A Survey of Limit Theorems of the Tagged Particle in the SSEP
A/Prof. Xiao-Feng Xue
Beijing Jiaotong University

In the symmetric simple exclusion processes (SSEP), each particle performs a simple random walk but any jump to an occupied site is suppressed. As a result, the motion of a tagged particle is a non-Markov process. In this talk, we give a survey of limit theorems of the tagged particle in the SSEP, including LLN, CLT, LDP and our recent results about MDP. Part of this talk is based on joint works with Linjie Zhao.

About the Speaker

薛晓峰, 北京交通大学副教授。研究领域为交互作用粒子系统和图上的马氏过程, 接触过程的临界值估计、流体动力学极限以及中偏差等问题, 在Electronic Journal of Probability, Stochastic Processes and their Applications, Potential Analysis, Journal of Statistical Physics等杂志发表论文近40篇。

2024-06-26 9:50 AM
Room: A203 Meeting Room
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