Simulating, Emulating, Anticipating Condensed Matter Experiments: A Theorist's Dream
Prof. Erio Tosatti
SISSA, and ICTP, Trieste, Italy

Every theorist earns his/her living in science by explaining existing experiments, but mostly dreams of anticipating future ones. Pitfalls are unfortunately so abundant in reality, that this dream is rarely realized. Not different in this respect from all other fields, condensed matter physics is relatively lucky because it can resort to both computer simulation and  experimental emulation besides pure theory and straight experiment on real matter. Emulation permits the experimental study of theoretically designed model systems in such diverse parameter ranges that shed light on otherwise unattainable regimes. Simulation does the same numerically and, even if theoretical, is open to serendipity and possible discoveries like a real experiment. In both cases,  not only success but also failures bring important insight. I will briefly draw on examples close to my own research to illustrate some cases, in areas from high pressure, superconductivity, Kondo nanophysics, friction and lubricity.

About the Speaker

Erio Tosatti is a leading condensed matter physicist. He is a Fellow and life member of the American Physical Society and has held positions in scientific committees of renowned institutions. He has published around 500 articles and review articles in journals and books, with nearly 18,500 total citations (Google Scholar Citations). His current research interests lie in the fields of Theory of Nanofriction, Mott Insulating and Superconducting States of Fullerides and Organics, Theory of Metallic and Magnetic Nanocontacts, Strong Electron Correlations at Surfaces, Physics of Ultra-High Pressures, Quantum Effects near Ferroelectric and Structural Phase Transitions.

2017-09-13 3:00 PM
Room: Conference Room II
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