Monday May 21,2018 09:00   第一会议室
(Schools ) 科学与工程计算中的有限元方法培训班
Friday Apr 27,2018 15:00    Conference Room I
(Colloquiums ) Large-Scale Computational Modeling in Neural Science
Prof. David W. McLaughlin
Wednesday Apr 25,2018 10:00    A203 Meeting Room
(Seminars ) Semi-Implicit Methods for Phase Field Equations
A/Prof. Zhong-Hua Qiao
Tuesday Apr 24,2018 14:00    A203 Meeting Room
(Seminars ) Improving the Accuracy of Molecular Simulations with Better Force Fields
Dr. Jing Huang
Monday Apr 23,2018 10:00    A403 Meeting Room
(Seminars ) Excited State Dynamics of Photoexcited Charge Carriers in Halide Perovskites: Time-Domain Ab Initio Studies
Prof. Oleg Prezhdo
Saturday Apr 21,2018 09:00   Conference Room I, CSRC Building
(Workshop & Conference ) International Workshop On Image Processing and Inverse Problems
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