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nzhao [at] csrc [dot] ac [dot] cn


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Room B418, Beijing Computational Science Research Center,

Zhongguancun Software Park II, No.10 West Dongbeiwang Road,

Haidian District, Beijing 100094, China




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    Post-doc and PhD student vacancies (experiment) available!

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About Me


Sep. 1999 − Jul. 2003

Department of Physics, Tsinghua University.

Bachelor of Science.

Sep. 2003 − Jul. 2008

Department of Physics, Tsinghua University.

Ph.D., Condensed matter physics. Supervisor Prof. Jia-Lin Zhu.

Research Experience

Jul. 2008 − Nov. 2008

Institution of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Science

  • Visiting scholar

  • Collaborator Prof. Chang-Pu Sun

Dec. 2008 − Jun. 2009

Department of Physics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Visiting scholar

  • Collaborator Prof. Ren-Bao Liu

Sep. 2009 − Aug. 2011

Department of Physics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Collaborator Prof. Ren-Bao Liu

Sep. 2011 − Aug. 2012

The 3rd Institute of Physics, Stuttgart University

  • Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Collaborator Prof. Jörg Wrachtrup

Sep. 2012 - Aug. 2018

Quantum Physics and Quantum Information Division, CSRC

  • Assistant Professor

Sep. 2018 - now

Quantum Physics and Quantum Information Division, CSRC

  • Associate Professor

Selected Publications

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  1. Electron spin decoherence in silicon carbide nuclear spin bath,

Yang, L.-P., Burk, C., Widmann, M., Lee, S.-Y., Wrachtrup, J., & Zhao, Nan,

Physical Review B 90, 241203(R) (2014).

  1. Coherent properties of single rare-earth spin qubits,

    Siyushev, P., Xia, K., Reuter, R., Jamali, M., Zhao, N.*, Yang, N., Duan, C., Kukharchyk, N., Wieck, A.D., Kolesov, R.*, & Wrachtrup, J.

    Nature Communications 5, 3895. doi:10.1038/ncomms4895 (2014) [* corresponding authors].

  2. Sensing single remote nuclear spins,

    Zhao, Nan*, Honert, Jan*, Schmid, Bernhard, Klas, Michael, Isoya, Junichi, Markham, Matthew, et. al.,

    Nature Nanotechnology 7, 657 (2012) [* these authors contributed equally].

  3. Decoherence and dynamical decoupling control of nitrogen vacancy center electron spins in nuclear spin baths,

    Zhao, Nan; Ho, Sai-Wah; Liu, Ren-Bao,

    Physical Review B 85, 115303 (2012).

  4. Atomic-scale magnetometry of distant nuclear spin clusters via nitrogen-vacancy spin in diamond,

    Zhao, Nan, Hu, Jian-Liang, Ho, Sai-Wah, Wan, J.T.K., Liu, R.B.

    Nature Nanotechnology 6, 242 (2011).

  5. Preserving electron spin coherence in solids by optimal dynamical decoupling,

    Du, Jiangfeng, Rong, Xing, Zhao, Nan, Wang, Ya, Yang, Jiahui, Liu, R B

    Nature 461, 1265 (2009).

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