Functional Distribution of the Tempered Anomalous Diffusion and Its Numerical Simulations
Prof. Wei-Hua Deng
School of Mathematics and Statistics, Lanzhou University

Tempered anomalous dynamics characterizes the very low transition between the anomalous and normal diffusion. Sometimes, because of the bounded physical space and/or the finite life span of particles, the tempered power law (instead of pure power law) jump length and/or waiting time distribution(s) in the CTRW model seems to be a more reasonable choice. In this talk, we will show the derivation of the PDE governing the functional distribution of the tempered anomalous diffusion. And the possible effective computational methods for the derived PDE will also be mentioned.
This is the joint work with Xiaochao Wu and Eli Barkai.

About the Speaker

Dr. Deng was promoted as full professor at Lanzhou University in May, 2010; associate professor in August, 2007. He received his PhD from Shanghai Univ and his master and bachelor degrees from Lanzhou Univ. He has academically visited (short or long term) Department of Physics, Bar-Ilan University; Division of Applied Mathematics, Brown University; Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems Germany; Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics China, etc. His research interests include Scientific Computation and Numerical Analysis, Statistical Physics and Stochastic Simulations, Nonlinear Dynamics and Anomalous Diffusion, Nonlocal PDE and Stochastic Representation.

2015-11-05 9:30 AM
Room: A203 Meeting Room
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