Deciphering Embryonic Morphogenesis with a Data-driven Phase Field Model
A/Prof. Lei Zhang
Peking University

Morphogenesis is a precise and robust dynamic process during metazoan embryogenesis consisting of both cell proliferation and cell migration. However, unlike the progress in discovering molecular activity that regulate morphogenesis, general and extensible in silico model based on cell-level interaction has not been well established yet, especially for comprehensive reconstruction and prediction on morphological features observed in live embryo (e.g., cell shape, cell-cell contact relationship). In this talk, using Caenorhabditis elegans as model animal, we present a data-driven phase field model to simulate the morphogenesis procedure within a confined compressed eggshell. We first collected three-dimensional time-lapse (4D) cellular morphological information from the in vivo imaging experiments. Based on the developmental properties obtained, we not only successfully reconstructed the evolution of cell location, cell morphology and cell-cell contact relationship observed in real embryo, but also provided mechanical perspectives on several significant developmental events such as Wnt signaling from P2 to EMS, establishment of the three orthogonal body axes and spatial robustness against external compression.

About the Speaker


2021-05-06 3:30 PM
Room: A203 Meeting Room
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