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Invited speakers and Participants
Organizing Committee
Workshop on Mathematical and Numerical Methods for Quantum, Kinetic and Nonlocal Problems

 May 22 --- 24, 2014



Aim and Scope     

The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers inside China, especially young researchers -- working on mathematical and numerical methods for quantum and kinetic as well as nonlocal problems -- to interact with each other, exchange ideas, and identify problems for possible future collaboration, etc. 


Organizing  Committee

Name               Affiliation


Weizhu Bao     National University of Singapore & Beijing CSRC

Qiang Du         Penn State University & Beijing CSRC       

Shi Jin             Shanghai JiaoTong University and University of Wisconsin Madison 

Aihui Zhou      Chinese Academy of Science


Confirmed  Participants

Name               Affiliation


Yongyong Cai             Purdue University  and Beijing Computational Science Research Center

Xiaoying Dai           Chinese Academy of Sciences             

Weihua Deng           Lanzhou University

Qiang Du                Beijing Computational Science Research Center and Penn State University

Weiguo Gao            Fudan University     

Xingyu Gao             Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics                           

Yujin Guo               Wuhan Institute of Mathematics and Physics   

Zhongyi Huang       Tsinghua University

Dieter Jaksch           University of Oxford   
Wei Jiang               Wuhan University          
Shi Jin                   Shanghai JiaoTong University and University of Wisconsin Madison                             
Changpin Li           Shanghai University        
Ruo Li                   Peking University              
Jie Liu                     Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics        
Peter A Markowich   KAUST 
Han Pu                     Rice University     

Sihong Shao             Peking University                
Jie Shen          Xiamen University and Purdue University  

Hanquan Wang,     Yunnan University of Finance and economics  

Tingchun Wang      Nanjing University of Information   
Hao Wu            Tsinghua University      
Donghui Zhang     Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics                
Junyong Zhang      Beijing Institute of Technology and Beijing Computational Sscience Research Center           
Ran Zhang          Jilin University

Pingwen Zhang      Peking University       
Yong Zhang        University of Vienna and Beijing Computational Science Reserach Center       
Zhennan Zhou      University of Wisconsin Madison   
Shihui Zhu        Sichuan Normal University   

Chunxiong Zheng    Tsinghua University  

Aihui Zhou         Chinese Academy of Sciences 

Chuanju Xu        Xiamen University      

Zhiguo Xu         Jilin University     

Xiongfeng Yang Shanghai JiaoTong University


Beijing Computational Science Research Center (CSRC)



Registration and More Information

If you are interested in attending this workshop, please register with Miss Menglong Chen at workshop2014@csrc.ac.cn.   

For any further information, please contact Miss Menglong Chen too.  

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