Saturday Apr 21,2018 09:00   Conference Room I, CSRC Building
(Workshop & Conference ) International Workshop On Image Processing and Inverse Problems
Friday Apr 13,2018 09:00   Conference Room I, CSRC Building
(Workshop & Conference ) 2nd Workshop on Numerical Methods for Fractional-derivative Problems: Singularities and Fast Algorithms
Friday Mar 16,2018 14:00    A303 Meeting Room
(Seminars ) Steering of Random Spin Systems for Fast Quantum Annealing
Prof. Robert Joynt
Friday Mar 16,2018 10:00    A203 Meeting Room
(Seminars ) Bayesian Deep Learning as a Paradigm for Uncertainty Quantification in Scientific Computing
Prof. Nicholas Zabaras
Thursday Mar 01,2018 10:00    A203 Meeting Room
(Seminars ) TchebyFlow: A New Generation of Scientific Computing Where Accuracy is Unlimited
Prof. Gérard Labrosse
Friday Feb 09,2018 14:00    A303 Meeting Room
(Seminars ) Theoretical Studies on Two-Dimensional Ferroelectrics and Ferromagnets
Prof. Hong-Jun Xiang
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