3rd Workshop on Numerical Methods for Fractional-derivative Problems

26&27 April 2019

Objectives: In recent years there has been an explosion of research activity in numerical methods for fractional-derivative(FD) differential equations. Much of the published work has been concerned with solutions to FD problems that are globally smooth --- but simple examples show that for given smooth data, the solutions to FD problems typically have weak singularities at some boundary of the domain, so globally smooth solutions are very unusual. 

This workshop will focus on the numerical solution of more typical (and more difficult) FD problems whose solutions exhibit weak singularities.  As the definitions of fractional derivatives are nonlocal, there is also the issue of how to avoid excessive memory storage and expensive calculations in their implementation. Thus there are two objectives to this research:
(i) the design and analysis of methods (finite difference, finite element, ...) for FD problems; 
(ii) the efficient computation of numerical solutions.

Another aim of this workshop is to explore the application of FD theory to various inverse problems. Here the aim is to recover model parameters (for instance, initial values, model coefficients, fractional orders or domains of  FD equations) from a knowledge of forward solutions. Solution of the inverse problem relies heavily on the analysis and numerics of the forward model.

Deadline for registration and abstract submission:12 April 2019--see Registration page for details

Payment of registration fee allows the participant to attend all the Workshop talks, tea/coffee breaks, and lunches and dinners on 26 & 27 April. Each registered participant is invited to present a poster of his/her research at the Workshop (but owing to space constraints, the number of posters may be restricted)--see our Posters webpage for details. Registration does not entitle the participant to give a talk --- almost all talk slots are now filled, so if you wish to give a 25-minute talk that is directly relevant to the Objectives of the Workshop, then please email the Workshop Secretary (
fdworkshop2019@csrc.ac.cn) your title and abstract (between a half-page and one page) as soon as possible. 

Dates of Workshop: 26 & 27 April 2019    

Venue: Conference Room 1, 1st Floor, CSRC Building

Address: Beijing Computational Science Research Center (CSRC)

 Zhongguancun Software Park II, No. 10 Xibeiwang East Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100193
       北京市海淀区西北旺东路10号院东区9号楼, 北京计算科学研究中心, 100193




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