Tuesday Aug 30,2016 10:00    A203 Meeting Room
(Seminars ) Uniform Convergence Analysis of High Order IPDG Methods for Singularly Perturbed Problem
A/Prof. Peng Zhu
Friday Aug 26,2016 14:30    A203 Meeting Room
(Seminars ) Semiclassical Limit of the Schrodinger-Poisson-Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert System
Dr. Li-Hui Chai
Thursday Aug 25,2016 15:30    A303 Meeting Room
(Seminars ) 气固流动的格子Boltzmann模拟及最新应用
Prof. Li-Min Wang
Thursday Aug 25,2016 10:30    A303 Meeting Room
(Seminars ) Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Quantum Integrable Systems
Prof. Natan Andrei
Wednesday Aug 24,2016 14:00    A403 Meeting Room
(Seminars ) Mechanics of Structural Materials away from Equilibrium: a Tale of Two Solids by Energy Landscape-based Atomistic Modeling
Dr. Yue Fan
Tuesday Aug 23,2016 15:30    A203 Meeting Room
(Seminars ) Numerical Methods for Changing-Type Systems
Dr. Sebastian Franz