Modeling, Understanding, and Manipulating Nonlinear Responses in Plasmonic Nanostructures
Prof. Wei Sha
Zhejiang University

Nonlinear plasmonics has generated significant interest in recent years due to its potential applications for detection, sensing, imaging, and communication. Electromagnetic behavior of metals in the optical range is usually characterized by a local-linear response. In this talk, we will introduce a finite-difference time-domain solution to the Maxwell-hydrodynamic equations that describe nonlocal and nonlinear interaction between electromagnetic waves and free electrons in metals. By explicitly imposing the current-continuity constraint, the coupled multiphysics model is solved in a self-consistent manner. Using the spatial and temporal interpolation schemes inspired by fundamental conservation laws, charge, energy and angular momenta are numerically conserved during the discretization of the Maxwell-hydrodynamic equations. The model yields nonlinear optical responses for complex metallic nanostructures irradiated by a variety of waveforms including linearly and circularly polarized plane waves. Based on this model, we not only realize a unidirectional radiation of nonlinear scattered waves in the second-harmonic generation but also describe terahertz generation from metallic metamaterials in the difference-frequency generation. Consequently, the multiphysics model and understanding open up unique opportunities for characterizing and designing nonlinear plasmonic nanodevices.

About the Speaker

沙威, 男, 生于1982 年4 月。2003 年7 月与2008 年6 月毕业于安徽大学, 分别获电子信息工程专业工学学士和电磁场与微波专业工学博士学位。2008年7月至2012年5月, 在香港大学电机电子工程系从事博士后研究工作; 2012年6月至2017年7月任该系的研究助理教授、博士生导师。2017年获欧盟"地平线-2020"研究与创新框架下的"玛丽居里学者计划"资助。2017年10月至今, 任职于浙江大学信息与电子工程学院, 特聘研究员、博士生导师。沙威研究员已合作撰写了2本专著和4 章专书。他已发表SCI 检索论文90篇, 包括ESI高被引论文5篇, 并贡献18个国际会议邀请报告。Google Scholar用3400多次, h-index指数26。他是美国电气电子工程师学会高级会员和美国光学学会会员。他在电磁学领域国际会议EDAPS, ACES, ICCEM, PIERS, IMWS-AMP 等兼任分会主席、程序委员会委员、评奖或评审委员会委员、客座编辑等职位。他也是电磁学研究进展期刊(PIER)的编委。沙威研究员是40多个国际期刊的特邀审稿人, 2014年被评为Journal of Computational Physics 期刊"杰出审稿人"。2013年获香港大学研究成果奖, 2015年获安徽省科学技术奖二等奖。他合作指导的博士生在国际会议上获四次最佳学生论文奖, 一次青年科学家奖。他当前的研究领域包括电磁学、纳米光子学、非线性及量子光学、光电子学、及多物理场分析。

2017-12-11 2:00 PM
Room: A303 Meeting Room
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