ChiYung Yam

Assisant Professor

Beijing Computational Science Research Center

Address: Building 9, East Zone, ZPark II,
No.10 East Xibeiwang Road, Haidian District,
Beijing 100193, China

Office: Room A308

Tel: 86-10-56981819



2014-2016 Excellent Young Researcher Award

2013-2015 1000 Young Talent Program of China

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Latest News

Group meeting schedule

2017 - whole year

Detailed time schedule for group meeting. To be continued...

Group Activities

16 APR 2017

To be continued...


7 NOV 2016

International CECAM Workshop & Tutorial on "Approximate Quantum Methods in the ab initio World" will be held in CSRC next week from November 7 to November 11, 2016...

Our mission and vision

"THE scientific men of the world now have before them the task of readjustment which, we may hope, will mean the whole-hearted devotion of the available resources of scientific research and development to their proper and beneficent uses. It has become a commonplace that the urgent needs of war have greatly accelerated discoveries and inventions which will now promote the advancement of science and its applications in peace." --from "The Mission of Science", Henry Dale, Nature 156, 677-680

Our group holds the ambition to understand and explain some mystery of the universe by theorectical physical and chemical calculations. This is big, but we'd like to make our humble efforts.