2024-07-26 10:00 Photoluminescence Modulation of 2D Semiconductors by Plasmonic Metal Nanostructures A403 Meeting Room Prof. Lei Shao
2024-07-19 10:00 First-Principles Study of Excitons and Their Dynamics in 2D Materials A403 Meeting Room A/Prof. Xu Zhang
2024-07-16 10:00 典型温稠密物质状态方程的第一性原理研究 A403 Meeting Room Dr. Chang Gao
2024-07-10 10:00 Quantumness of Energy-Storing Quantum Systems A403 Meeting Room Prof. Ming-Xing Luo
2024-07-10 10:00 Universal Features of Quantum Dissipative Dynamics A303 Meeting Room Prof. Pedro Ribeiro
2024-06-26 09:50 A Survey of Limit Theorems of the Tagged Particle in the SSEP A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Xiao-Feng Xue
2024-06-26 15:30 A Reduced Order Model Enhanced Iterative Solver for Parametric Radiative Transfer Equation A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Zhi-Chao Peng
2024-06-14 14:00 基于合成维度和人工规范场的拓扑物理及器件应用 A403 Meeting Room Prof. Cui-Cui Lu
2024-06-14 10:00 磁性拓扑材料非常规反常输运性质的第一性原理研究 A403 Meeting Room Prof. Wan-Xiang Feng
2024-06-06 15:30 High Order Finite Volume Method for Solving Compressible Multicomponent Flows A203 Meeting Room Prof. Jian-Xian Qiu
2024-05-08 14:00 Symmetric Deformation and Finite Entanglement Scaling A303 Meeting Room Dr. Rui-Zhen Huang
2024-04-30 10:00 激光惯性约束聚变混合驱动点火物理 A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Ji-Wei Li
2024-04-25 10:00 实投射平面中倒易空间和实空间中的拓扑物理 A403 Meeting Room Prof. Ce Shang
2024-04-16 14:30 光抽运小铯钟技术研究进展 A303 Meeting Room Dr. Xuan He
2024-04-17 15:00 辅助微波场修饰增强的里德堡原子微波电场计 A403 Meeting Room A/Prof. Feng-Dong Jia
2024-04-19 14:00 基于压缩感知技术的量子系统时变动力学参数测量 A403 Meeting Room A/Prof. Da-Zhi Xu
2024-04-19 10:00 Estimating Many Properties of a Quantum State via Quantum Reservoir Processing A403 Meeting Room A/Prof. Jiang-Wei Shang
2024-04-17 14:00 迈向多体的悬浮光力学 A403 Meeting Room Prof. Zhang-Qi Yin
2024-04-17 09:00 超导材料探索启示——炒菜、调味、搭积木与原子智造 A403 Meeting Room Prof. Hui-Qian Luo
2024-04-09 16:00 Entropic Propagation of Chaos for 2D Viscous Vortex Model A303 Meeting Room Prof. Zhen-Fu Wang
2024-04-09 15:00 Global-in-time Stability of the Non-negativity Property in the Spatially Homogeneous Landau Equation with Soft Potentials A303 Meeting Room Prof. Ling-Bing He
2024-04-07 15:00 磁感应强度量值的复现和计量技术 A403 Meeting Room A/Prof. Ji-Qing Fu
2024-04-01 14:00 The AI Mathematician A203 Meeting Room Prof. Yang-Hui He
2024-04-02 15:30 合成维度光子规范势及其光场调控 A403 Meeting Room A/Prof. Cheng-Zhi Qin
2024-04-02 16:30 合成时域光子晶格中的等效电场调控 A403 Meeting Room Dr. Shu-Lin Wang
2024-03-28 14:00 优化控制场作用下基于极性分子的量子信息处理 A403 Meeting Room Prof. Jin-Ming Liu
2024-03-27 14:00 基于非厄米原子系综的精密测量 A403 Meeting Room A/Prof. Yong-Chun Liu
2024-03-26 14:00 Quantum Network-Entanglement: Detection, Measures and Applications A403 Meeting Room Dr. Zhen-Peng Xu
2024-03-19 10:00 合成频率维度原理以及其中的光物理现象 A403 Meeting Room A/Prof. Lu-Qi Yuan
2024-03-18 10:00 Quantum Stochastic Resonance in a Dissipative Rydberg Gas A403 Meeting Room Prof. Yi Wei
2024-03-15 10:00 Imaginary-Temperature Zeros for Quantum Phase Transitions A403 Meeting Room A/Prof. Li Chen
2024-03-12 16:00 一维量子行走中拓扑边界态的局域开关 A403 Meeting Room Prof. Xiang Zhan
2024-03-11 16:00 基于fine-grained不确定关系的量子导引对两体纠缠纯态的self-test的实验验证 A403 Meeting Room A/Prof. Zhi-Hao Bian
2024-01-26 16:00 Fast Single-Shot Imaging of Individual Impurities in Cold Atomic Gas A403 Meeting Room Dr. Jin-Jin Du
2024-01-18 14:00 玻璃低频过剩模式态密度研究 A403 Meeting Room Prof. Li-Jin Wang
2023-12-30 09:30 正反馈与双稳态 A203 Meeting Room Prof. Hong Qi
2023-12-25 14:00 光学连续介质的几何理论 A303 Meeting Room Prof. Yong-Liang Zhang
2023-12-08 11:00 On the Convergence of Discontinuous Galerkin/Hermite Spectral Methods for the Vlasov-Poisson System A203 Meeting Room Prof. Francis Filbet
2023-12-08 10:00 Weakly Non-Linear Shallow Water Equations Over Periodic Bathymetry A203 Meeting Room Prof. Giovanni Russo
2023-12-11 15:00 从原子尺度理解水、溶液以及固液界面: 机器学习驱动的第一性原理分子动力学模拟 A303 Meeting Room Dr. Chun-Yi Zhang
2023-12-15 10:00 Fractal Quantum Matters A303 Meeting Room Prof. Zi Cai
2023-12-04 10:00 时序关联表征方法的应用 A303 Meeting Room A/Prof. Ping Wang
2023-11-30 10:00 纳米多孔金属间化合物水分解电催化材料 A403 Meeting Room Prof. Xing-You Lang
2023-11-28 14:00 Stable and Metastable Non-equilibrium Hyperuniform Fluids A403 Meeting Room A/Prof. Ran Ni
2023-11-27 10:30 基于下一代人工智能的非晶固体结构特征研究 A403 Meeting Room Prof. Wen Zheng
2023-11-22 10:00 Quantum Many-Body Probes A403 Meeting Room Prof. Abolfazl Bayat
2023-11-03 10:00 The Scientific and Technological Promise of Quantum Biology A403 Meeting Room A/Prof. Iannis Kominis
2023-10-20 10:00 Modeling Complex Materials with Chemical Bond Hierarchy: A Machine-Learning Interatomic Potential Approach A403 Meeting Room Prof. Wen-Qing Zhang
2023-10-18 14:00 量子互文性的测量、诠释与应用 A403 Meeting Room Prof. Xiang Zhan
2023-10-18 09:00 界面不稳定性及其湍流混合研究进展 A203 Meeting Room Prof. You-Sheng Zhang
2023-10-13 10:00 高能量密度下Rayleigh-Taylor不稳定性尖钉和气泡混合宽度的非线性演化研究 A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Jing-Yuan Fu
2023-10-16 10:00 源于非晶合金的新型非晶材料 A403 Meeting Room A/Prof. Na Chen
2023-10-12 15:00 非晶固体的负载不稳定性 A403 Meeting Room Prof. Ning Xu
2023-09-25 16:00 Dynamical Analysis of The Infectious Disease Based on Scale-Free Networks and Higher-Order Networks A203 Meeting Room Prof. Mao-Xing Liu
2023-09-15 10:30 Recent Progress of the Full-Potential Linearized Augmented Plane-Wave (FLAPW) Method A403 Meeting Room Prof. Stefan Blügel
2023-09-14 10:30 高能量密度下的流体不稳定性研究 A203 Meeting Room 张桦森 研究员
2023-09-11 10:30 Th-229核光钟的研究进展 A403 Meeting Room Dr. Ke Zhang
2023-09-12 10:30 Modeling and Simulation of the Inflation of Supersonic Parachutes for Mars Landing A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Zheng-Yu Huang
2023-09-07 10:00 社会传播现象的动力学研究简介 A303 Meeting Room Dr. Zi-Xiang Yan
2023-08-30 16:00 Atomic-Scale Analysis and Dynamic Observation of 2D Layered Materials A403 Meeting Room Prof. Zhong-Chang Wang
2023-08-30 14:00 二维材料中的能量上转化及应用 A303 Meeting Room A/Prof. Qi-Xing Wang
2023-07-27 14:00 Supervised Optimal Transport A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Yan-Xiang Zhao
2023-07-24 15:30 极端条件下三维多物理多介质数值模拟的若干问题研究 A303 Meeting Room 陈艺冰 研究员
2023-07-21 10:00 Novel Simulation Methods in Quantum Dynamics and Femtosecond Spectroscopy A203 Meeting Room Prof. Maxim F. Gelin
2023-07-24 10:30 Current-Driven Magnetic Resistance in Van der Waals Spin-Filter Antiferromagnetic Tunnel Junctions A403 Meeting Room Dr. Li-Shu Zhang
2023-07-19 14:00 Tuning Order in Disorder: From Metallic Glasses to High-Entropy Alloys A403 Meeting Room Prof. Jun Ding
2023-07-13 10:00 张量神经网络及其应用 A203 Meeting Room Prof. He-Hu Xie
2023-07-10 15:00 A Thermodynamically Consistent Phase-Field Model and an Energy-Law Preserving Finite Element Scheme for Vesicles Motions and Interaction A203 Meeting Room Prof. Lin Ping
2023-07-06 14:00 Control of Chirality, Spin, and Orbital in Chiral Molecular Devices A303 Meeting Room Dr. Tian-Han Liu
2023-07-06 10:00 High-Order Accurate Entropy Stable Adaptive Moving Mesh Methods A203 Meeting Room Dr. Jun-Ming Duan
2023-06-27 16:30 An Adaptive HDG Method for the Pointwise Tracking Optimal Control Problem of Elliptic Equations A203 Meeting Room Prof. Yan-Ping Chen
2023-06-27 10:00 Structure-Preserving Numerical Methods for Plasma Simulations A203 Meeting Room Prof. Zhen-Li Xu
2023-06-26 10:00 Heterogeneity, Plasticity, Entropy, and Waddington Landscape A203 Meeting Room Prof. Jin-Zhi Lei
2023-06-09 15:00 物理融合深度神经网络及其在计算光学成像中的应用 A203 Meeting Room Prof. Guohai SITU
2023-06-05 14:00 小型化光量子磁力计与新型脑功能成像设备 A403 Meeting Room Dr. Yi-Nan Hu
2023-06-07 10:00 Emergent Phenomena in Complex Oxide Thin Films A403 Meeting Room A/Prof. Hang-Hui Chen
2023-05-29 15:00 Hidden Modes in Bulk Photovoltaic Effect A403 Meeting Room Prof. Jian Zhou
2023-05-31 10:00 基因调控网络建模 A203 Meeting Room Prof. Yong Wang
2023-03-22 10:00 Wiley科学期刊论文写作与发表 A403 Meeting Room Dr. Huan Wang
2023-03-10 15:00 玻璃化和非平衡结晶过程的密切联系 A403 Meeting Room Prof. Peng Tan
2023-03-06 08:00 基于磁势变量三维磁流体力学数值方法研究 A203 Meeting Room Prof. Shipeng Mao
2023-03-07 10:00 scEMAIL: Universal and Source-free Annotation Method for scRNA-seq Data with Novel Cell-type Perception A203 Meeting Room Prof. Minghua Deng
2023-03-06 10:00 The effect of diffusion on the dynamics of a predator-prey chemostat model A203 Meeting Room Prof. Hua Nie
2023-02-27 08:00 Do we need decay-preserving error estimate for solving parabolic equations with the initial singularity? A203 Meeting Room Prof. Jiwei Zhang
2023-02-20 08:00 高精度线性化算法:构造、分析和应用 A203 Meeting Room Prof. Dongfang Li
2023-02-03 14:30 精准测频式锁相放大器研发的一点新进展 A403 Meeting Room Dr. Jun Lu
2023-02-07 10:00 探测并调控二维材料中缺陷诱导的新奇量子物态 A403 Meeting Room A/Prof. Yu Zhang
2023-02-08 15:00 新冠病毒传播的动力学模型研究及其应用 A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Changjing Zhuge
2023-02-15 10:30 Toward a New Mathematical Foundation of Statistical Thermodynamics Tencent Meeting Prof. Hong Qian
2022-11-17 10:00 Optimized Exchange Functionals for Defect Calculations A403 Meeting Room Prof. Peter Deák
2022-11-24 14:00 Asymptotic-Preserving Neural Networks for Multiscale Time-Dependent Linear Transport Equations Tencent Meeting A/Prof. Zheng Ma
2022-11-29 10:00 Spin Excitation Spectra of Anisotropic Spin-1/2 Triangular Lattice Heisenberg Antiferromagnets Tencent Meeting A/Prof. Hai-Jun Liao
2022-12-19 08:00 Current developments of two important numerical methodologies for general inverse problems Tencent Meeting Prof. Jun Zou
2022-12-26 08:00 Numerical analysis of diffusion coefficient identification for elliptic and parabolic systems Tencent Meeting Prof. Bangti Jin
2022-10-24 13:00 A robust method for designing multistable systems by embedding bistable subsystems Tencent Meeting Prof. Tianhai Tian
2022-10-24 08:30 Bridging Traditional and Machine Learning-Based Algorithms for Solving PDEs: The Random Feature Method Tencent Meeting Prof. Jingrun Chen
2022-10-27 09:30 基于单细胞数据探究细胞命运抉择机制 A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Yuan Zhu
2022-10-31 08:30 Efficient and Parallel Solution of High-order Continuous Time Galerkin for Dissipative and Wave Propagation Problems Tencent Meeting A/Prof. Yong Liu
2022-10-10 15:30 An Efficient Numerical Method for RTD Simulation Tencent Meeting A/Prof. Wen-Qi Yao
2022-10-10 14:30 Variational inference with intractable likelihoods Tencent Meeting Prof. Zhi-Jian He
2022-10-11 14:00 基于NV色心系综的磁测量:应用与进展 A403 Meeting Room Dr. Chen Zhang
2022-10-10 08:00 Invariant-preserving difference schemes for the rotation-two-component Camassa-Holm system Tencent Meeting A/Prof. Qifeng Zhang
2022-10-10 10:00 Dynamical Analysis of Disease Evolution Models Tencent Meeting Prof. Wendi Wang
2022-10-03 09:00 A robust discontinuous Galerkin scheme on anisotropic meshes Zoom A/Prof. Takuya TSUCHIYA
2022-09-29 10:00 通过异质晶格应力场设计多功能高熵合金 Tencent Meeting Prof. Yong Yang
2022-09-28 16:00 浅谈虚拟与增强现实在工业4.0中的应用 Tencent Meeting Prof. Feng-Wei Yang
2022-09-27 10:00 A conservative and entropic scheme for the Boltzmann equation Tencent Meeting A/Prof. Zhen-Ning Cai
2022-09-22 14:00 A non-gradient method for solving partial differential equations with deep neural networks Tencent Meeting Prof. Dan Hu
2022-09-20 10:30 光滑粒子法SPH及其在固体入水中的应用 A303 Meeting Room & Tencent Meeting A/Prof. Xiu-Feng Yang
2022-09-19 08:30 有限体积元法的文献历史简介及四面体二次元有限体积法的构造和分析 Tencent Meeting Prof. Yonghai Li
2022-08-30 09:30 On spectral Petrov-Galerkin method for solving optimal control problem governed by fractional diffusion equations with fractional noise Tencent Meeting Prof. Wanrong Cao
2022-08-24 09:30 基于氮空位(NV)色心金刚石的量子传感 A403 Meeting Room Dr. Hui-Jie Zheng
2022-08-22 08:30 A monotone discretization for integral fractional Laplacian on bounded Lipschitz domains: pointwise error estimates under H\"{o}lder regularity Tencent Meeting A/Prof. Shuonan Wu
2022-08-15 10:30 A BDF2 decoupled numerical scheme for resistive magnetohydrodynamic equations Tencent Meeting Prof. Cheng Wang
2022-08-15 08:30 FINITE ELEMENT COMPLEXES FROM COMPLEXES Tencent Meeting Prof. Xuehai Huang
2022-08-18 10:00 非晶合金的高通量与数据驱动式研发 Tencent Meeting A/Prof. Ming-Xing Li
2022-08-11 10:00 无序体系拓扑结构与物性关联 Tencent Meeting A/Prof. Zhen-Wei Wu
2022-08-09 08:30 数据与机理融合的可计算建模与高性能计算 Tencent Meeting Prof. Zhijian Yang
2022-07-28 10:00 Radiation tolerance of metallic materials strengthened by superlattice nanoprecipitates Tencent Meeting Prof. Sui-He Jiang
2022-08-01 08:30 CCUS(碳捕集、利用与封存)技术现状、进展、挑战及前景 Tencent Meeting Prof. Zhangxing Chen
2022-07-28 13:30 特征值的形状最优化问题的计算机辅助数学证明方法 Tencent Meeting A/Prof. Xuefeng Liu
2022-07-26 09:30 Nonlinear, stochastic effects and nonequilibrium in yeast cell-cycle process 酵母菌细胞周期过程中的非线性、随机性和非平衡稳态 Tencent Meeting A/Prof. Fangting Li
2022-07-25 08:30 Generators and Feynmann-Kac operators for the time-changed strong Markov processes Tencent Meeting Prof. Weihua Deng
2022-07-21 10:00 多元高熵合金催化剂 Tencent Meeting Prof. Yong-Gang Yao
2022-07-18 08:30 Nucleation of Quasicrystals Tencent Meeting A/Prof. Lei Zhang
2022-07-19 09:30 A temporal second-order scheme for time fractional mixed diffusion and wave equation with an initial singularity Tencent Meeting Dr. Rui-lian Du
2022-07-14 10:00 多元高熵非晶加工成形技术 Tencent Meeting Prof. Yong Zhang
2022-07-13 09:30 Modeling the role of macrophages in HIV persistence during antiretroviral therapy Tencent Meeting Prof. Zhi-Peng Qiu
2022-07-11 08:30 神经元网络连接结构的重构 Tencent Meeting Prof. Douglas Zhou
2022-07-07 10:00 Local chemical order starting from chemical short-range order in high/medium entropy alloys Tencent Meeting Prof. E. Ma
2022-06-28 09:30 A preconditioning technique for an all-at-once system from Volterra subdiffusion equations with graded time steps Tencent Meeting A/Prof. Yong-Liang Zhao
2022-06-27 10:30 流动噪声四极子声源的频域修正模型 Tencent Meeting Prof. Shi-Zhao Wang
2022-07-01 09:30 On the local discontinuous Galerkin method for singularly perturbed problems Tencent Meeting A/Prof. Yao Cheng
2022-06-23 10:00 稳态非晶合金中局域类晶体序 Tencent Meeting A/Prof. Zhen Lu
2022-06-30 10:00 数据+机器学习:探索非晶结构性能关联的新范式 Tencent Meeting A/Prof. Qi Wang
2022-07-04 08:30 特征值计算中的几何网格因式分解算法 Tencent Meeting Prof. Jia-Chang Sun
2022-03-04 14:00 An efficient unconditionally stable method for Dirichlet partitions in arbitrary domains Tencent Meeting Prof. Dong Wang
2022-03-07 10:00 Finite element analysis and simulation for wave propagation in the Cole-Cole medium Tencent Meeting Prof. Jichun Li
2021-12-03 15:00 Sampling methods in acoustic and electromagnetic waveguides Tencent Meeting A/Prof. Shi-Xu Meng
2021-12-03 14:00 Data completion algorithms and their applications in inverse acoustic scattering with limited-aperture backscattering data Tencent Meeting A/Prof. Xiao-Dong Liu
2021-12-06 08:00 Positivity/bound preserving schemes for complex nonlinear systems Tencent Meeting Prof. Jie Shen
2021-12-02 16:00 Inverse scattering for a random source/potential Tencent Meeting A/Prof. Jian-Liang Li
2021-12-02 15:00 Direct and inverse elastic scattering by unbounded rough surfaces Tencent Meeting A/Prof. Hai-Wen Zhang
2021-12-02 14:00 Mathematical theory and numerical methods for several kinds of scattering by complex obstacles Tencent Meeting Prof. Feng-Long Qu
2021-12-09 10:00 Landscape and flux in gene networks Tencent Meeting A/Prof. Chun-He Li
2021-11-29 14:00 A Spectrally Accurate Numerical Method For Computing The Bogoliubov-De Gennes Excitations Of Dipolar Bose-Einstein Condensates Tencent Meeting Prof. Yong Zhang
2021-11-26 15:00 Fast convolution quadrature for the fractional operators Tencent Meeting Prof. Fan-Hai Zeng
2021-11-18 10:00 Reconstruction of nonlinear dynamics from noisy time series Tencent Meeting Prof. Yue-Heng Lan
2021-11-11 10:00 随机动力学、大偏差理论和非平衡态热力学 Tencent Meeting A/Prof. Liu Hong
2021-11-11 10:00 Normalizing field flow: solving forward and inverse stochastic differential equations using physics-informed flow model Tencent Meeting A/Prof. Tao Zhou
2021-11-09 10:00 Characteristic-featured troubled-cell indicator for Conservation Laws based on Artificial Neural Network Tencent Meeting Prof. Tie-Gang Liu
2021-11-03 14:30 三维基因组结构和基因表达的理论建模与机制 Tencent Meeting Prof. Jia-Jun Zhang
2021-11-04 14:30 Approximating gene transcription dynamics using steady-state formulas Tencent Meeting A/Prof. Feng Jiao
2021-10-15 14:00 量子随机行走的拓扑现象及应用研究 A403 Meeting Room A/Prof. Tian Chen
2021-10-12 10:30 Nonabelian Ginzburg-Landau Theory for Ferroelectrics A303 Meeting Room Prof. You-Quan Li
2021-10-15 14:00 The energy technique for BDF methods Zoom Prof. Georgios Akrivis
2021-09-29 09:00 基于广义重心坐标的有限元离散 Tencent Meeting Prof. Yan-Qiu Wang
2021-09-28 10:00 能源材料中的激发态载流子动力学 A403 Meeting Room Dr. Weibin Chu
2021-09-18 10:00 铀铌合金氢蚀的动力学蒙特卡罗模拟研究 A403 Meeting Room A/Prof. Yu YANG
2021-09-16 09:00 Stabilized Hybrid Mixed Element Method for Poroelasticity Tencent Meeting Prof. Hong-Xing Rui
2021-09-16 09:00 Insights into frustrated magnets via first-principles hyperfine coupling calculation A403 Meeting Room Prof. Zheng Liu
2021-08-31 14:00 Orbital Angular Momentum: Sorting, Sensing, Imaging, and Beyond Tencent Meeting Prof. Li-Xiang Chen
2021-07-23 15:00 The gPAV method for devising efficient and stable schemes for multi-phase flow systems A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Zhiguo Yang
2021-07-14 14:00 Quantum simulation in NISQ era A303 Meeting Room Prof. Abolfazl Bayat
2021-06-24 15:00 单个神经元与神经元网络的建模 Tencent Meeting Prof. Douglas Zhou
2021-06-22 14:00 腔光力系统中多个力学模式的协同基态冷却 Tencent Meeting Prof. Jie-Qiao Liao
2021-06-29 10:00 An energy-stable parametric finite element method for anisotropic surface diffusion A203 Meeting Room Mr. Yi-Fei Li
2021-06-03 10:30 碳基氧功能电催化材料及能源器件应用 A403 Meeting Room Prof. Zhong-Qing Jiang
2021-05-31 15:30 On Geometries of Finitary Random Interlacements A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Yuan Zhang
2021-06-11 10:30 A posteriori error analysis for discontinuous Galerkin methods on polygonal and polyhedral meshes Tencent Meeting Dr. Zhao-Nan Dong
2021-05-28 09:30 扩展子空间算法及其应用 A203 Meeting Room Prof. He-Hu Xie
2021-06-03 10:30 深度学习的数学理解 A203 Meeting Room Prof. Shi-Hua Zhang
2021-05-27 16:00 基于超导量子电路的混合系统研究 A403 Meeting Room Zhi-Hui Peng
2021-06-02 10:00 Structure-preserving, energy stable numerical schemes for a liquid thin film coarsening model Zoom Prof. Cheng Wang
2021-05-28 10:30 Monte Carlo Simulations of SDE Competition Models Tencent Meeting Prof. Fengying Wei
2021-05-20 10:30 Schrödinger方程的深度学习方法 A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Qi-Long Zhai
2021-05-14 14:30 原子自旋陀螺仪工作原理及应用 A403 Meeting Room A/Prof. Meng Shi
2021-05-18 15:30 Voltage Responses to the Channel Noise: The Power Spectrum A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Jiazeng Wang
2021-05-24 08:30 Fully Nonlinear Second Order PDEs and Their Numerical Solutions Tencent Meeting Prof. Xiaobing Feng
2021-05-18 10:00 Robust Modeling In Image Processing A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Cheng-Long Bao
2021-05-10 10:00 太赫兹基础科学研究——从电声子相互作用谈起 A403 Meeting Room Prof. Zhou Li
2021-05-13 10:30 A Nitsche type Multiscale Method with Non-matching Grids A203 Meeting Room Prof. Ping-Bing Ming
2021-05-07 14:00 On a discrete embedding inequality for two types of fourth order elliptic equations (Biharmonic and Quad-Curl) Tencent Meeting Dr. Weifeng Qiu
2021-05-13 15:30 Modeling and Simulation for Dislocation Climb Tencent Meeting Prof. Yang Xiang
2021-04-29 09:30 基因表达调控系统的建模与分析 Tencent Meeting Prof. Tian-Shou Zhou
2021-05-06 15:30 Deciphering Embryonic Morphogenesis with a Data-driven Phase Field Model A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Lei Zhang
2021-04-28 10:00 基于深度学习的单细胞聚类与标注 A203 Meeting Room Prof. Ming-Hua Deng
2021-04-29 15:00 Steady and unsteady flexural shell models and numerical computation A203 Meeting Room Prof. Xiao-Qin Shen
2021-04-27 09:00 Discontinuous Galerkin method for a distributed optimal control problem of time fractional diffusion equation Tencent Meeting Prof. Xiaoping Xie
2021-04-27 14:30 工程应用中的几个计算数学小问题 A203 Meeting Room Dr. Yu-Wei Fan
2021-04-24 15:30 图像识别在神经外科领域的应用 A303 Meeting Room Dr. Cong-Xin Dai
2021-04-24 14:30 视神经损伤临床科普 A303 Meeting Room Dr. Bo-Wen Sun
2021-04-22 10:30 金属纳米腔增强单分子共振拉曼散射的非线性效应 A403 Meeting Room Dr. Yuan Zhang
2021-04-28 15:30 Inverse scattering with multi-frequency sparse data A203 Meeting Room Prof. Xia Ji
2021-04-21 10:30 感知地磁迁徙导航的新机制 A303 Meeting Room Prof. You-Quan Li
2021-04-20 10:30 等离子体物理中数学问题及其数值求解 A203 Meeting Room Prof. Li-Quan Mei
2021-04-23 10:30 Towards macroscopic liquid-crystal theory for general rigid molecules A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Jie Xu
2021-04-23 15:30 Accelerated Exponential Euler Scheme for Stochastic Heat Equation: Convergence Rate of Densities A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Chuchu Chen
2021-04-16 14:40 温/热稠密物质状态方程和输运性质的第一性原理研究 A303 Meeting Room A/Prof. Shen Zhang
2021-04-16 14:00 温稠密氢对电子阻止本领的电子力场方法模拟研究 A303 Meeting Room A/Prof. Hao Liu
2021-04-26 08:30 Numerical Methods and Analysis for Landau-Lifshitz equation Tencent Meeting Prof. Weiwei Sun
2021-04-09 15:00 非厄密量子原理启发的无线电能传输变革性技术 A403 Meeting Room Prof. Hong Chen
2021-04-13 09:30 Complete monotonicity-preserving numerical methods for time fractional ODEs A203 Meeting Room Prof. Dong-Ling Wang
2021-04-01 09:00 Asymptotic-preserving IMEX-DG methods for a linear kinetic transport model: different reformulations and IMEX strategies Tencent Meeting Prof. Feng-Yan Li
2021-04-12 10:30 数值积分与有限元计算 A203 Meeting Room Prof. Lin-Bo Zhang
2021-04-12 08:30 相位恢复: 理论、模型与算法 Tencent Meeting Prof. Zhi-Qiang Xu
2021-03-02 10:00 Numerical Methods for Parabolic Optimal Control Problem Tencent Meeting Prof. Zhi-Yue Zhang
2021-03-01 08:30 Prediction of Molecular Binding/Unbidning with Impilcit Solvent: Geometrical Flow, Transition Paths, and Brownian Dynamics Zoom Prof. Bo Li
2021-02-22 09:00 Higher order accurate bounds preserving time-implicit discretizations for the nonlinear time-dependent equations Tencent Meeting Prof. Yan Xu
2021-02-05 14:30 统一气体动理学格式的发展和展望 Tencent Meeting Prof. Kun Xu
2021-01-25 14:00 Some numerical schemes for the Stokes-Darcy and the Cahn-Hilliard-Stokes-Darcy system Tencent Meeting Prof. Wen-Bin Chen
2021-01-15 14:00 基于玻色模式的量子信息处理 A403 Meeting Room A/Prof. Lu-Yan Sun
2021-01-25 08:30 A preliminary study of the theoretic analysis of the spectral volume method for hyperbolic equations Tencent Meeting Prof. Qing-Song Zou
2021-01-18 08:30 A bounded numerical solution with a small mesh size implies existence of a smooth solution to the Navier–Stokes equations Tencent Meeting A/Prof. Bu-Yang Li
2021-01-11 10:00 Optimal rate convergence analysis and error estimate of a finite difference scheme for the Ericksen-Leslie system with the penalty function Zoom Prof. Cheng Wang
2021-01-05 08:30 A Truly Exact Perfect Absorbing Layer for Time-Harmonic Wave Scattering Problems Tencent Meeting Prof. Li-Lian Wang
2021-01-08 10:00 Probing Many-Body Physics with Superconducting Qubits A303 Meeting Room Qiu-Jiang Guo
2021-03-08 08:00 Pressure Robust Scheme for Incompressible Flow Tencent Meeting A/Prof. Lin Mu
2021-03-29 08:30 Approximation based on orthogonal polynomials and their roots Tencent Meeting Prof. Shu-Huang Xiang
2021-03-24 10:30 Modeling the interatomic potential by deep learning A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Han Wang
2021-04-01 10:00 哈密尔顿系统一类带自由参数的高阶保结构算法 Tencent Meeting Prof. Yu-Shun Wang
2021-03-31 10:30 Computational Quantum Mechanics in Phase Space A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Si-Hong Shao
2021-03-22 08:30 On solving elliptic interface problems with fourth order accuracy and FFT efficiency Tencent Meeting Prof. Shan Zhao
2021-03-12 10:30 On the method of complex Langevin Tencent Meeting A/Prof. Zhenning Cai
2021-03-12 09:30 A new stability and convergence proof of the Fourier-Galerkin spectral method for the spatially homogeneous Boltzmann equation Tencent Meeting Prof. Jingwei Hu
2020-11-28 10:00 Asymptotic analysis of the focusing NLS equation and focusing KE equation Tencent Meeting Prof. Deng-Shan Wang
2020-11-30 15:30 Biological Image Analysis: Algorithm, Modeling and Simulation A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Yu-Cheng Hu
2020-12-08 08:30 Discontinuous Galerkin methods for delay differential equations Tencent Meeting Prof. Qiu-Mei Huang
2020-12-02 09:00 化学自由能模型改进及其在氢同位素的宽区域物态方程研制中的应用 A403 Meeting Room A/Prof. Qiong Li
2020-11-17 10:00 Model reduction methods for two-phase flows based on the Onsager variational principle A203 Meeting Room Prof. Xian-Min Xu
2020-11-17 16:00 Fokker-Planck equations of neuron networks: rigorous justification and numerical simulation A203 Meeting Room Prof. Zhen-Nan Zhou
2020-11-12 14:30 High order positivity-preserving and conservative DG schemes for radiation transfer equations A203 Meeting Room Prof. Juan Cheng
2020-11-19 10:00 构建能量景观上的解景观 A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Lei Zhang
2020-11-16 15:30 Bayesian selection of misspecified models is overconfident and may cause spurious posterior probabilities for phylogenetic trees A203 Meeting Room Prof. Tian-Qi Zhu
2020-11-12 10:30 Floquet Engineering on Sr-87 optical lattice clock system A303 Meeting Room Dr. Tao Wang
2020-11-07 10:00 Semiclassical computational methods for quantum dynamics with band-crossing and uncertainty A203 Meeting Room Prof. Shi Jin
2020-11-06 14:30 Expansion of EYM Amplitudes in Gauge Invariant Vector Space A303 Meeting Room Prof. Bo Feng
2020-10-28 10:00 A brief survey of contact processes A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Xiao-Feng Xue
2020-11-10 10:00 Energy-Conserving Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Vlasov Systems A203 Meeting Room Prof. Xing-Hui Zhong
2020-10-21 10:00 Routes to quantum anomalous Hall effect from magnetic topological insulators MnBi2Te4/(Bi2Te3)n A403 Meeting Room A/Prof. Qi-Hang Liu
2020-10-27 14:00 缺口对非晶机械性能的影响 A403 Meeting Room Prof. Yi Li
2020-10-13 09:30 Open Boundaries in Two-Pahse and Multiphase Flows: Energy-Stable Open Boundary Conditions Zoom Prof. Suchuan Dong
2020-08-25 10:00 Recent Progresses in home-made HPC, Sugon A303 Meeting Room Dr. Xi-Guo Xie
2020-01-17 15:00 高压下的自旋量子传感 A303 Meeting Room A/Prof. Gang-Qin Liu
2020-01-15 14:00 Restoring E vs k band structure dispersion in low symmetric, disordered systems A403 Meeting Room Dr. Zhi Wang
2020-01-07 10:00 CT with Non-Standard Trajectory: from Concept to Product A303 Meeting Room Prof. He-Wei Gao
2020-09-25 09:30 Laser Cooling of Lattice Phonons in Semiconductors A203 Meeting Room Prof. Jun Zhang
2020-09-24 15:30 The role of entropy in CFD A203 Meeting Room Prof. Jie-Quan Li
2020-09-09 15:00 铁磁性材料的理论研究 A403 Meeting Room Prof. Er-Jun Kan
2020-10-09 10:00 Deep Learning Based Image Reconstruction and PDE Solvers: The Unrolled Dynamics Approach A203 Meeting Room Prof. Bin Dong
2020-01-20 09:00 Hessian Recovery Based Finite Element Methods for the Cahn-Hilliard Equation A203 Meeting Room Dr. Hai-Long Guo
2020-01-06 15:30 A Multiscale/Multiphysics Coupling Framework for Bioprosthetic Heart Valves (BHVs) Damage A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Yue Yu
2019-12-27 10:00 表面增强拉曼中的分子集体效应 A303 Meeting Room Dr. Yuan Zhang
2019-12-24 09:00 Analytical Low-rank Compression via Proxy Point Selection and Contour Integration A203 Meeting Room Prof. Jian-Lin Xia
2019-12-24 14:30 Multiscale Analysis and Algorithms in Electrodynamics of Novel Materials and Devices A203 Meeting Room Prof. Li-Qun Cao
2019-12-23 16:00 相对论流体力学方程组的可容许状态集与保物理约束的数值方法 A203 Meeting Room Prof. Hua-Zhong Tang
2019-12-13 16:30 Discrete Scale Invariance in Topological Semimetal A303 Meeting Room A/Prof. Hai-Wen Liu
2019-12-13 15:00 超导量子计算进展及谷歌量子优势解析 A303 Meeting Room Prof. Heng Fan
2019-12-11 15:00 Image Restoration from Noisy Incomplete Frequency Data by Alternative Iteration Scheme A203 Meeting Room Prof. Ji-Jun Liu
2019-12-19 10:30 A Weakly Nonlinear, Energy Stable Scheme for the Strongly Anisotropic Cahn-Hilliard System A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Cheng Wang
2019-12-10 14:00 Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Nonlinear Delay Differential Equations A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Qiu-Mei Huang
2019-12-13 10:30 仿生机器鱼的设计与控制研究 A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Yong Zhong
2019-12-02 14:30 Semi-Implicit Methods for Phase Field Equations A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Zhong-Hua Qiao
2019-12-02 09:30 Variational Methods for Evolutionary Systems A203 Meeting Room Prof. Sebastian Franz
2019-11-27 15:30 A Novel Numerical Approach to Time-Fractional Parabolic Equations with Nonsmooth Solutions A203 Meeting Room Prof. Dong-Fang Li
2019-11-28 14:00 Generalized Solvation Free Energy, Neural Network Implementation and Application in Structural Model Assessment, Refinement and Design A303 Meeting Room Prof. Pu Tian
2019-11-26 09:30 时间分数阶相场模型的能量稳定性 A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Tao Zhou
2019-11-15 15:30 Numerical Analysis of Subdiffusion with a Time-Dependent Coefficient A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Zhi Zhou
2019-11-19 09:30 On the Unconditional Stability of Implicit-Explicit BDF Methods A203 Meeting Room Prof. Georgios Akrivis
2019-11-14 16:00 Parallelizable Approaches for Nonsmooth Optimization Problems with Orthogonality Constraints A203 Meeting Room Prof. Xin Liu
2019-11-12 11:00 Acceptance Rate is a Thermodynamic Function in Local Monte Carlo Algorithms A303 Meeting Room Prof. Lev Shchur
2019-11-12 09:30 Problems in Patient-Specific Modeling of Electrocardiology A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Huan-Huan Yang
2019-11-11 15:30 具有SU(N)自旋对称性的哈伯德模型中的平带铁磁相 A403 Meeting Room Prof. Wei Zhang
2019-11-05 10:00 Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Aerosol Dynamic Equations A203 Meeting Room Prof. Ming Cui
2019-11-07 10:30 Ground State Phase Diagram of the Spin S=1/2 XXZ Heisenberg Chain with Alternating Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction A303 Meeting Room Prof. George Japaridze
2019-10-30 09:30 Generation and Storage of Massively Entangled States in a Spin-1 BEC A303 Meeting Room Prof. Wen-Xian Zhang
2019-11-04 09:30 Efficient Encoding of Matrix Product States into Quantum Circuits of One- and Two-Qubit Gates A403 Meeting Room A/Prof. Shi-Ju Ran
2019-10-29 11:00 Focus on the Surface Andreev Bound States of Unconventional Superconductors A303 Meeting Room Prof. Bo Lü
2019-10-25 09:30 Intrinsic Complexity: From Approximation of Random Vectors and Random Fields to Solutions of PDEs A203 Meeting Room Prof. Hong-Kai Zhao
2019-10-21 10:00 Asymptotically Stable Particle-In-Cell Methods for the Vlasov-Poisson System with a Strong External Magnetic A303 Meeting Room Prof. Francis Filbet
2019-10-22 10:00 Analysis of Finite Element Methods for Incompressible Magnetohydrodynamic Flows with Magnetic Vector Potential Formulations A203 Meeting Room Prof. Shi-Peng Mao
2019-10-15 14:00 General Motors and NdFeB Magnets A403 Meeting Room Prof. Zaven Altounian
2019-10-16 10:30 Topological Fractional Pumping in Optical Lattice A303 Meeting Room Prof. Rosario Fazio
2019-10-21 10:00 New Trends in Complex Networks: Chimera States and Solitary Oscillators A203 Meeting Room Prof. Yuriy Maistrenko
2019-10-14 14:00 10dB Vacuum Noise Squeezing and its Application to the Gravitational Wave Detector and On-chip Quantum Circuits A403 Meeting Room Prof. Ray-Kuang Lee
2019-10-09 10:00 Mystery of the Formation of <100> Loops in Irradiated Iron A403 Meeting Room Dr. Qing Peng
2019-10-10 10:00 High-order Bound-preserving Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Stiff Multispecies Detonation A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Jie Du
2019-09-29 14:00 PT-对称量子系统的嵌入性质及模拟问题 A403 Meeting Room Dr. Min-Yi Huang
2019-09-27 10:30 Computational Semi-relativistic Quantum Mechanics: the Pauli Equation A203 Meeting Room Prof. Norbert J. Mauser
2019-09-25 10:00 Resonant Photovoltaic Effect in Doped Magnetic Topological Materials A303 Meeting Room Prof. Dimitrie Culcer
2019-09-26 11:00 Spin Charge Separation with Quantum Criticality A303 Meeting Room Prof. Xi-Wen Guan
2019-09-19 14:00 Klein Scattering, Tunnelling and Bound-states in Graphene A403 Meeting Room Prof. Yshai Avishai
2019-09-17 10:30 Robust discretization and solver for convection-dominated PDEs with applications to MHD multi-physics systems A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Shuo-Nan Wu
2019-09-17 09:30 A nonlinear finite volume scheme preserving maximum principle for diffusion equation A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Zhi-Qiang Sheng
2019-09-12 10:30 Approximations on SO(3) by Wigner D-matrix and applications A203 Meeting Room Prof. Jie Xu
2019-09-05 16:30 Increasing Stability in the Inverse Source Problem with Attenuation and Many Frequencies A203 Meeting Room Prof. Shuai Lu
2019-09-04 10:30 High Efficient Numerical Method for Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems A203 Meeting Room Prof. He-Hu Xie
2019-09-03 15:00 Ultrasensing Optical Spectroscopy of Plasmonic Nanocavity A403 Meeting Room Prof. Hong-Xing Xu
2019-09-17 10:00 Quantum Severalty: Fast Protein Folding, Speed up versus Suppresion A403 Meeting Room Prof. You-Quan Li
2019-08-30 14:00 Integrated Photonics Quantum Technologies A403 Meeting Room Prof. Jian-Wei Wang
2019-08-23 16:00 Generalized Passarino-Veltman Reduction at Finite Temperature and Chemical Potential A303 Meeting Room A/Prof. Hao-Ran Chang
2019-08-22 14:30 Numerical Methods for Some Nonlinear Transport Equations in Biology A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Zhen-Nan Zhou
2019-08-27 09:00 Recent Developments in Numerical Methods for Stochastic Stokes and Navier-Stokes Equations A203 Meeting Room Prof. Xiao-Bing Feng
2019-08-12 14:30 Heterogeneous and Nonergodic Diffusion: Multiscale Modelling and Simulation A203 Meeting Room Prof. Wei-Hua Deng
2019-08-08 10:00 Developing Finite Element Solvers for Poroelasticity in the 2-Field Approach A203 Meeting Room Prof. Jiang-Guo (James) Liu
2019-08-19 16:00 Multidimensional Borg-Levinson Type Theorems A203 Meeting Room Prof. Mourad Choulli
2019-08-05 10:00 When Chiral Light Meets Chiral Matter: Optical Nonreciprocity and Isolation A403 Meeting Room Prof. Ke-Yu Xia
2019-08-06 09:00 Analysis and Application of Some Numerical Methods for Maxwell’s Equations with Random Inputs A203 Meeting Room Prof. Ji-Chun Li
2019-07-25 09:00 Multiscale Methods for Problems with Singularities A203 Meeting Room Prof. Zhong-Yi Huang
2019-07-09 10:30 Small is Different: Old Questions New Paradigms A303 Meeting Room Prof. Uzi Landman
2019-07-04 15:00 Atomic Collapse and Flat Bands in Graphene A303 Meeting Room Prof. François Peeters
2019-06-27 14:00 A Mathematical Model for Cell Migration and Simulations in 2D A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Ling-Xing Yao
2019-06-11 15:00 The Finite Element Conditioning on a Class of Anisotropic Meshes A203 Meeting Room Prof. Heng-Guang Li
2019-04-19 10:00 A Second-Quantized Shannon Theory A303 Meeting Room Prof. Giulio Chiribella
2019-04-08 14:00 Quantum Simulation and Machine Learning in the Age of Tensor Network A403 Meeting Room Prof. Shi-Ju Ran
2019-03-27 15:00 Babuska Problem in Composite Materials and Its Applications A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Hai-Gang Li
2019-03-27 16:00 Determining a Random Schrodinger Equation with Unknown Source and Potential A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Jing-Zhi Li
2019-03-26 10:00 Theory of Magnetic Interactions in Real Materials A303 Meeting Room Prof. Mikhail I. Katsnelson
2019-03-20 15:45 Dispersion in Confined Systems with Geometric Fluctuations A203 Meeting Room Prof. David Dean
2019-03-20 16:45 Instabilities in Confined Systems with Geometric Fluctuations A203 Meeting Room Prof. Matthew Turner
2019-01-23 16:00 谈谈监管问题 A203 Meeting Room Prof. Ke Liu
2019-01-15 11:00 Discrete Scale Invariance and log B Periodic Quantum Oscillations in Topological Semimetals A303 Meeting Room Prof. Robert Joynt
2019-01-11 16:00 Dynamics of Nanometre Scale Mechanical Resonators in Fluid with Applications to Atomic and Molecular Sensing A203 Meeting Room Prof. John E. Sader
2019-01-02 14:00 Time-Domain Modeling of Excited State Dynamics in Halide Perovskites A403 Meeting Room Prof. Oleg Prezhdo
2018-12-26 10:30 A Review on Symplectic Numerical Methods for Hamiltonian Systems A203 Meeting Room Prof. Jia-Lin Hong
2018-12-25 14:00 The Path Leading from Protein Folding Transition Times to Quantum Tunneling Times A203 Meeting Room Prof. Eli Pollak
2018-12-26 14:00 Energy Stable Fourth Order Finite Difference Scheme for the Cahn-Hilliard Equation A303 Meeting Room A/Prof. Cheng Wang
2018-12-19 16:30 Asympototic Properties of Principle Eigenvalue for Some Elliptic Operators  A203 Meeting Room Prof. Yuan Lou
2018-12-13 10:00 Novel Structure Representation and Comparison for Cluster, Quasicrystal, and Crystal A403 Meeting Room Prof. Yu-Jun Zhao
2018-12-10 14:00 使用弱测量方法分割量子纠缠非局域性 A403 Meeting Room A/Prof. Yong-Sheng Zhang
2018-12-10 10:30 通过上传VASP计算结果文件快速构建材料计算数据库的方法和技术 A403 Meeting Room Prof. Xiao-Yu Yang
2018-12-10 09:30 First-Principles Approaches to Electronic Band Structure of Materials A403 Meeting Room A/Prof. Hong Jiang
2018-12-06 15:00 基于玻恩-黄展开的凝聚态体系第一性原理物性模拟 A403 Meeting Room A/Prof. Xin-Zheng Li
2018-11-30 11:00 The (Untapped) Potential of Inorganic Nanotubes as Polarization-Enhanced (Co-)(Photo-)Catalyst: The Imogolite Case A203 Meeting Room Dr. Gilberto Teobaldi
2018-11-21 10:00 The Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Methods for Caputo-Type Partial Differential Equations A203 Meeting Room Prof. Chang-Pin Li
2018-11-20 11:00 Donor Clusters: Ground State, Exchange and Future Prospects A303 Meeting Room Prof. Dimitrie Culcer
2018-11-05 14:00 Simulating Unitary and Non-Unitary Quantum Dynamics (of Molecules) Using Integrated Photonics A403 Meeting Room Prof. Yogesh Joglekar
2018-11-06 10:30 Simulations of Laser- and STM-Driven Reactions at Surfaces: Electronic Structure and Dynamics A403 Meeting Room Prof. Tillman Klamroth
2018-11-01 15:00 铁基超导体的远红外光谱学研究 A403 Meeting Room Prof. Xiang-Gang Qiu
2018-10-29 10:00 团簇光谱及动力学研究 A403 Meeting Room Prof. Ling Jiang
2018-10-26 11:00 Quasiparticle Tunneling and Its Scaling in the Fractional Quantum Hall Effects A303 Meeting Room Prof. Zi-Xiang Hu
2018-10-23 11:00 Quantum Time-Crystals A303 Meeting Room Prof. Rosario Fazio
2018-10-17 15:00 Topological and Non-Topological Edge States in Quantum Dots and Chern Insulators A303 Meeting Room Prof. José Carlos Egues
2018-10-17 11:00 X-Ray Ghost Imaging A303 Meeting Room Prof. Ling-An Wu
2018-10-18 11:00 Algorithmic Adaptations to Extreme Scale Computing A203 Meeting Room Prof. David E. Keyes
2018-10-16 11:00 Recent Developments with the Population Annealing Algorithm A303 Meeting Room Prof. Lev Shchur
2018-10-11 16:00 Timescales in the Wang-Landau Algorithm A303 Meeting Room Prof. Lev Shchur
2018-10-11 14:30 贵金属催化剂的原子尺度设计 A303 Meeting Room Prof. Bin Shan
2018-10-15 10:30 2D Materials for Bio-Sensing A303 Meeting Room Prof. Jean-Pierre Leburton
2018-09-18 14:00 分子聚集体中的多激子动力学及金属纳米粒子的等离激元效应 A403 Meeting Room Prof. Lu-Xia Wang
2018-09-11 11:00 Titled Dirac Cones, Non-Symmorpic Symmetries and Possible Odd Frequency Superconductivity in Quasi-Two-Dimensional Organic Salts A303 Meeting Room Prof. Gayanath Fernando
2018-08-31 15:00 Toward a First-Principles Description of Stronger Correlations: Stripe and Magnetic Phases in Cupates to Topological Materials A303 Meeting Room Prof. Arun Bansil
2018-08-21 11:00 Frustrated Optical Lattice: From Topological Excitations to Deconfined Phase Transition A303 Meeting Room Prof. Xue-Feng Zhang
2018-08-21 10:00 13-Moment System with Global Hyperbolicity for Quantum Gas A203 Meeting Room Prof. Ruo Li
2018-08-21 11:00 Asymptotic Analysis and Numerical Method for Singularly Perturbed Eigenvalue Problems A203 Meeting Room Prof. Zhong-Yi Huang
2018-08-20 16:00 Fracton Order A303 Meeting Room A/Prof. Xie Chen
2018-08-20 10:00 Modeling and Simulations of Continuum Dislocation Array Dynamics A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Shu-Yang Dai
2018-08-20 10:00 Variational Approach to Monte Carlo Renormalization Group A303 Meeting Room Prof. Roberto Car
2018-08-14 14:00 Incomplete Mixing in Reactive Systems - Modeling up the Scales of Complexity A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Diogo Bolster
2018-08-13 14:30 An Analysis of the Modified L1 Scheme for the Time-Fractional Partial Differential Equations with Nonsmooth Data A203 Meeting Room Dr. Yu-Bin Yan
2018-08-12 10:00 A Positivity-Preserving Energy Stable Numerical Scheme for the Cahn-Hilliard Equation with Logarithmic Potential A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Cheng Wang
2018-08-07 15:00 Molecular Dynamics Based Exploration and Learning of Free Energy Landscapes of Oligopeptides and Atomic and Molecular Crystals A203 Meeting Room Prof. Mark Tuckerman
2018-07-30 10:30 Mechanical Properties of Epitaxial Graphene Films: Nanoindentation Experiments and DFT calculations A403 Meeting Room Prof. Angelo Bongiorno
2018-07-25 10:45 Direct Recovery of Wave-Penetrable Scatterers in a Stratified Ocean Waveguide A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Ke-Ji Liu
2018-07-25 10:00 Analyticity and Inverse Problems for PDE A203 Meeting Room Prof. Jin Cheng
2018-07-19 14:00 Mathematicothermodynamics A203 Meeting Room Prof. Hong Qian
2018-07-20 11:00 Convergence of Solutions of the Weighted Allen-Cahn Equations to Brakke Flow A203 Meeting Room Prof. Gao-Feng Zheng
2018-07-19 15:00 Charge Conserving Approach Alternative to the GW Approximation A403 Meeting Room Prof. Baruch Rosenstein
2018-07-16 15:30 Quantum Kinetic Theory of Magneto-Transport in Topological Materials A403 Meeting Room Prof. Dimitrie Culcer
2018-07-16 16:30 Emerging of "Hamiltonian" in General Nonequilibrium Processes A303 Meeting Room Prof. Ping Ao
2018-07-16 16:00 An Introduction to Bayesian Hypothesis Testing for ANOVA Designs A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Min Wang
2018-07-11 15:00 Sources of Magnetic Fluctuation on Surface of Qubits A403 Meeting Room Prof. Ru-Qian Wu
2018-07-11 15:00 The Computation of Singular Integrals and Singular Volterra Integral Equations of the Second Kind Using Puiseux Expansions A203 Meeting Room Prof. Tong-Ke Wang
2018-07-11 14:00 Control Problem with PDE Constraints A203 Meeting Room Prof. Zhi-Yue Zhang
2018-06-27 14:00 微腔激子极化激元玻色爱因斯坦凝聚中关于孤子的研究 A403 Meeting Room A/Prof. Yan Xue
2018-06-28 14:00 Onsager Principle as an Approximation Tool for Complex Two-Phase Flow Problems A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Xian-Min Xu
2018-06-14 10:30 Atomistic Simulation in Lithium-Sulfur Battery A303 Meeting Room Dr. Kah Chun Lau
2018-06-13 10:00 High-Performance Computing, Attosecond Physics and Deep Learning A203 Meeting Room Dr. Shao-Hao Chen
2018-06-11 14:00 Fluid-Structure Interactions with Biological Applications A203 Meeting Room Dr. Long-Hua Zhao
2018-06-08 15:00 Color, Drama & Symmetry A203 Meeting Room Dr. Man Fang
2018-06-08 14:00 A Positivity-Preserving Finite Volume Scheme for 3D Radiation Diffusion Problems A203 Meeting Room Dr. Hui Xie
2018-05-29 11:00 Topological and Geometric Universal Thermodynamics in Conformal Field Theory A303 Meeting Room A/Prof. Wei Li
2018-05-30 14:00 High-Resolution Characterization of Biological Membranes and Membrane Proteins in Action A203 Meeting Room Prof. Emad Tajkhorshid
2018-05-22 15:00 Mechanical Transportation of Electric Charge and Magnetic Spin in Electronic Nanodevices A403 Meeting Room Prof. Robert Shekhter
2018-05-29 11:00 精确相对论方法X2C及其在分子科学中的应用 A403 Meeting Room Prof. Wen-Li Zou
2018-05-18 16:00 Inelastic Thermoelectricity: A New Light of an Old Field A403 Meeting Room Prof. Jian-Hua Jiang
2018-05-16 10:00 FEM and CIP-FEM for Helmholtz Equation with High Wave Number and PML Truncation A203 Meeting Room Prof. Hai-Jun Wu
2018-05-08 16:00 The Big Picture of Relativistic Molecular Quantum Mechanics A303 Meeting Room Prof. Wen-Jian Liu
2018-04-25 10:00 Semi-Implicit Methods for Phase Field Equations A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Zhong-Hua Qiao
2018-04-24 14:00 Improving the Accuracy of Molecular Simulations with Better Force Fields A203 Meeting Room Dr. Jing Huang
2018-04-23 10:00 Excited State Dynamics of Photoexcited Charge Carriers in Halide Perovskites: Time-Domain Ab Initio Studies A403 Meeting Room Prof. Oleg Prezhdo
2018-03-31 10:45 Iso-Spectral Problem and Computational Mathematica A203 Meeting Room Prof. Jia-Chang Sun
2018-03-23 14:00 Hybridization at Superconductor-Semiconductor Interfaces A303 Meeting Room Dr. Panagiotis Kotetes
2018-03-16 10:00 Bayesian Deep Learning as a Paradigm for Uncertainty Quantification in Scientific Computing A203 Meeting Room Prof. Nicholas Zabaras
2018-03-16 14:00 Steering of Random Spin Systems for Fast Quantum Annealing A303 Meeting Room Prof. Robert Joynt
2018-03-01 10:00 TchebyFlow: A New Generation of Scientific Computing Where Accuracy is Unlimited A203 Meeting Room Prof. Gérard Labrosse
2018-02-09 14:00 Theoretical Studies on Two-Dimensional Ferroelectrics and Ferromagnets A303 Meeting Room Prof. Hong-Jun Xiang
2018-02-07 14:00 渗流相变理论在社交网络中的应用 A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Yan-Qing Hu
2018-02-05 10:00 A Universal Scaling Rule for the Morphology of the Cerebral Cortex A203 Meeting Room Prof. Bruno Mota
2018-02-06 10:30 Realization of Massive Relativistic Spin-3/2 Rarita-Schwinger Quasiparticle in Condensed Matter Systems A303 Meeting Room Prof. Xian-Gang Wan
2018-01-30 10:30 二维层内异质结的界面结构、生长机理与电子性质 A303 Meeting Room Prof. Ji-Jun Zhao
2018-01-29 15:00 Continuous Galerkin Solutions for Delay Differential Equations of Pantograph Type A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Qiu-Mei Huang
2018-01-29 14:00 A Parallelizable Algorithm for Orthogonally Constrained Optimization Problems A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Xin Liu
2018-01-25 10:00 Promise, Progress and Challenges of Earth-Abundant and Environmentally-Friendly CZTS Solar Cells A403 Meeting Room Dr. Xiao-Jing Hao
2018-01-23 15:30 神威•太湖之光:系统及应用 A303 Meeting Room Prof. Hao-Huan Fu
2018-01-08 14:30 Data-Driven Modeling of Multiphysics Systems A203 Meeting Room Dr. Huan Lei
2018-01-08 15:30 On the Numerical Approximations for the Magneto-Hydrodynamic Equations: A Fully Decoupled, Linear and Unconditionally Energy Stable Scheme A203 Meeting Room Prof. Xiao-Feng Yang
2018-01-16 15:30 Robust Preconditioning for Singularly Perturbed Differential Equations A203 Meeting Room Dr. Niall Madden
2018-01-16 14:00 Machine Learning Techniques in Sponsored Search A403 Meeting Room Dr. Qi Ye
2018-01-10 10:30 Second Order Fully-Discrete Energy Stable Methods on Staggered Grids for Hydrodynamic Phase Field Models of Binary Fluid Mixtures A203 Meeting Room Dr. Yue-Zheng Gong
2018-01-09 14:00 Fully Discrete Second-order Linear Schemes for Hydrodynamic Phase Field Models of Binary Viscous Fluid Flows with Variable Densities A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Jia Zhao
2018-01-04 16:00 Nodal Finite Element Methods A203 Meeting Room Prof. Jun Hu
2018-01-04 15:00 Adaptivite Least Squares Finite Element Methods A203 Meeting Room Prof. Carsten Carstensen
2018-01-05 14:30 Complex Life at Low Reynolds Number A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. On Shun Pak
2018-01-02 10:00 The Strong-Stability-Preserving (SSP) Scheme for the Integrating Factor (IF) Form of Exponential Time Differencing (ETD) Problems A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Cheng Wang
2017-12-26 10:00 Understanding Nanoscale Friction in Two-Dimensional Materials A403 Meeting Room Prof. Yong-Hyun Kim
2017-12-25 10:00 世界性挑战:室温合成氨 A303 Meeting Room Prof. Cheng-Hua Sun
2017-12-19 10:00 Quantum Dots – Artificial Atoms, Large Molecules or Small Pieces of Bulk? Insights from Time-Domain Ab Initio Studies A403 Meeting Room Prof. Oleg Prezhdo
2017-12-15 10:00 磁选态-光检测小型铯原子钟研制进展 A303 Meeting Room A/Prof. Yan-Hui Wang
2017-12-13 15:00 石墨烯中新奇量子物态的研究 A403 Meeting Room Prof. Lin He
2017-12-11 14:00 Modeling, Understanding, and Manipulating Nonlinear Responses in Plasmonic Nanostructures A303 Meeting Room Prof. Wei Sha
2017-12-12 14:00 AI技术发展以及在医疗健康影像领域的应用 A303 Meeting Room 吴志力 工程师
2017-12-08 15:00 基于原子轨道基组的第一性原理计算软件ABACUS介绍 A303 Meeting Room Prof. Li-Xin He
2017-12-08 16:00 The Pseudopotential Description of the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect without Rotational Symmetry A303 Meeting Room Dr. Zi-Xiang Hu
2017-11-28 15:00 PHG: A Framework for Parallel Adaptive Finite Element Method and Its Application on Heterogeneous Computer A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Tao Cui
2017-11-22 15:00 A Single-Atom Spin-Orbit Qubit in Si A303 Meeting Room Prof. Dimitrie Culcer
2017-11-23 15:00 Inferring Biological Networks with Strong Connections A203 Meeting Room Prof. Tie-Jun Li
2017-11-15 15:00 Plasmon-Driven Sub-Picosecond Breathing of Metal Nanoparticles A303 Meeting Room Prof. Cristián G. Sánchez
2017-11-15 10:00 Quantifying Structural and Functional Convergence in Immune Cell Repertoires A203 Meeting Room Prof. Daron M. Standley
2017-11-20 10:30 First-Principles Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Liquid Water and Lithium A303 Meeting Room Dr. Mo-Han Chen
2017-11-10 14:00 Dissipative Phase Transitions A403 Meeting Room Prof. Rosario Fazio
2017-11-08 10:00 Chiral Majorana Fermion Mode from Quantum Anomalous Hall Plateau Transitions A303 Meeting Room Prof. Jing Wang
2017-11-08 10:00 Optical Properties of Hybrid Nanostructures: The Interference Effect A403 Meeting Room Prof. Wei Zhang
2017-11-02 14:00 A New Approach for the Mesoscopic and Macroscopic Modeling of Quantum Systems: Application in 2D Materials A403 Meeting Room Prof. Sheng-Jun Yuan
2017-10-31 16:00 Perfectly-Matched-Layer Boundary Integral Equation Method for Wave Scattering in A Layered Medium A203 Meeting Room Prof. Wang-Tao Lu
2017-10-24 10:00 第一原理高通量计算方法在合金结构搜索中的应用 A203 Meeting Room Prof. Xiao-Bao Yang
2017-10-20 14:00 Metabolic Models at Community Scale A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Tian-Yu Zhang
2017-10-18 10:00 Prediction of New Intrinsic 2D Organic Topological Insulators A403 Meeting Room Dr. Li-Zhi Zhang
2017-10-17 10:00 Challenges in the Study of Transition-Metal Finite-Size Particles A403 Meeting Room Prof. Juarez L. F. Da Silva
2017-09-12 15:00 Ab-initio Simulations for Attosecond Spectroscopy in Solids A403 Meeting Room Prof. Kazuhiro Yabana
2017-09-08 10:30 Spin Photocurrents and Spin Injection in Semiconductors A303 Meeting Room A/Prof. Jun Li
2017-09-07 14:30 凸优化的分裂收缩算法 A203 Meeting Room Prof. Bing-Sheng He
2017-08-29 14:00 Neutron Scattering on Fully Deuterated Protein A203 Meeting Room Dr. Liang Hong
2017-08-28 09:30 Calculating Polarons in TiO2 A303 Meeting Room Prof. Dr. Peter Deak
2017-08-28 10:30 Discovery of Solar Fuels Photoanode Materials with a Combination of High-Throughput Theory and Experiment A303 Meeting Room A/Prof. Qi-Min Yan
2017-08-23 10:00 Unconventional Oil and Gas Reservoir Modeling and Simulation A203 Meeting Room Prof. Zhang-Xing Chen
2017-08-01 14:00 Glucose Feeds the TCA Cycle via Circulating Lactate A203 Meeting Room Dr. Sheng Hui
2017-08-02 10:00 An Introduction to Delaunay-based Mesh Generation and Adaptation A203 Meeting Room Prof. Hang Si
2017-07-28 14:00 Topological States of Bosons and Fermions in Synthetic Magnetic Fields A303 Meeting Room Dr. Ying-Hai Wu
2017-07-19 16:00 Modeling Spatiotemporal Regulation of Mitotic Spindle Assembly Checkpoint A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Jing Chen
2017-07-19 10:00 A Second Order Accurate Energy Stable Linear Scheme for the Epitaxial Thin Film Growth Model Without Slope Selection A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Cheng Wang
2017-07-17 10:00 Stochastic Systems Having Continuous Dynamics and Discrete Events and Applications A203 Meeting Room Prof. Gang Yin
2017-07-06 10:30 Novel Magnetism in Mixed 3d-5d Materials A303 Meeting Room Prof. Wei-Guo Yin
2017-07-05 15:00 Approximation of Transport Equations with Continuous Finite Elements: The Issue of the Mass Matrix A203 Meeting Room Prof. Remi Abgrall
2017-07-03 10:00 Kinetic and Structural Analysis of the 26S Proteasome A303 Meeting Room A/Prof. Ying Lu
2017-07-03 10:00 The Weak Galerkin Method and Its Applications A203 Meeting Room Prof. Xiu Ye
2017-07-03 10:30 Nonadiabatic Molecular Dynamics with Time-Domain Density Functional Theory A403 Meeting Room Prof. Oleg Prezhdo
2017-06-27 16:00 Duality in Physics - the Role of Entanglement A403 Meeting Room Prof. Joseph H. Eberly
2017-06-23 10:30 Imaging using xFELs A203 Meeting Room Dr. Feng-Lin Wang
2017-06-30 10:30 Complex Simulations: From Numerical Mathematics via Software to Applications A303 Meeting Room Prof. Wolfgang Bangerth
2017-06-28 11:30 Active Adsorbents for Molecular Separation A303 Meeting Room A/Prof. Jin Shang
2017-06-28 11:00 Ab initio Study of Novel Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage A303 Meeting Room A/Prof. Patrick Sit
2017-06-22 11:00 Tensor Model for Bent-Core Liquid Crystals Based on Molecular Theory A203 Meeting Room Dr. Jie Xu
2017-06-23 10:00 Photo-Acoustic and Thermo-Acoustic Tomography in an Inhomogeneous Medium A303 Meeting Room A/Prof. Yang Yang
2017-06-15 14:00 Theoretical Prediction of Crystallization Kinetics of a Supercooled Fluid A303 Meeting Room Prof. Xue-Yu Song
2017-06-15 10:00 Nonequilibrium Stochastic Processes at Single-Molecule and Single-Cell Levels A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Hao Ge
2017-06-14 14:00 Application of DFT to Find and Tune the Suitable Materials for Solar Energy Applications A303 Meeting Room Prof. K. Senthilkumar
2017-06-12 10:00 Adaptive Mesh Refinement and Sub-Cell Discontinuity Resolution for High Order Discontinuous Galerkin Discretizations A203 Meeting Room Prof. John Ekaterinaris
2017-06-06 15:30 Finite Elements for Some Singular Perturbation Problems A203 Meeting Room Prof. Shao-Chun Chen
2017-06-06 14:00 共融水下仿生机器人 A203 Meeting Room Prof. Guang-Ming Xie
2017-06-06 10:00 Black Phosphorus and Beyond A403 Meeting Room A/Prof. Li Yang
2017-06-02 15:30 Mass Conservative and Energy Stable Finite Difference Methods for the Quasi-incompressible Navier-Stokes-Cahn-Hilliard System: Primitive Variable and Projection-Type Schemes A203 Meeting Room Prof. Ping Lin
2017-05-26 10:30 Exponential-Type Time Integrators for Nonlinear Schrödinger, Korteweg-De Vries and Klein-Gordon Type Equations A303 Meeting Room Prof. Katharina Schratz
2017-05-16 14:30 New Finite Element Methods for 3D Anisotropic Singular Solutions A303 Meeting Room A/Prof. Heng-Guang Li
2017-05-22 10:00 Determination of Time-Dependent Coefficients for Hyperbolic Equations A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Yavar Kian
2017-05-17 16:30 Self-Bound Droplets of a Dipolar Bose-Einstein Condensate: Stabilized by The Lee-Huang-Yang Corrections A303 Meeting Room Prof. Blair Blakie
2017-05-17 15:00 Hydrodynamics of Quantum Vortices in Two Dimensions A303 Meeting Room Dr. Xiao-Quan Yu
2017-05-10 13:30 Automating Scientific Computing Conference Room I Dr. Garth Wells
2017-05-08 14:00 Single Photon Transient Hot Electron Ionization of C60 B414 Meeting Room Prof. Klavs Hansen
2017-05-05 14:00 Thermal Convection Dictated by Non-Trivial Boundary Conditions A203 Meeting Room Prof. Jun Zhang
2017-05-10 15:00 Optimal Estimates for Elliptic Equations and Systems from Composite Material A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Hai-Gang Li
2017-04-27 15:00 High-Performance Dual Optimization Theory and Algorithms to Medical Image Analysis and Machine Learning A203 Meeting Room Prof. Jing Yuan
2017-04-27 14:00 High-Order Graphs in Computer Vision: A Pseudo-Bound Optimization Approach A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Ismail Ben Ayed
2017-04-14 10:00 Atomistic Modelling of Materials for Rechargeable Batteries B414 Meeting Room Dr. Javier Carrasco
2017-04-13 15:00 Homogenization Theory, Random Fluctuations and Inverse Problems A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Wen-Jia Jing
2017-04-13 14:00 Wave Scattering by Sub-Wavelength Resonators and Their Applications A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Hai Zhang
2017-04-11 11:00 Theoretical and Modeling Design on Both Cathode and Anode Material System of Lithium-Sulfur Battery A303 Meeting Room A/Prof. Qian-Fan Zhang
2017-04-05 10:00 GPU量化程序TeraChem, 功能和应用 A303 Meeting Room Prof. Jian-Guo Yu
2017-03-30 16:00 Theory and Numerics of Bosonic Topological Insulator and Self-Dual Quantum Critical Point A303 Meeting Room A/Prof. Cen-Ke Xu
2017-03-28 15:30 Mass a Ion Diffusion/Transport, and Voltage Evaluation in Battery Materials –An Integral Computational Approach A403 Meeting Room Dr. Stefano Leoni
2017-03-27 15:30 光和物质相互作用:从宏观到微观 A403 Meeting Room Prof. Zhi-Yuan Li
2017-03-10 15:30 Topologically Protected Unidirectional Edge Spin Waves and Beam Splitter A303 Meeting Room Prof. Xiang-Rong Wang
2017-03-02 10:30 生物医学中的光声非线性影像: 光片荧光成像和超声谐波成像 A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Jian-Guo Ma
2017-02-15 10:00 Using Deep Learning to Predict Drug Response in Cancer A203 Meeting Room Prof. Sergei Maslov
2017-01-23 14:00 世界领先的数据图库Neo4j A203 Meeting Room Dr. Min Li
2017-01-12 15:30 Local Discontinuous Galerkin Method Coupled with Implicit Integration Factor Methods for Reaction-Diffusion Systems A203 Meeting Room Prof. Xi-Jun Yu
2017-01-10 10:30 RNA Structurome Reveals a Hidden Layer of Complexity in Gene Regulation A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Qiang-Feng Zhang
2017-01-09 14:00 Nonequilibrium Phase Transitions and Single-Photon Interaction Dynamics in Rydberg Atoms A403 Meeting Room Prof. Jin-Hui Wu
2017-01-10 11:00 Interband Theory of Kerr Rotation in Unconventional Superconductors A303 Meeting Room Prof. Robert Joynt
2017-01-05 10:30 Towards a Mathematical Understanding of Surface Hopping Algorithms A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Zhen-Nan Zhou
2017-01-03 10:00 Ab initio Computations of Electron Correlation Effects: An Auxiliary-Field Perspective A203 Meeting Room Prof. Shi-Wei Zhang
2016-12-28 10:30 What Structural Engineers Do to Protect Our Communities against Earthquakes A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Zhe Qu
2016-12-22 10:30 Strongly Interacting Spinor Bosons or Fermions with Spin Orbit Couplings in Lattice Systems A303 Meeting Room Prof. Jin-Wu Ye
2016-12-22 15:00 小分子光谱与动力学行为的量子力学模拟 A303 Meeting Room A/Prof. Yong-Gang Yang
2016-12-20 15:00 Connecting Active Matter to Polymers, Motors and Membranes A303 Meeting Room Prof. Matthew Turner
2016-12-20 13:30 Principles of Proton Transfer in Proteins A303 Meeting Room Prof. Ai-Hua Xie
2016-12-14 15:30 Correlation Matrix Renormalization Method for Studying Correlated-Electron Materials A303 Meeting Room Prof. Cai-Zhuang Wang
2016-12-09 10:00 Torsional Optomechanics and Quantum Simulation of An Optically Levitated Nano-Diamond A403 Meeting Room Dr. Zhang-Qi Yin
2016-11-25 10:30 Synthesizing Exotic Floquet Topological States of Matter by Periodic Driving A303 Meeting Room Prof. Jun-Hong An
2016-11-28 15:00 Gradient Estimates for the Non-Standard Quasilinear Elliptic and Parabolic Equations A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Chao Zhang
2016-11-28 14:00 Entropy and Renormalized Solutions for Quasilinear Elliptic (Parabolic) Equations With L^1 Data A203 Meeting Room Prof. Shu-Lin Zhou
2016-11-21 10:30 The Study on Adaptive Cartesian Grid Methods for Compressible Flow and Their Applications A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Jian-Ming Liu
2016-10-27 10:00 A Fast and Robust Sampling Method for Inverse Acoustic Scattering Problems A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Xiao-Dong Liu
2016-10-25 10:00 Spectral Method for Maxwell Equations in Cole-Cole Dispersive Media A203 Meeting Room Dr. Can Huang
2016-10-24 15:00 Interaction of a Deformable Plate with a Non-Newtonian Fluid Flow in Three Dimensions A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Luo-Ding Zhu
2016-10-21 15:00 Numerical Methods for Inverse Scattering problems with Phaseless Data A203 Meeting Room Prof. Bo Zhang
2016-10-21 14:00 Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Ionic Liquids: The Effect of the Electronic Polarizability A203 Meeting Room Prof. Tian-Ying Yan
2016-10-20 15:00 Can Thermalization Breakdown in Quantum Many-body Systems? A303 Meeting Room Prof. Matthew Fisher
2016-10-18 10:00 Finite Element Approximation of a Time-Fractional Diffusion Problem in a Non-Convex Polygonal Domain A203 Meeting Room Dr. Kim Ngan Le
2016-10-17 10:00 A Multilevel Preconditioner for Data Assimilation with 4D-Var A303 Meeting Room Dr. Alison Ramage
2016-10-13 10:00 Universal Stability of Two-Dimensional Traditional Semiconductors A403 Meeting Room Prof. Shen-Bai Zhang
2016-10-11 10:00 A New First-order Framework for Orthogonal Constrained Optimization Problems A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Xin Liu
2016-09-30 10:00 Clean Combustion of Internal Combustion Engines A303 Meeting Room Dr. Xiao-Ye Han
2016-09-20 16:00 Quantum Mirrors A403 Meeting Room Prof. Valerio Scarani
2016-09-13 14:30 From Open Quantum Mechanics to Quantum Control A403 Meeting Room Prof. Jun Jing
2016-09-08 14:00 Sparse Approximation of Tight Frames for CT Image Reconstruction, and Beyond A303 Meeting Room A/Prof. Bin Dong
2016-09-07 14:30 Nanoelectronic Device Simulation with NEMO5—A Novel Tunneling Transistor with Triple Heterojunctions A303 Meeting Room Dr. Jun Huang
2016-09-12 14:00 Simple Ergodic Variants of the Hamiltonian Monte Carlo Method A203 Meeting Room Prof. Jesús María Sanz-Serna
2016-09-13 14:30 Supercloseness of Continuous Interior Penalty Methods A203 Meeting Room Dr. Jin Zhang
2016-09-02 10:30 Least Squares Based High Order Numerical Method for Elliptic Multiscale Partial Differential Equations A303 Meeting Room Prof. Ping-Bing Ming
2016-09-02 10:00 Populations in Fluids and the Importance of Diffusing Faster A203 Meeting Room Dr. Simone Pigolotti
2016-08-30 10:00 Uniform Convergence Analysis of High Order IPDG Methods for Singularly Perturbed Problem A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Peng Zhu
2016-08-25 15:30 气固流动的格子Boltzmann模拟及最新应用 A303 Meeting Room Prof. Li-Min Wang
2016-08-26 14:30 Semiclassical Limit of the Schrodinger-Poisson-Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert System A203 Meeting Room Dr. Li-Hui Chai
2016-08-25 10:30 Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Quantum Integrable Systems A303 Meeting Room Prof. Natan Andrei
2016-08-24 14:00 Mechanics of Structural Materials away from Equilibrium: a Tale of Two Solids by Energy Landscape-based Atomistic Modeling A403 Meeting Room Dr. Yue Fan
2016-08-23 15:30 Numerical Methods for Changing-Type Systems A203 Meeting Room Dr. Sebastian Franz
2016-08-23 15:00 On the Divergence Constraint in Mixed Finite Element Methods for Incompressible Flows A203 Meeting Room Prof. Volker John
2016-08-22 15:30 Fishing Strategies as a Nonconvex Optimal Control Problem A303 Meeting Room Prof. Malte Braack
2016-08-22 15:00 Two Singularly Perturbed Question Marks A203 Meeting Room Prof. Hans-Goerg Roos
2016-08-22 11:00 Strongly Correlated Phases of Rydberg-Dressed Atoms in Optical Lattices A303 Meeting Room Prof. Wei-Bin Li
2016-08-23 10:00 Analysis and Numerics on a 2D Dynamic Q-Tensor Model A203 Meeting Room Prof. Xiang Xu
2016-08-22 10:00 Multi Time Scale Averaging to All Orders: Rigorous Theory, Theoretical and Computational Results A203 Meeting Room Prof. Avy Soffer
2016-08-22 10:00 Optics in Oceanography A403 Meeting Room Prof. Edward S. Fry
2016-08-19 15:00 From Unitary Dynamics to Statistical Mechanics in Isolated Quantum Systems A303 Meeting Room Prof. Marcos Rigol
2016-08-17 15:15 Effective Hamiltonian for Edge States in Graphene A303 Meeting Room Prof. Roland Winkler
2016-08-17 14:30 Characterizing Topological Phases by Many-Particle Collective Properties A303 Meeting Room Prof. Ulrich Zuelicke
2016-08-16 15:30 How Does the CRISPR-Cas System Defend Against the Invasive Nucleic Acids? A203 Meeting Room Prof. Yan-Li Wang
2016-08-16 14:30 Mathematical Models and a Theory of Biological Population Dynamics: From Cells to Ecology, Small and Large Systems A303 Meeting Room Prof. Hong Qian
2016-08-15 14:30 An Integrated Study of Biological Fluid Dynamics in Nature A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Hai-Bo Dong
2016-08-15 10:30 Enhancing Sparsity in Uncertainty Quantification Problems by Iterative Rotations A203 Meeting Room Dr. Xiu Yang
2016-08-09 14:30 Monotone Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Parabolic Problems A203 Meeting Room Prof. Igor Boglaev
2016-08-09 14:00 A Posteriori Estimates for Singularly Perturbed Reaction-Diffusion Problems on Isotropic and Anisotropic Meshes A203 Meeting Room Prof. Natalia Kopteva
2016-08-09 11:00 Quantum Monte Carlo Study Of The Rabi-Hubbard model A303 Meeting Room Prof. Ghassan Georges Batrouni
2016-08-09 12:20 Topological Phases and Superconductivity with Ultracold Polar Molecules A303 Meeting Room Prof. Salvatore R. Manmana
2016-08-09 10:00 Spins as Qubits for Quantum Computing and Quantum Simulations A403 Meeting Room Prof. Dieter Suter
2016-08-08 14:30 Multi Spin Qubits Architecture as a Resource for Quantum Information Processing and for Probing Nuclear Spins Dynamics A303 Meeting Room Dr. Matthieu Delbecq
2016-08-01 10:00 A Phase Field Model on Cell Migration A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Yan-Xiang Zhao
2016-07-29 11:00 Diagnosing Short-Range Entangled States with the "Strange Correlator" A303 Meeting Room A/Prof. Kevin Beach
2016-07-29 10:30 A Fast Spectral Method for the Boltzmann Collision Operator with General Collision Kernel A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Jing-Wei Hu
2016-07-26 14:00 Quantum Algorithms for Topological and Geometric Analysis of Big Data A403 Meeting Room Prof. Paolo Zanardi
2016-07-22 10:00 Fast Huygens Sweeping Methods for Helmholtz Equations in Inhomogeneous Media in the High Frequency Regime A203 Meeting Room Prof. Jian-Liang Qian
2016-07-21 10:00 Energy-Stable Pseudo-Spectral Numerical Scheme for the Cahn-Hilliard Equation and the Linear Iteration Algorithm A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Cheng Wang
2016-07-22 14:30 Computational Modeling and Analysis in Engineering and Bioengineering A203 Meeting Room Prof. Raghuvir Pai
2016-07-19 16:00 Spectrum Structure and Behaviors of Kinetic Equations A203 Meeting Room Prof. Hai-Liang Li
2016-07-19 14:45 Some Topics On Nonlinear Fluid-dynamical Equations A203 Meeting Room Prof. Shu Wang
2016-07-19 13:30 Quasi-Optimal Domain Decomposition Methods for Wave Equations A203 Meeting Room Prof. Xavier Antoine
2016-07-15 10:00 Bound-Preserving High Order Schemes for Convection-Dominated Problems A203 Meeting Room Prof. Chi-Wang Shu
2016-07-14 16:00 Similarity of Variable Viscosity Flows A203 Meeting Room Prof. Luminita Danaila
2016-07-14 14:45 Estimation of the Local Volatility from Option Data in the Dupire PDE Model A203 Meeting Room Prof. Jorge Zubelli
2016-07-14 13:30 Newton and Sobolev Gradient Methods for Fluid Flow Problems A203 Meeting Room Prof. Ionut Danaila
2016-07-12 15:00 Structure-Preserving Algorithms for Partial Differential Equations A203 Meeting Room Prof. Yu-Shun Wang
2016-07-12 16:00 光通信波段的光量子技术 A403 Meeting Room A/Prof. Wei Zhang
2016-07-12 10:00 From Molecular Dynamics to Genomic Biology: Constructing Kinetic Network Models to Elucidate Transcriptional Fidelity of RNA Polymerase II A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Xu-Hui Huang
2016-07-07 10:00 Weak Galerkin Finite Element Methods for Partial Differential Equations A303 Meeting Room A/Prof. Chun-Mei Wang
2016-07-05 14:00 Probabilistic Perspective for Dirichlet Problem Associated to Integro-Differential Operator A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Qing-Shuo Song
2016-07-07 10:00 TGF-β Signal Transduction and Cell Fate Decision A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Jian-Hua Xing
2016-06-30 15:30 高熵合金的原子级模拟 A303 Meeting Room A/Prof. Fu-Yang Tian
2016-07-01 16:00 From Paired-Electron Crystal to Superconductivity in the Frustrated Quarter-filled Band A303 Meeting Room Prof. Sumit Mazumdar
2016-06-24 10:00 Explore Slow Dynamics of Proteins Based on Trajectory Map A203 Meeting Room Prof. Xin Zhou
2016-06-24 10:00 Making the Decoy-State Measurement-Device-Independent Quantum Key Distribution Practically Useful A403 Meeting Room Prof. Xiang-Bin Wang
2016-06-23 15:00 Ultrahigh Spatiotemporal Resolution Optical Measurement and Microfluidics Applications A303 Meeting Room Prof. Gui-Ren Wang
2016-06-21 15:30 Bounce-Back Boundary Condition at First Order A203 Meeting Room Prof. Francois Dubois
2016-06-23 10:00 Quantum Mechanical NMR Simulations of Whole Proteins A403 Meeting Room Prof. Ilya Kuprov
2016-06-22 16:00 Towards Materials Realization of Topological Superconductivity A303 Meeting Room Prof. Zhen-Yu Zhang
2016-06-21 14:30 Critical Heat Engines A303 Meeting Room Prof. Rosario Fazio
2016-06-21 10:00 Perfectly Matched Layer Method for Electromagnetic Scattering Problems in Layered Media A203 Meeting Room Prof. Wei-Ying Zheng
2016-06-16 16:00 A New Approach for the Mesoscopic and Macroscopic Modeling of Quantum Systems: Application in 2D Materials A303 Meeting Room Prof. Sheng-Jun Yuan
2016-06-17 10:30 Manifold Embedding - From Single-Particle Snapshots to Movies of Molecular Machines and Energy Landscapes A303 Meeting Room Prof. Peter Schwander
2016-06-17 09:30 Droplet and Particle Technologies for Chemistry and Physics Applications A203 Meeting Room Prof. Steve Wereley
2016-06-13 15:30 Dissipative Quantum Transport and Energy Conversion in Nanoelectronics A303 Meeting Room Dr. Yu Zhang
2016-06-15 13:30 Spin Filtering: Writing Quantum Information on Mobile Qubits A403 Meeting Room Prof. Amnon Aharony
2016-06-14 14:00 Cavity Spintronics A403 Meeting Room Prof. Can-Ming Hu
2016-06-08 14:00 Single-Electron Approach for Time-Dependent Transport under External Noise A403 Meeting Room Prof. Shmuel Gurvitz
2016-06-13 14:00 An Analysis of the Moment Closure for Spin-Boson Model in Quantum Open System A303 Meeting Room Prof. Tie-Jun Li
2016-06-07 14:00 Chebyshev Polynomial Expansions for Localization Length of Hermitian and Non-Hermitian Chains A403 Meeting Room Prof. Naomichi Hatano
2016-06-02 10:00 ALE-Phase-Field Simulations of Moving Contact Lines on Moving Particles A403 Meeting Room A/Prof. Peng-Tao Yue
2016-06-02 14:00 Decoherence of a Moving Spin Qubit A403 Meeting Room Prof. Xue-Dong Hu
2016-06-03 15:30 ROC Analysis for Rain/No-Rain Classification method for Brightness Temperature over the Korean Peninsula A203 Meeting Room Dr. Sung-Dae Yang
2016-06-03 14:00 Feedback Control of an HBV Model Based on Ensemble Kalman Filter and Differential Evolution A203 Meeting Room Prof. Hee-Dae Kwon
2016-06-02 10:30 Some New Mathematical and Computational Aspects on Iso-spectral Problems A203 Meeting Room Prof. Jia-Chang Sun
2016-05-31 14:00 Stochastic Simulation of Quantum Dissipative Dynamics A403 Meeting Room Prof. Yun-An Yan
2016-06-03 15:00 非结构网格紧致模板高精度有限体积方法的若干问题 A303 Meeting Room Prof. Yu-Xin Ren
2016-06-01 14:00 A Possible Role of Multiscale Thermodynamics in Computation A203 Meeting Room Prof. Miroslav Grmela
2016-06-01 10:00 Multiscale Thermodynamics A203 Meeting Room Prof. Miroslav Grmela
2016-05-26 10:30 Exponential Time Differencing Gauge Method for Incompressible Viscous Flows A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Zhu Wang
2016-05-20 10:30 Diamond as an Extreme Semiconductor for Optoelectronics and MEMS A403 Meeting Room Dr. Mei-Yong Liao
2016-05-19 15:00 辐射流体力学系统的宏观参数研究 A403 Meeting Room Prof. Xian-Tu He
2016-04-21 10:30 Understanding and Predicting Multiferroics A403 Meeting Room Prof. Hong-Jun Xiang
2016-04-18 15:30 A Review of AlphaGo and its Machine Learning Methods A203 Meeting Room Prof. Jooyoung Lee
2016-04-25 10:00 Recent Lessons from the Wings of Nature A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Hao-Xiang Luo
2016-04-07 14:00 CQLM-A Novel Numerical Approach to Solve the Gradient Flow Problem B214 Meeting Room A/Prof. Xiao-Feng Yang
2016-03-30 15:00 湍流燃烧中的大涡模拟/概率密度函数模型计算 A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Yue Yang
2016-03-22 10:00 能源中微尺度界面与传输现象的分子动力学模拟研究 A203 Meeting Room Prof. Guang Feng
2016-03-23 10:30 Complementarity and Vacuum Fields in Spontaneous and Stimulated Parametric Downconversion A403 Meeting Room Prof. Peter Milonni
2016-03-21 16:00 Quantum Criticality with Two Length Scales Conference Room II Prof. Wen-An Guo
2016-03-17 15:00 Algorithms for Optical and X-Ray Imaging: from Biomolecules to Nanoparticles A203 Meeting Room Prof. Sebastian Doniach
2016-03-16 10:30 The Knotted Strands of Life A203 Meeting Room Prof. Cristian Micheletti
2016-03-10 15:00 Multiscale Model Reduction Methods and Their Applications for Uncertainty Quantification A303 Meeting Room Prof. Li-Jian Jiang
2016-03-08 15:30 Folding Proteins at the Speed of Life A203 Meeting Room Prof. Antti Niemi
2016-03-08 16:00 "Polarization" without Polarization - Introducing a Hidden Territory of Optical Coherence via Classical Entanglement A403 Meeting Room Dr. Xiao-Feng Qian
2016-03-04 10:30 Physics of Viruses A203 Meeting Room Prof. Roya Zandi
2016-02-29 10:30 Solutions to the Rabi Model and Its Several Variants A403 Meeting Room Prof. Qing-Hu Chen
2016-02-25 10:30 Open Quantum Many-Body Systems - Interactions, Dissipations and Noises A303 Meeting Room Dr. Zi Cai
2016-02-25 15:00 辐射流体力学系统的宏观参数研究 A403 Meeting Room Prof. Xian-Tu He
2016-02-19 14:00 Superconductivity in Complex Electronic Systems under Pressure A303 Meeting Room Prof. Xiao-Jia Chen
2016-02-02 15:00 若干锂离子固体电解质中的离子运输物理 A403 Meeting Room Prof. Si-Qi Shi
2016-02-03 16:30 强自旋轨道耦合电子关联体系理论研究 A303 Meeting Room Prof. Xian-Gang Wan
2016-01-22 16:30 Quantum Phases Emerged from the Interplay between Mott Physics and Topology Band A303 Meeting Room Prof. Jian-Xin Li
2016-01-22 10:30 Enhanced Sampling for Rare Events in Molecular Simulation A203 Meeting Room Dr. Tang-Qing Yu
2016-01-21 10:30 Anitigravity - Its Origin and Manifestations A203 Meeting Room Prof. Michal Krizek
2016-01-12 14:00 Correlations between electrons in transition-metal oxides and transition-metal phthalocyanines A403 Meeting Room Dr. Wei Wu
2016-01-08 11:30 Sub-Linear Algorithm for Recovering Sparse Fourier Series A203 Meeting Room Prof. Yang Wang
2016-01-08 10:30 An Efficient Threshold Dynamics Method for Wetting on Rough Surfaces A203 Meeting Room Prof. Xiao-Ping Wang
2016-01-05 10:00 Homing Instinct: The story behind and beyond biocompass model Conference Room I Prof. Can Xie
2016-01-07 10:00 Continuous Attractor Neural Network: A Cannonical Model for Neural Information Representation A203 Meeting Room Prof. Si Wu
2016-01-05 16:00 Classifying Symmetry Fractionalization in Gapped Z2 Spin Liquids A303 Meeting Room A/Prof. Yang Qi
2016-01-04 14:00 ALEX边界条件及其在薛定谔方程计算中的应用 A203 Meeting Room Prof. Shao-Qiang Tang
2015-12-25 10:00 Ab initio Calculations of Charge Transports and Dynamics in Nanosystems Conference Room II Dr. Lin-Wang Wang
2015-12-28 14:30 Visualizing Kinetic Pathways of Homogeneous Nucleation in Colloidal Crystallization A203 Meeting Room Prof. Lei Xu
2015-12-17 10:00 Challenges of Ice Flow Modelings: from Alpine Glaciers on Tibet Plateau to Antarctic Ice Sheet A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Tong Zhang
2015-12-18 15:30 Phase Transition and Multiphase Flows in Low Permeability Geological Porous Media A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Xiao-Long Yin
2015-12-23 14:00 Mathematical Analysis and Time-Domain Finite Element Modeling of Invisibility Cloaks with Metamaterials A303 Meeting Room Prof. Ji-Chun Li
2015-12-23 11:00 Low-Rank Structures and Multi-Resolution Algorithms with Applications A303 Meeting Room Prof. Jing-Fang Huang
2015-12-24 10:00 Higher Order Energy Stable Numerical Schemes for the Gradient Flows A203 Meeting Room A/Prof. Cheng Wang
2015-12-17 10:00 Random Number Generation Tools for Distributed Simulation on Modern HPC Architectures​ A303 Meeting Room Prof. Michael Mascagni
2015-12-17 14:30 Design Principle Guided Computational Materials Discovery and Design A403 Meeting Room A/Prof. Hao-Wei Peng
2015-12-10 10:30 Hybrid Quantum Engineering for Quantum Sensing and Control A303 Meeting Room Prof. Jason Twamley
2015-12-09 10:30 Notch-Boosted Domain Wall Propagation in Magnetic Nanowires A203 Meeting Room Prof. Xiang-Rong Wang
2015-12-09 15:00 Vorticity Patterns in Tissues induced by Cell Divisions A203 Meeting Room Prof. Mogens H. Jensen
2015-12-02 16:00 Fractionalized Spin-Wave Continuum in Kagome Spin Liquids A303 Meeting Room Dr. Jia-Wei Mei
2015-11-20 15:30 探讨"材料基因组"的科学内涵 A303 Meeting Room 王崇愚 院士
2015-11-19 15:00 Recent DFTB Extension for Improving Accuracy and Boosting the Efficiency for Computational Applications to Nanomaterials A303 Meeting Room Prof. Thomas Frauenheim
2015-11-18 16:00 Magnetic Monopole Condensation Transition out of Quantum Spin Ice A303 Meeting Room Prof. Gang Chen
2015-11-19 10:30 Phase Transitions, Devitrification and Scaling Law in Metallic Glasses A303 Meeting Room Prof. John S. Tse
2015-11-27 16:00 Symmetry-Mismatch Reconstruction of Icosahedral Virus by Cryo-EM A303 Meeting Room Prof. Hong-Rong Liu
2015-11-17 14:00 生物飞行与游弋中的流体力学机制 A203 Meeting Room 张骏 教授
2015-11-10 14:00 Mixed Finite Element Method for Elasticity Problems A203 Meeting Room Prof. Jun Hu
2015-11-09 10:00 可压缩两相流高精度方法研究及其数值模拟 A303 Meeting Room 何志伟 博士
2015-11-05 15:30 Isoelectronicity to Phosphorus a Potential for Electronic Applications A303 Meeting Room Prof. Gotthard Seifert
2015-11-03 15:30 Tight-Binding Density Functional Theory (DFTB) – An Approximate Kohn-Sham DFT Scheme A303 Meeting Room Prof. Gotthard Seifert
2015-11-05 09:30 Functional Distribution of the Tempered Anomalous Diffusion and Its Numerical Simulations A203 Meeting Room Prof. Wei-Hua Deng
2015-10-30 16:00 Replica exchange Wang-Landau Sampling: Pushing the Limits of Monte Carlo Simulations for Materials Science A303 Meeting Room Prof. David P. Landau
2015-10-26 10:30 光滑分子动力学:一种高效的分子模拟方法 A203 Meeting Room 刘岩 副教授
2015-10-22 09:30 A Runge Kutta Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Lagrangian Compressible Euler Equations in Two-Dimensions A203 Meeting Room Prof. Xi-Jun Yu
2015-10-19 15:30 Proteins Aggregation and Human Diseases A303 Meeting Room Prof. Chin-Kun Hu
2015-10-21 14:00 III-V Semiconductor Materials and Devices for Application in Photovoltaics, Optoelectronics, Spintronics and UV Detection A303 Meeting Room Professor Daniel Schaadt
2015-10-13 09:30 Computational Holography with Its Applications A303 Meeting Room Dr. Hong-Bao Zhang
2015-10-09 14:30 铁方镁石的自旋转变所带来的下地幔波速结构特点 A303 Meeting Room 吴忠庆 教授
2015-09-28 16:00 Hidden Spin Polarization in Materials with Inversion Symmetry: Causes and Consequences A403 Meeting Room Dr. Qi-Hang Liu
2015-09-25 10:00 Recent Developments in Finite Element Methods on Triangular Meshes for Convection-dominated Problems A203 Meeting Room Dr. Jin Zhang
2015-09-25 11:00 Integrating Cavities and Their Use in Ring-Down Spectroscopy – e.g. Ultra-Sensitive Absorption Spectroscopy of Biological Samples A403 Meeting Room Prof. Edward S. Fry
2015-09-21 16:00 Electronic Excitations in Materials: From Photovoltaics to Plasmonics A303 Meeting Room Prof. Gang Lu
2015-09-09 15:00 Application of Atomic Pseudopotentials in Intense Laser-Material Interactions A403 Meeting Room Prof. Xiao-Min Tong
2015-09-08 14:00 New Insights into Amyloid Growth and Inhibition: Lessons from Kinetic Network Analysis of Computer Simulations A303 Meeting Room Dr. Wei Han, Assistant Professor
2015-09-01 16:30 Disordered Quantum Systems at the Warwick Centre for Scientific Computing A303 Meeting Room Prof. Rudolf A. Roemer
2015-08-20 15:00 Atomic Scale Study of Dirac Materials: Graphene and Topological Insulator (Bi2Se3) A403 Meeting Room Prof. Ying Liu
2015-08-18 15:10 Local Fourier Analysis based Design of Geometric Multigrid Methods on Semi-Structured Triangular Grids A203 Meeting Room Dr. Carmen Rodrigo, Assistant Professor
2015-08-18 14:00 Numerical Simulation of Flow in Deformable Porous Media A203 Meeting Room Prof. Francisco José Gaspar
2015-08-17 10:40 Existence Results to the Nonlinear Peridynamic Model in Nonlocal Elastodynamics A203 Meeting Room Mr. Dimitri Puhst
2015-08-17 09:30 Numerical Simulation of the Rosensweig Instability for Magnetic Liquid in the Static and Dynamic Cases A203 Meeting Room Prof. Gunar Matthies
2015-08-14 15:00 Quantum Information Processing in the Ultrastrong Coupling Regime A403 Meeting Room Dr. Guillermo Romero, Assistant Professor
2015-08-14 14:00 On the Competitions between Mechanical Work, Information, Temperature Gradient and Chemical Potentials in Stochastic Thermal Machines A203 Meeting Room Dr. Hai-Tao Quan, Assistant Professor
2015-08-10 10:00 Quantum Phase Space in Physics and Engineering A403 Meeting Room Prof. Leon Cohen
2015-08-09 15:00 Filament Capturing with the Multimaterial Moment-of-Fluid Method Conference Room I Professor Mark Sussman
2015-08-08 15:00 A Positivity Preserving All Speed Projection Method for Compressible, Multiphase Flow Conference Room I Professor Mark Sussman
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