Associate Professor, Division Head Bing Huang

Materials and Energy

Office Location
Room B405

2001-2005   B.S.,  College of Physics, Jilin University

2005-2010   Ph.D.,  Department of Physics, Tsinghua University (Supervisor: Prof. Wenhui Duan)

Professional Employment

2010-2013   Postdoc Researcher, National Renewable Energy Lab, USA (Supervisor: Prof. Su-Huai Wei)

2013-2015   Research Associate, Oak Ridge National Lab, USA;

2015-2016   Research Associate, University of Utah, USA

2015-2020   Tenure-track Assistant Professor, CSRC

2020-           Tenured Associated Professor, CSRC

Research Interests

1.    Computational Condensed Matter Physics

2.    Semiconductor Physics

3.    Light-Matter Interactions

Representative Publications
1.  See Faculty research homepage for the publications
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