2nd Workshop on Numerical Methods for Fractional-derivative Problems: Singularities and Fast Algorithms International Workshop On Image Processing and Inverse Problems Workshop on the Rabi Model, Strong Light-Matter Interactions and Other Quantum Phenomena in CQED Platforms 第三届中物院计算材料学与计算化学论坛 CSRC Symposium on Active Matter and Related Topics Workshop on recent development of perovskite solar cells CSRC Workshop on DNA Chromosome Structure and Dynamics CSRC Summer School on Applied Inverse Problems Workshop on Numerical Methods for Fractional-derivative Problems: Singularities and Fast Algorithms The 5th International Workshop on Frontiers in Quantum Physics and Quantum Information Focus Activity on Mathematical and Computational methods for Quantum and Kinetic Problems Algorithms Workshop on Recent Numerical Methods for PDEs and Variational Inequalities CSRC Colloquium on Science Frontiers and Forum on Computational Science at the Extreme Scale International CECAM-Workshop & Tutorial on Approximate Quantum Methods in the ab initio World International Workshop on Spin Coherence and Topological Order in Semiconductor Nanosystems The 6th Workshop on Quantum Many-Body Computation International Workshop on Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Scientific Computing Algorithms Forum (3) : on Finite Element Methods for DFT Forum on Modeling of Nonequilibrium Phenomena Workshop on Recent Progress in Theoretical and Computational Studies of 2D Materials BAIL 2016 : International Conference on Boundary And Interior Layers -- Computational and Asymptotic Methods CSRC Workshop on LAMMPS for Non-equilibrium System The 4th International Workshop on Frontiers in Quantum Optics and Quantum Information: Optomechanics meets circuit QED CSRC Academic Annual Meeting (2014-2015) Workshop on Kinetics of Enzymes and Molecular Machines HK-CSRC Forum Algorithms Forum (2): DFT methods Algorithms Forum (1) Int. Conf. on Algorithms and Applications for Excited State Electronic Structure Theories The 3rd International Workshop on Frontiers in Quantum Optics and Quantum Information International Symposium on Material Design & the 10th USPEX Workshop ITP-CSRC Forum on Physics Approach to Biocomplexity: the Expanding Horizon The 2nd International Workshop on Frontiers in Quantum Optics and Quantum Information:Celebration of the International Year of Light The 8th International Conference on Computational Nanoscience and New Energy Materials (CNNEM 2015) Collapse Models Speaker:Prof. Stephen L. Adler Emergence of the Classical World from Quantum Mechanics: Schrödinger Cats, Entanglement, and Decoherence Speaker:Prof. Luiz Davidovich Perforations, Curvature and Thermal Fluctuations in Free-Standing Graphene Speaker:Prof. David R. Nelson Bioinspired Molecular Electronics, Corrosion, and Water Splitting at Wayne State University Speaker:Prof. Claudio Verani Simulating, Emulating, Anticipating Condensed Matter Experiments: A Theorist's Dream Speaker:Prof. Erio Tosatti Basic Features of Virtual Element Methods Speaker:Prof. Franco Brezzi 纳米量子结构的构筑及其物性调控 Speaker:Prof. Hong-Jun Gao Mechanical Non-equilibrium Condensed Matter Physics: Nanofriction Speaker:Prof. Erio Tosatti A Glimpse of Vision in Our Brain: from a Cortical Network to Visual Attention Speaker:Prof. Zhao-Ping Li Quantum Crystals, Quantum Computing and Quantum Cognition Speaker:Prof. Matthew Fisher Molecular Dynamics Simulations from the Perspective of Biology Speaker:Prof. John Kuriyan THE PHOTON CONCEPT: From Planck to Bose, Einstein to Yang and Mo-Zhi to Pan Speaker:Prof. Marlan Scully 时间方向的离散与自适应 Speaker:Prof. Tao Tang Electodynamics Simulations of Topological Insulators and Materials Design for Hydrogen Storage Speaker:Prof. Jisoon Ihm Phages versus Bacteria: Competition, Diversity and Immunity Speaker:Prof. Kim Sneppen Fast Spectral Methods: Algorithms, Analysis and Applications Speaker:Prof. Jie Shen Electromagnetic Momenta and Forces in Dispersive Dielectric Media Speaker:Prof. Peter Milonni Inverse Problems: Analysis, Computation, and Applications Speaker:Prof. Gang Bao Beyond the Rayleigh Limit in Optical Lithography Speaker:Prof. M. Suhail Zubairy Predictive Modeling in 2D Materials: Morphology, Defects, Synthesis Speaker:Prof. Boris Yakobson Computational Methods for Deforming Boundary Problems Speaker:Professor Mark Sussman Sparsifying Preconditioners Speaker:Professor Le-Xing Ying The Fast Multipole Method Speaker:Professor Le-Xing Ying Three Forward PDE Problems with Urgent Need of Data Assimilation Speaker:Professor Peter Alexander Markowich 基础研究的乐趣 Speaker:Prof. Jia-Ming Li Graph, Cuts and PDE Minimization for Image Processing Speaker:Prof. Xue-Cheng Tai What is Active Matter and Why Does It Matter? Speaker:Prof. Sriram Ramaswamy Fractional Perspectives of DFT and Exchange-Correlation Energies/Electronic Excitation Energies from Pairing Matrix Fluctuations Speaker:Prof. Wei-Tao Yang Hybrid-Drive Work-Dominated Hotspot Ignition Scheme for Inertial Confinement Fusion Speaker:Prof. Xian-Tu He The Integrity in Scientific Research Speaker:Prof. Bang-Fen Zhu Surface states, S-B correspondence and entanglement spectrum Speaker:Prof. Rui-Bao Tao Theoretical Studies on Two-Dimensional Ferroelectrics and Ferromagnets Speaker:Prof. Hong-Jun Xiang 渗流相变理论在社交网络中的应用 Speaker:A/Prof. Yan-Qing Hu A Universal Scaling Rule for the Morphology of the Cerebral Cortex Speaker:Prof. Bruno Mota Realization of Massive Relativistic Spin-3/2 Rarita-Schwinger Quasiparticle in Condensed Matter Systems Speaker:Prof. Xian-Gang Wan 二维层内异质结的界面结构、生长机理与电子性质 Speaker:Prof. Ji-Jun Zhao Continuous Galerkin Solutions for Delay Differential Equations of Pantograph Type Speaker:A/Prof. Qiu-Mei Huang A Parallelizable Algorithm for Orthogonally Constrained Optimization Problems Speaker:A/Prof. Xin Liu Promise, Progress and Challenges of Earth-Abundant and Environmentally-Friendly CZTS Solar Cells Speaker:Dr. Xiao-Jing Hao 神威•太湖之光:系统及应用 Speaker:Prof. Hao-Huan Fu Data-Driven Modeling of Multiphysics Systems Speaker:Dr. Huan Lei On the Numerical Approximations for the Magneto-Hydrodynamic Equations: A Fully Decoupled, Linear and Unconditionally Energy Stable Scheme Speaker:Prof. Xiao-Feng Yang Robust Preconditioning for Singularly Perturbed Differential Equations Speaker:Dr. Niall Madden Machine Learning Techniques in Sponsored Search Speaker:Dr. Qi Ye Second Order Fully-Discrete Energy Stable Methods on Staggered Grids for Hydrodynamic Phase Field Models of Binary Fluid Mixtures Speaker:Dr. Yue-Zheng Gong Fully Discrete Second-order Linear Schemes for Hydrodynamic Phase Field Models of Binary Viscous Fluid Flows with Variable Densities Speaker:A/Prof. Jia Zhao Nodal Finite Element Methods Speaker:Prof. Jun Hu Adaptivite Least Squares Finite Element Methods Speaker:Prof. Carsten Carstensen Complex Life at Low Reynolds Number Speaker:A/Prof. On Shun Pak The Strong-Stability-Preserving (SSP) Scheme for the Integrating Factor (IF) Form of Exponential Time Differencing (ETD) Problems Speaker:A/Prof. Cheng Wang Understanding Nanoscale Friction in Two-Dimensional Materials Speaker:Prof. Yong-Hyun Kim 世界性挑战:室温合成氨 Speaker:Prof. Cheng-Hua Sun Quantum Dots – Artificial Atoms, Large Molecules or Small Pieces of Bulk? Insights from Time-Domain Ab Initio Studies Speaker:Prof. Oleg Prezhdo 磁选态-光检测小型铯原子钟研制进展 Speaker:A/Prof. Yan-Hui Wang 石墨烯中新奇量子物态的研究 Speaker:Prof. Lin He Modeling, Understanding, and Manipulating Nonlinear Responses in Plasmonic Nanostructures Speaker:Prof. Wei Sha AI技术发展以及在医疗健康影像领域的应用 Speaker:吴志力 工程师 基于原子轨道基组的第一性原理计算软件ABACUS介绍 Speaker:Prof. Li-Xin He The Pseudopotential Description of the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect without Rotational Symmetry Speaker:Dr. Zi-Xiang Hu PHG: A Framework for Parallel Adaptive Finite Element Method and Its Application on Heterogeneous Computer Speaker:A/Prof. Tao Cui A Single-Atom Spin-Orbit Qubit in Si Speaker:Prof. Dimitrie Culcer Inferring Biological Networks with Strong Connections Speaker:Prof. Tie-Jun Li Plasmon-Driven Sub-Picosecond Breathing of Metal Nanoparticles Speaker:Prof. Cristián G. Sánchez Quantifying Structural and Functional Convergence in Immune Cell Repertoires Speaker:Prof. Daron M. Standley First-Principles Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Liquid Water and Lithium Speaker:Dr. Mo-Han Chen Dissipative Phase Transitions Speaker:Prof. Rosario Fazio Chiral Majorana Fermion Mode from Quantum Anomalous Hall Plateau Transitions Speaker:Prof. Jing Wang Optical Properties of Hybrid Nanostructures: The Interference Effect Speaker:Prof. Wei Zhang A New Approach for the Mesoscopic and Macroscopic Modeling of Quantum Systems: Application in 2D Materials Speaker:Prof. Sheng-Jun Yuan Perfectly-Matched-Layer Boundary Integral Equation Method for Wave Scattering in A Layered Medium Speaker:Prof. Wang-Tao Lu 第一原理高通量计算方法在合金结构搜索中的应用 Speaker:Prof. Xiao-Bao Yang Metabolic Models at Community Scale Speaker:A/Prof. Tian-Yu Zhang Prediction of New Intrinsic 2D Organic Topological Insulators Speaker:Dr. Li-Zhi Zhang Challenges in the Study of Transition-Metal Finite-Size Particles Speaker:Prof. Juarez L. F. Da Silva Ab-initio Simulations for Attosecond Spectroscopy in Solids Speaker:Prof. Kazuhiro Yabana Spin Photocurrents and Spin Injection in Semiconductors Speaker:A/Prof. Jun Li 凸优化的分裂收缩算法 Speaker:Prof. Bing-Sheng He Neutron Scattering on Fully Deuterated Protein Speaker:Dr. Liang Hong Calculating Polarons in TiO2 Speaker:Prof. Dr. Peter Deak Discovery of Solar Fuels Photoanode Materials with a Combination of High-Throughput Theory and Experiment Speaker:A/Prof. Qi-Min Yan Unconventional Oil and Gas Reservoir Modeling and Simulation Speaker:Prof. Zhang-Xing Chen Glucose Feeds the TCA Cycle via Circulating Lactate Speaker:Dr. Sheng Hui An Introduction to Delaunay-based Mesh Generation and Adaptation Speaker:Prof. Hang Si Topological States of Bosons and Fermions in Synthetic Magnetic Fields Speaker:Dr. Ying-Hai Wu Modeling Spatiotemporal Regulation of Mitotic Spindle Assembly Checkpoint Speaker:A/Prof. Jing Chen A Second Order Accurate Energy Stable Linear Scheme for the Epitaxial Thin Film Growth Model Without Slope Selection Speaker:A/Prof. Cheng Wang Stochastic Systems Having Continuous Dynamics and Discrete Events and Applications Speaker:Prof. Gang Yin Novel Magnetism in Mixed 3d-5d Materials Speaker:Prof. Wei-Guo Yin Approximation of Transport Equations with Continuous Finite Elements: The Issue of the Mass Matrix Speaker:Prof. Remi Abgrall Kinetic and Structural Analysis of the 26S Proteasome Speaker:A/Prof. Ying Lu The Weak Galerkin Method and Its Applications Speaker:Prof. Xiu Ye Nonadiabatic Molecular Dynamics with Time-Domain Density Functional Theory Speaker:Prof. Oleg Prezhdo Duality in Physics - the Role of Entanglement Speaker:Prof. Joseph H. Eberly Imaging using xFELs Speaker:Dr. Feng-Lin Wang Complex Simulations: From Numerical Mathematics via Software to Applications Speaker:Prof. Wolfgang Bangerth Active Adsorbents for Molecular Separation Speaker:A/Prof. Jin Shang Ab initio Study of Novel Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage Speaker:A/Prof. Patrick Sit Tensor Model for Bent-Core Liquid Crystals Based on Molecular Theory Speaker:Dr. Jie Xu Photo-Acoustic and Thermo-Acoustic Tomography in an Inhomogeneous Medium Speaker:A/Prof. Yang Yang Theoretical Prediction of Crystallization Kinetics of a Supercooled Fluid Speaker:Prof. Xue-Yu Song Nonequilibrium Stochastic Processes at Single-Molecule and Single-Cell Levels Speaker:A/Prof. Hao Ge Application of DFT to Find and Tune the Suitable Materials for Solar Energy Applications Speaker:Prof. K. Senthilkumar Adaptive Mesh Refinement and Sub-Cell Discontinuity Resolution for High Order Discontinuous Galerkin Discretizations Speaker:Prof. John Ekaterinaris Finite Elements for Some Singular Perturbation Problems Speaker:Prof. Shao-Chun Chen 共融水下仿生机器人 Speaker:Prof. Guang-Ming Xie Black Phosphorus and Beyond Speaker:A/Prof. Li Yang Mass Conservative and Energy Stable Finite Difference Methods for the Quasi-incompressible Navier-Stokes-Cahn-Hilliard System: Primitive Variable and Projection-Type Schemes Speaker:Prof. Ping Lin Exponential-Type Time Integrators for Nonlinear Schrödinger, Korteweg-De Vries and Klein-Gordon Type Equations Speaker:Prof. Katharina Schratz New Finite Element Methods for 3D Anisotropic Singular Solutions Speaker:A/Prof. Heng-Guang Li Determination of Time-Dependent Coefficients for Hyperbolic Equations Speaker:A/Prof. Yavar Kian Self-Bound Droplets of a Dipolar Bose-Einstein Condensate: Stabilized by The Lee-Huang-Yang Corrections Speaker:Prof. Blair Blakie Hydrodynamics of Quantum Vortices in Two Dimensions Speaker:Dr. Xiao-Quan Yu Automating Scientific Computing Speaker:Dr. Garth Wells Single Photon Transient Hot Electron Ionization of C60 Speaker:Prof. Klavs Hansen Thermal Convection Dictated by Non-Trivial Boundary Conditions Speaker:Prof. Jun Zhang Optimal Estimates for Elliptic Equations and Systems from Composite Material Speaker:A/Prof. Hai-Gang Li High-Performance Dual Optimization Theory and Algorithms to Medical Image Analysis and Machine Learning Speaker:Prof. Jing Yuan High-Order Graphs in Computer Vision: A Pseudo-Bound Optimization Approach Speaker:A/Prof. Ismail Ben Ayed Atomistic Modelling of Materials for Rechargeable Batteries Speaker:Dr. Javier Carrasco Homogenization Theory, Random Fluctuations and Inverse Problems Speaker:A/Prof. Wen-Jia Jing Wave Scattering by Sub-Wavelength Resonators and Their Applications Speaker:A/Prof. Hai Zhang Theoretical and Modeling Design on Both Cathode and Anode Material System of Lithium-Sulfur Battery Speaker:A/Prof. Qian-Fan Zhang GPU量化程序TeraChem, 功能和应用 Speaker:Prof. Jian-Guo Yu Theory and Numerics of Bosonic Topological Insulator and Self-Dual Quantum Critical Point Speaker:A/Prof. Cen-Ke Xu Mass a Ion Diffusion/Transport, and Voltage Evaluation in Battery Materials –An Integral Computational Approach Speaker:Dr. Stefano Leoni 光和物质相互作用:从宏观到微观 Speaker:Prof. Zhi-Yuan Li Topologically Protected Unidirectional Edge Spin Waves and Beam Splitter Speaker:Prof. Xiang-Rong Wang 生物医学中的光声非线性影像: 光片荧光成像和超声谐波成像 Speaker:A/Prof. Jian-Guo Ma Using Deep Learning to Predict Drug Response in Cancer Speaker:Prof. Sergei Maslov 世界领先的数据图库Neo4j Speaker:Dr. Min Li Local Discontinuous Galerkin Method Coupled with Implicit Integration Factor Methods for Reaction-Diffusion Systems Speaker:Prof. Xi-Jun Yu RNA Structurome Reveals a Hidden Layer of Complexity in Gene Regulation Speaker:A/Prof. Qiang-Feng Zhang Nonequilibrium Phase Transitions and Single-Photon Interaction Dynamics in Rydberg Atoms Speaker:Prof. Jin-Hui Wu Interband Theory of Kerr Rotation in Unconventional Superconductors Speaker:Prof. Robert Joynt Towards a Mathematical Understanding of Surface Hopping Algorithms Speaker:A/Prof. Zhen-Nan Zhou Ab initio Computations of Electron Correlation Effects: An Auxiliary-Field Perspective Speaker:Prof. Shi-Wei Zhang What Structural Engineers Do to Protect Our Communities against Earthquakes Speaker:A/Prof. Zhe Qu Strongly Interacting Spinor Bosons or Fermions with Spin Orbit Couplings in Lattice Systems Speaker:Prof. Jin-Wu Ye 小分子光谱与动力学行为的量子力学模拟 Speaker: A/Prof. Yong-Gang Yang Connecting Active Matter to Polymers, Motors and Membranes Speaker:Prof. Matthew Turner Principles of Proton Transfer in Proteins Speaker:Prof. Ai-Hua Xie Correlation Matrix Renormalization Method for Studying Correlated-Electron Materials Speaker:Prof. Cai-Zhuang Wang Torsional Optomechanics and Quantum Simulation of An Optically Levitated Nano-Diamond Speaker:Dr. Zhang-Qi Yin Synthesizing Exotic Floquet Topological States of Matter by Periodic Driving Speaker:Prof. Jun-Hong An Gradient Estimates for the Non-Standard Quasilinear Elliptic and Parabolic Equations Speaker:A/Prof. Chao Zhang Entropy and Renormalized Solutions for Quasilinear Elliptic (Parabolic) Equations With L^1 Data Speaker:Prof. Shu-Lin Zhou The Study on Adaptive Cartesian Grid Methods for Compressible Flow and Their Applications Speaker:A/Prof. Jian-Ming Liu A Fast and Robust Sampling Method for Inverse Acoustic Scattering Problems Speaker:A/Prof. Xiao-Dong Liu Spectral Method for Maxwell Equations in Cole-Cole Dispersive Media Speaker:Dr. Can Huang Interaction of a Deformable Plate with a Non-Newtonian Fluid Flow in Three Dimensions Speaker:A/Prof. Luo-Ding Zhu Numerical Methods for Inverse Scattering problems with Phaseless Data Speaker:Prof. Bo Zhang Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Ionic Liquids: The Effect of the Electronic Polarizability Speaker:Prof. Tian-Ying Yan Can Thermalization Breakdown in Quantum Many-body Systems? Speaker:Prof. Matthew Fisher Finite Element Approximation of a Time-Fractional Diffusion Problem in a Non-Convex Polygonal Domain Speaker:Dr. Kim Ngan Le A Multilevel Preconditioner for Data Assimilation with 4D-Var Speaker:Dr. Alison Ramage Universal Stability of Two-Dimensional Traditional Semiconductors Speaker:Prof. Shen-Bai Zhang A New First-order Framework for Orthogonal Constrained Optimization Problems Speaker:A/Prof. Xin Liu Clean Combustion of Internal Combustion Engines Speaker:Dr. Xiao-Ye Han Quantum Mirrors Speaker:Prof. Valerio Scarani From Open Quantum Mechanics to Quantum Control Speaker:Prof. Jun Jing Sparse Approximation of Tight Frames for CT Image Reconstruction, and Beyond Speaker:A/Prof. Bin Dong Nanoelectronic Device Simulation with NEMO5—A Novel Tunneling Transistor with Triple Heterojunctions Speaker:Dr. Jun Huang Simple Ergodic Variants of the Hamiltonian Monte Carlo Method Speaker:Prof. Jesús María Sanz-Serna Supercloseness of Continuous Interior Penalty Methods Speaker:Dr. Jin Zhang Least Squares Based High Order Numerical Method for Elliptic Multiscale Partial Differential Equations Speaker:Prof. Ping-Bing Ming Populations in Fluids and the Importance of Diffusing Faster Speaker:Dr. Simone Pigolotti Uniform Convergence Analysis of High Order IPDG Methods for Singularly Perturbed Problem Speaker:A/Prof. Peng Zhu 气固流动的格子Boltzmann模拟及最新应用 Speaker:Prof. Li-Min Wang Semiclassical Limit of the Schrodinger-Poisson-Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert System Speaker:Dr. Li-Hui Chai Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Quantum Integrable Systems Speaker:Prof. Natan Andrei Mechanics of Structural Materials away from Equilibrium: a Tale of Two Solids by Energy Landscape-based Atomistic Modeling Speaker:Dr. Yue Fan Numerical Methods for Changing-Type Systems Speaker:Dr. Sebastian Franz On the Divergence Constraint in Mixed Finite Element Methods for Incompressible Flows Speaker:Prof. Volker John Fishing Strategies as a Nonconvex Optimal Control Problem Speaker:Prof. Malte Braack Two Singularly Perturbed Question Marks Speaker:Prof. Hans-Goerg Roos Strongly Correlated Phases of Rydberg-Dressed Atoms in Optical Lattices Speaker:Prof. Wei-Bin Li Analysis and Numerics on a 2D Dynamic Q-Tensor Model Speaker:Prof. Xiang Xu Multi Time Scale Averaging to All Orders: Rigorous Theory, Theoretical and Computational Results Speaker:Prof. Avy Soffer Optics in Oceanography Speaker:Prof. Edward S. Fry From Unitary Dynamics to Statistical Mechanics in Isolated Quantum Systems Speaker:Prof. Marcos Rigol Effective Hamiltonian for Edge States in Graphene Speaker:Prof. Roland Winkler Characterizing Topological Phases by Many-Particle Collective Properties Speaker:Prof. Ulrich Zuelicke How Does the CRISPR-Cas System Defend Against the Invasive Nucleic Acids? Speaker:Prof. Yan-Li Wang Mathematical Models and a Theory of Biological Population Dynamics: From Cells to Ecology, Small and Large Systems Speaker:Prof. Hong Qian An Integrated Study of Biological Fluid Dynamics in Nature Speaker:A/Prof. Hai-Bo Dong Enhancing Sparsity in Uncertainty Quantification Problems by Iterative Rotations Speaker:Dr. Xiu Yang Monotone Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Parabolic Problems Speaker:Prof. Igor Boglaev A Posteriori Estimates for Singularly Perturbed Reaction-Diffusion Problems on Isotropic and Anisotropic Meshes Speaker:Prof. Natalia Kopteva Quantum Monte Carlo Study Of The Rabi-Hubbard model Speaker:Prof. Ghassan Georges Batrouni Topological Phases and Superconductivity with Ultracold Polar Molecules Speaker:Prof. Salvatore R. Manmana Spins as Qubits for Quantum Computing and Quantum Simulations Speaker:Prof. Dieter Suter Multi Spin Qubits Architecture as a Resource for Quantum Information Processing and for Probing Nuclear Spins Dynamics Speaker:Dr. Matthieu Delbecq A Phase Field Model on Cell Migration Speaker:A/Prof. Yan-Xiang Zhao Diagnosing Short-Range Entangled States with the "Strange Correlator" Speaker:A/Prof. Kevin Beach A Fast Spectral Method for the Boltzmann Collision Operator with General Collision Kernel Speaker:A/Prof. Jing-Wei Hu Quantum Algorithms for Topological and Geometric Analysis of Big Data Speaker:Prof. Paolo Zanardi Fast Huygens Sweeping Methods for Helmholtz Equations in Inhomogeneous Media in the High Frequency Regime Speaker:Prof. Jian-Liang Qian Energy-Stable Pseudo-Spectral Numerical Scheme for the Cahn-Hilliard Equation and the Linear Iteration Algorithm Speaker:A/Prof. Cheng Wang Computational Modeling and Analysis in Engineering and Bioengineering Speaker:Prof. Raghuvir Pai Spectrum Structure and Behaviors of Kinetic Equations Speaker:Prof. Hai-Liang Li Some Topics On Nonlinear Fluid-dynamical Equations Speaker:Prof. Shu Wang Quasi-Optimal Domain Decomposition Methods for Wave Equations Speaker:Prof. Xavier Antoine Bound-Preserving High Order Schemes for Convection-Dominated Problems Speaker:Prof. Chi-Wang Shu Similarity of Variable Viscosity Flows Speaker:Prof. Luminita Danaila Estimation of the Local Volatility from Option Data in the Dupire PDE Model Speaker:Prof. Jorge Zubelli Newton and Sobolev Gradient Methods for Fluid Flow Problems Speaker:Prof. Ionut Danaila Structure-Preserving Algorithms for Partial Differential Equations Speaker:Prof. Yu-Shun Wang 光通信波段的光量子技术 Speaker:A/Prof. Wei Zhang From Molecular Dynamics to Genomic Biology: Constructing Kinetic Network Models to Elucidate Transcriptional Fidelity of RNA Polymerase II Speaker:A/Prof. Xu-Hui Huang Weak Galerkin Finite Element Methods for Partial Differential Equations Speaker:A/Prof. Chun-Mei Wang Probabilistic Perspective for Dirichlet Problem Associated to Integro-Differential Operator Speaker:A/Prof. Qing-Shuo Song TGF-β Signal Transduction and Cell Fate Decision Speaker:A/Prof. Jian-Hua Xing 高熵合金的原子级模拟 Speaker:A/Prof. Fu-Yang Tian From Paired-Electron Crystal to Superconductivity in the Frustrated Quarter-filled Band Speaker:Prof. Sumit Mazumdar Explore Slow Dynamics of Proteins Based on Trajectory Map Speaker:Prof. Xin Zhou Making the Decoy-State Measurement-Device-Independent Quantum Key Distribution Practically Useful Speaker:Prof. Xiang-Bin Wang Ultrahigh Spatiotemporal Resolution Optical Measurement and Microfluidics Applications Speaker:Prof. Gui-Ren Wang Bounce-Back Boundary Condition at First Order Speaker:Prof. Francois Dubois Quantum Mechanical NMR Simulations of Whole Proteins Speaker:Prof. Ilya Kuprov Towards Materials Realization of Topological Superconductivity Speaker:Prof. Zhen-Yu Zhang Critical Heat Engines Speaker:Prof. Rosario Fazio Perfectly Matched Layer Method for Electromagnetic Scattering Problems in Layered Media Speaker:Prof. Wei-Ying Zheng A New Approach for the Mesoscopic and Macroscopic Modeling of Quantum Systems: Application in 2D Materials Speaker:Prof. Sheng-Jun Yuan Manifold Embedding - From Single-Particle Snapshots to Movies of Molecular Machines and Energy Landscapes Speaker:Prof. Peter Schwander Droplet and Particle Technologies for Chemistry and Physics Applications Speaker:Prof. Steve Wereley Dissipative Quantum Transport and Energy Conversion in Nanoelectronics Speaker:Dr. Yu Zhang Spin Filtering: Writing Quantum Information on Mobile Qubits Speaker: Prof. Amnon Aharony Cavity Spintronics Speaker:Prof. Can-Ming Hu Single-Electron Approach for Time-Dependent Transport under External Noise Speaker:Prof. Shmuel Gurvitz An Analysis of the Moment Closure for Spin-Boson Model in Quantum Open System Speaker:Prof. Tie-Jun Li Chebyshev Polynomial Expansions for Localization Length of Hermitian and Non-Hermitian Chains Speaker:Prof. Naomichi Hatano ALE-Phase-Field Simulations of Moving Contact Lines on Moving Particles Speaker:A/Prof. Peng-Tao Yue Decoherence of a Moving Spin Qubit Speaker:Prof. Xue-Dong Hu ROC Analysis for Rain/No-Rain Classification method for Brightness Temperature over the Korean Peninsula Speaker:Dr. Sung-Dae Yang Feedback Control of an HBV Model Based on Ensemble Kalman Filter and Differential Evolution Speaker:Prof. Hee-Dae Kwon Some New Mathematical and Computational Aspects on Iso-spectral Problems Speaker:Prof. Jia-Chang Sun Stochastic Simulation of Quantum Dissipative Dynamics Speaker:Prof. Yun-An Yan 非结构网格紧致模板高精度有限体积方法的若干问题 Speaker:Prof. Yu-Xin Ren A Possible Role of Multiscale Thermodynamics in Computation Speaker:Prof. Miroslav Grmela Multiscale Thermodynamics Speaker:Prof. Miroslav Grmela Exponential Time Differencing Gauge Method for Incompressible Viscous Flows Speaker:A/Prof. Zhu Wang Diamond as an Extreme Semiconductor for Optoelectronics and MEMS Speaker:Dr. Mei-Yong Liao 辐射流体力学系统的宏观参数研究 Speaker:Prof. Xian-Tu He Understanding and Predicting Multiferroics Speaker:Prof. Hong-Jun Xiang A Review of AlphaGo and its Machine Learning Methods Speaker:Prof. Jooyoung Lee Recent Lessons from the Wings of Nature Speaker:A/Prof. Hao-Xiang Luo CQLM-A Novel Numerical Approach to Solve the Gradient Flow Problem Speaker:A/Prof. Xiao-Feng Yang 湍流燃烧中的大涡模拟/概率密度函数模型计算 Speaker:A/Prof. Yue Yang 能源中微尺度界面与传输现象的分子动力学模拟研究 Speaker:Prof. Guang Feng Complementarity and Vacuum Fields in Spontaneous and Stimulated Parametric Downconversion Speaker:Prof. Peter Milonni Quantum Criticality with Two Length Scales Speaker:Prof. Wen-An Guo Algorithms for Optical and X-Ray Imaging: from Biomolecules to Nanoparticles Speaker:Prof. Sebastian Doniach The Knotted Strands of Life Speaker:Prof. Cristian Micheletti Multiscale Model Reduction Methods and Their Applications for Uncertainty Quantification Speaker:Prof. Li-Jian Jiang Folding Proteins at the Speed of Life Speaker:Prof. Antti Niemi "Polarization" without Polarization - Introducing a Hidden Territory of Optical Coherence via Classical Entanglement Speaker:Dr. Xiao-Feng Qian Physics of Viruses Speaker:Prof. Roya Zandi Solutions to the Rabi Model and Its Several Variants Speaker:Prof. Qing-Hu Chen Open Quantum Many-Body Systems - Interactions, Dissipations and Noises Speaker:Dr. Zi Cai 辐射流体力学系统的宏观参数研究 Speaker:Prof. Xian-Tu He Superconductivity in Complex Electronic Systems under Pressure Speaker:Prof. Xiao-Jia Chen 若干锂离子固体电解质中的离子运输物理 Speaker:Prof. Si-Qi Shi 强自旋轨道耦合电子关联体系理论研究 Speaker:Prof. Xian-Gang Wan Quantum Phases Emerged from the Interplay between Mott Physics and Topology Band Speaker:Prof. Jian-Xin Li Enhanced Sampling for Rare Events in Molecular Simulation Speaker:Dr. Tang-Qing Yu Anitigravity - Its Origin and Manifestations Speaker:Prof. Michal Krizek Correlations between electrons in transition-metal oxides and transition-metal phthalocyanines Speaker:Dr. Wei Wu Sub-Linear Algorithm for Recovering Sparse Fourier Series Speaker:Prof. Yang Wang An Efficient Threshold Dynamics Method for Wetting on Rough Surfaces Speaker:Prof. Xiao-Ping Wang Homing Instinct: The story behind and beyond biocompass model Speaker:Prof. Can Xie Continuous Attractor Neural Network: A Cannonical Model for Neural Information Representation Speaker:Prof. Si Wu Classifying Symmetry Fractionalization in Gapped Z2 Spin Liquids Speaker:A/Prof. Yang Qi ALEX边界条件及其在薛定谔方程计算中的应用 Speaker:Prof. Shao-Qiang Tang Ab initio Calculations of Charge Transports and Dynamics in Nanosystems Speaker:Dr. Lin-Wang Wang Visualizing Kinetic Pathways of Homogeneous Nucleation in Colloidal Crystallization Speaker:Prof. Lei Xu Challenges of Ice Flow Modelings: from Alpine Glaciers on Tibet Plateau to Antarctic Ice Sheet Speaker:A/Prof. Tong Zhang Phase Transition and Multiphase Flows in Low Permeability Geological Porous Media Speaker:A/Prof. Xiao-Long Yin Mathematical Analysis and Time-Domain Finite Element Modeling of Invisibility Cloaks with Metamaterials Speaker:Prof. Ji-Chun Li Low-Rank Structures and Multi-Resolution Algorithms with Applications Speaker:Prof. Jing-Fang Huang Higher Order Energy Stable Numerical Schemes for the Gradient Flows Speaker:A/Prof. Cheng Wang Random Number Generation Tools for Distributed Simulation on Modern HPC Architectures​ Speaker:Prof. Michael Mascagni Design Principle Guided Computational Materials Discovery and Design Speaker:A/Prof. Hao-Wei Peng Hybrid Quantum Engineering for Quantum Sensing and Control Speaker:Prof. Jason Twamley Notch-Boosted Domain Wall Propagation in Magnetic Nanowires Speaker:Prof. Xiang-Rong Wang Vorticity Patterns in Tissues induced by Cell Divisions Speaker:Prof. Mogens H. Jensen Fractionalized Spin-Wave Continuum in Kagome Spin Liquids Speaker:Dr. Jia-Wei Mei 探讨"材料基因组"的科学内涵 Speaker:王崇愚 院士 Recent DFTB Extension for Improving Accuracy and Boosting the Efficiency for Computational Applications to Nanomaterials Speaker:Prof. Thomas Frauenheim Magnetic Monopole Condensation Transition out of Quantum Spin Ice Speaker:Prof. Gang Chen Phase Transitions, Devitrification and Scaling Law in Metallic Glasses Speaker:Prof. John S. Tse Symmetry-Mismatch Reconstruction of Icosahedral Virus by Cryo-EM Speaker:Prof. Hong-Rong Liu 生物飞行与游弋中的流体力学机制 Speaker:张骏 教授 Mixed Finite Element Method for Elasticity Problems Speaker:Prof. Jun Hu 可压缩两相流高精度方法研究及其数值模拟 Speaker:何志伟 博士 Isoelectronicity to Phosphorus a Potential for Electronic Applications Speaker:Prof. Gotthard Seifert Tight-Binding Density Functional Theory (DFTB) – An Approximate Kohn-Sham DFT Scheme Speaker:Prof. Gotthard Seifert Functional Distribution of the Tempered Anomalous Diffusion and Its Numerical Simulations Speaker:Prof. Wei-Hua Deng Replica exchange Wang-Landau Sampling: Pushing the Limits of Monte Carlo Simulations for Materials Science Speaker:Prof. David P. Landau 光滑分子动力学:一种高效的分子模拟方法 Speaker:刘岩 副教授 A Runge Kutta Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Lagrangian Compressible Euler Equations in Two-Dimensions Speaker:Prof. Xi-Jun Yu Proteins Aggregation and Human Diseases Speaker:Prof. Chin-Kun Hu III-V Semiconductor Materials and Devices for Application in Photovoltaics, Optoelectronics, Spintronics and UV Detection Speaker:Professor Daniel Schaadt Computational Holography with Its Applications Speaker:Dr. Hong-Bao Zhang 铁方镁石的自旋转变所带来的下地幔波速结构特点 Speaker:吴忠庆 教授 Hidden Spin Polarization in Materials with Inversion Symmetry: Causes and Consequences Speaker:Dr. Qi-Hang Liu Recent Developments in Finite Element Methods on Triangular Meshes for Convection-dominated Problems Speaker:Dr. Jin Zhang Integrating Cavities and Their Use in Ring-Down Spectroscopy – e.g. Ultra-Sensitive Absorption Spectroscopy of Biological Samples Speaker:Prof. Edward S. Fry Electronic Excitations in Materials: From Photovoltaics to Plasmonics Speaker:Prof. Gang Lu Application of Atomic Pseudopotentials in Intense Laser-Material Interactions Speaker:Prof. Xiao-Min Tong New Insights into Amyloid Growth and Inhibition: Lessons from Kinetic Network Analysis of Computer Simulations Speaker:Dr. Wei Han, Assistant Professor Disordered Quantum Systems at the Warwick Centre for Scientific Computing Speaker:Prof. Rudolf A. Roemer Atomic Scale Study of Dirac Materials: Graphene and Topological Insulator (Bi2Se3) Speaker:Prof. Ying Liu Local Fourier Analysis based Design of Geometric Multigrid Methods on Semi-Structured Triangular Grids Speaker:Dr. Carmen Rodrigo, Assistant Professor Numerical Simulation of Flow in Deformable Porous Media Speaker:Prof. Francisco José Gaspar Existence Results to the Nonlinear Peridynamic Model in Nonlocal Elastodynamics Speaker:Mr. Dimitri Puhst Numerical Simulation of the Rosensweig Instability for Magnetic Liquid in the Static and Dynamic Cases Speaker:Prof. Gunar Matthies Quantum Information Processing in the Ultrastrong Coupling Regime Speaker:Dr. Guillermo Romero, Assistant Professor On the Competitions between Mechanical Work, Information, Temperature Gradient and Chemical Potentials in Stochastic Thermal Machines Speaker:Dr. Hai-Tao Quan, Assistant Professor Quantum Phase Space in Physics and Engineering Speaker:Prof. Leon Cohen Filament Capturing with the Multimaterial Moment-of-Fluid Method Speaker:Professor Mark Sussman A Positivity Preserving All Speed Projection Method for Compressible, Multiphase Flow Speaker:Professor Mark Sussman
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