Chiral Majorana Fermion Mode from Quantum Anomalous Hall Plateau Transitions
Prof. Jing Wang
Fudan University

Topological superconductors (TSCs) are new states of quantum matter, which are characterized by a fully paring gap in the bulk, and topologically protected gapless edge states consisting of Majorana fermions. Majorana fermion, being its own antiparticle, has potential applications in future quantum computations. Despite intensive searches, TSC and Majorana fermions are still hard to achieve.  Recently, we propose to realize a two-dimensional chiral TSC state from the quantum anomalous Hall plateau transition in a magnetic topological insulator thin film through the proximity effect to a conventional s-wave superconductor. Furthermore, we predicted the half-quantized plateau as smoking gun signature of chiral Majorana fermion.  Remarkably, such half-quantized plateau has been observed in experiments as an evidence for chiral Majorana fermion edge state in the quantum anomalous Hall-superconductor system.

About the Speaker

王靖, 2001-2011年毕业于清华大学物理系, 获本科、博士学位。2011-2015年斯坦福大学物理系博士后。2015-2016年斯坦福SLAC, Research Associate。2016年至今任复旦大学物理系教授。目前主要从事凝聚态物理理论的研究, 主要研究兴趣集中在凝聚态体系中的新奇量子现象的理论研究。目前研究课题包括拓扑绝缘体和拓扑超导体、拓扑半金属、自旋电子学、低维量子体系的电子和输运性质、介观体系的非线性光学。主要研究成果发表于国际一流刊物, 目前发表论文40余篇, 其中包括在Physical Review Letters上发表11篇, Nature Physics一篇, Nature Materials一篇, Nature Nanotechnology一篇, Science两篇等。多个理论工作被实验验证和应用。论文总引用2100多次, H指数为22。于2013年获得全国优秀博士学位论文奖。

2017-11-08 10:00 AM
Room:A303 Meeting Room
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