP building.

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