Conference Information

Name:        Forum on Modeling of Nonequilibrium Phenomena

Abstract:   Nonequilibrium phenomena are abundant in life science, hydrodynamics, material fabrication, and active matter systems. This forum aims to bring together active researchers from physics, mechanics, life science, applied mathematics and engineering to discuss various approaches to model nonequilibrium phenomena to promote interdisciplinary research in relevant areas.

Date:          December 20-21, 2015

Format:     Invited talks

Language: English

Venure:      A203 Meeting Room, 2nd Floor, CSRC Home Building

Address:    Beijing Computational Science Research Center (CSRC)

                   Zhongguancun Software Park II, No. 10 Dongbeiwang West Road, Haidian District

                   Beijing 100094, China (北京市海淀区东北旺西路10号北京计算科学研究中心)

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