Thursday Dec 09,2021 10:00    Tencent Meeting
(Seminars ) Landscape and flux in gene networks
A/Prof. Chun-He Li
Monday Dec 06,2021 08:00    Tencent Meeting
(Seminars ) Positivity/bound preserving schemes for complex nonlinear systems
Prof. Jie Shen
Friday Dec 03,2021 15:00    Tencent Meeting
(Seminars ) Sampling methods in acoustic and electromagnetic waveguides
A/Prof. Shi-Xu Meng
Friday Dec 03,2021 14:00    Tencent Meeting
(Seminars ) Data completion algorithms and their applications in inverse acoustic scattering with limited-aperture backscattering data
A/Prof. Xiao-Dong Liu
Thursday Dec 02,2021 16:00    Tencent Meeting
(Seminars ) Inverse scattering for a random source/potential
A/Prof. Jian-Liang Li
Thursday Dec 02,2021 15:00    Tencent Meeting
(Seminars ) Direct and inverse elastic scattering by unbounded rough surfaces
A/Prof. Hai-Wen Zhang
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