Assistant Professor Chong-Jie Mo

Simulation of Physical Systems

Office Location
Room A308

Ph.D.   09/2014—07/2019 Center for Applied Physics and Technology and School of Physics, Peking University
B.S.     09/2010—07/2014 Department of Physics, Xiamen University

Professional Employment

Chong-Jie Mo received his B. S. in 2014 from Xiamen University and Ph. D. in 2019 (under the supervision of Prof. Wei Kang, Ping Zhang and Xian-Tu He) from Center for Applied Physics and Technology, Peking University. In 2019, he joined the Simulation of Physical Systems Division of Prof. Hai-Qing Lin as a postdoctoral fellow in Beijing Computational Science Research Center. In the March of 2021, he was employed as a Tenure-Track Assistant Professor of Beijing Computational Science Research Center.

Research Interests

(1) First-principles studies of x-ray Thomson scattering spectra of warm dense matter
(2) First-principles modeling of x-ray absorption spectra and opacity of warm dense matter
(3) First-principles investigations of stopping power of warm dense matter
(4) Theoretical investigations of x-ray diffraction diagnostics of solid hydrogen

Representative Publications
1.  C. Mo, Z.-G. Fu, P. Zhang*, W. Kang*, W. Zhang and X. T. He*, "A First-Principles Method for X-Ray Thomson Scattering Including Both Elastic and Inelastic Features in Warm Dense Matter", Physical Review B 102, 195127 (2020).
2.  C. Mo, Z. Fu, W. Kang*, P. Zhang*, and X. T. He*, "First-Principles Estimation of Electronic Temperature from X-Ray Thomson Scattering Spectrum of Isochorically Heated Warm Dense Matter", Physical Review Letters 120, 205002 (2018).
3.  C. Mo, Y. Yang, W. Kang, and P. Zhang*, "Electronic and optical properties of (U,Th)O2 compound from screened hybrid density functional studies", Physics Letters A 380, 1481 (2016).
4.   W. Yang, C.-J. Mo, S.-B. Fu, Y. Yang, F.-W. Zheng, et al., "Soft-Mode-Phonon-Mediated Unconventional Superconductivity in Monolayer 1T′-WTe2", Physical Review Letters 125, 237006 (2020).
5.   Z.-G. Fu, Z. Wang, C. Mo, D. Li, W. Li, et al., "Stopping power of hot dense deuterium-tritium plasmas mixed with impurities to charged particles", Physical Review E 101, 053209 (2020).
6.   Z. He, E. Guo*, X. Huang, C. Mo, W. Kang, et al., "Inverting shock-wave temperatures via artificial neural networks", Journal of Applied Physics 127, 125901 (2020).
7.  M. Lv, Z. Hu, Y. Hou, M. Wei, C. Mo, W. Zheng, et al., "Measurement of ionic structure in isochorically heated graphite from X-Ray Thomson scattering", Physics of Plasmas 26, 022702 (2019).
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