Monday Sep 25,2023 16:00    A203 Meeting Room
(Seminars ) Dynamical Analysis of The Infectious Disease Based on Scale-Free Networks and Higher-Order Networks
Prof. Mao-Xing Liu
Friday Sep 15,2023 10:30    A403 Meeting Room
(Seminars ) Recent Progress of the Full-Potential Linearized Augmented Plane-Wave (FLAPW) Method
Prof. Stefan Blügel
Friday Sep 15,2023 08:00   第二会议室
(Schools ) 激光惯性约束聚变应用基础及前沿物理研修班
Thursday Sep 14,2023 10:30    A203 Meeting Room
(Seminars ) 高能量密度下的流体不稳定性研究
张桦森 研究员
Tuesday Sep 12,2023 10:30    A203 Meeting Room
(Seminars ) Modeling and Simulation of the Inflation of Supersonic Parachutes for Mars Landing
A/Prof. Zheng-Yu Huang
Monday Sep 11,2023 10:30    A403 Meeting Room
(Seminars ) Th-229核光钟的研究进展
Dr. Ke Zhang
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