International Conference on Eigenvalue Problems and Related Topics  

May 8-9, 2021    

Eigenvalue problems arise in many scientific and engineering applications. The topics of the conference involve rapidly developments at the frontiers on today's research related to eigenvalue problems. The conference focuses on the following topics at the forefront of research: 1) numerical approximation of PDE eigenvalue problems; 2) eigensolvers of large, sparse, non-Hermitian matrices; 3) eigenvalue problems arising from physics, big data sciences, optimization, etc. The conference will feature plenary talks given by international experts on the aforementioned topics and mini-symposium talks mainly from junior researchers. We expect to have a sequence of inspiring talks on various problems. 

The main goal of the conference is to bring together an international collection of established specialists as well as junior researchers. This type of scientific gathering and interaction can have long-lasting impact on junior researchers and graduate students. A significant broader impact will be to bring young researchers into the field, and establish new connections between disparate groups.  In addition, there will be a significant attendance of graduate students. The workshop is a great opportunity for them to access the cutting-edge research, find interesting research topics, learn from world leading researchers, and build the network/collaboration for their future academic careers.

Date of conference: May 8-9, 2021

Venue: Online conference








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