CSRC is comprised of 7 research divisions, listed here in the order of establishment, and currently has 40 full time research faculty and 72 postdoctoral research fellows and 65 Ph.D. graduate students as well as many associate members and visitors. The research divisions are conducting computational science research in diverse areas including condensed matter physics, functional and Green energy materials, quantum optics and information, material sciences and mechanics, complex systems in biology and active matters, applied mathematics, and algorithm developments.


Simulation of Physical Systems Division

The main research areas of this division are condensed matter physics and computational physics, with emphasis on solving many-body problems with the state-of-the-art approaches. Currently the division is carrying out the following research: magnetism, superconductivity and novel spin-related phenomena in new materials such as graphene and topological insulator; electron spins in semiconductor quantum dots; theory of spin decoherence in the solid state, coherence protection, and their applications; realistic description of spin-orbit coupling and its effects in semiconductor nano-structures, and the control of transport and long-range spin-spin coupling; stain tunable electronic and phonon properties of low dimensional materials; transport via atomistic molecular dynamics; development of many-body theory and novel simulation techniques.

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