Research Assistant Professor Rubem Mondaini

Simulation of Physical Systems

Office Location
Room B313

2012, Ph.D. Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
2008, M.Sc. Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
2006, B.Sc.  Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Professional Employment

Rubem Mondaini received his PhD (2012) under supervision of Prof. Thereza Paiva (UFRJ-Brazil) and moved to Penn State as a Post-doc (2012-2015) under supervision of Prof. Marcos Rigol. He also held a post-doc with Prof. Richard Scalettar (UC-Davis) during 2013. In 2016, he joined CSRC (Beijing) as a Research Assistant Professor.

Research Interest
  • Equilibrium and out-of-equilibrium properties of strongly correlated many-body systems

  • Many-body localization

  • High-Temperature Superconductivity

  • Transport in low-dimensional superlattices

  • Interplay of magnetism and transport in interfaces


2006-2012 - Scholarship at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
2003 - Distinction in Junior Scientific competition - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Representative Publications
1.  Rubem Mondaini and Marcos Rigol, Many-body localization and thermalization in disordered Hubbard chains, Physical Review A 92, 041601(R) (2015) - Editor's suggestion
2.  Rubem Mondaini, Predrag Nikolić, and Marcos Rigol. Mott-Insulator to Superconductor Transition in a Two-Dimensional Superlattice, Physical Review A, 92, 013601 (2015)
3.  Rubem Mondaini, Thereza Paiva, and Richard T. Scalettar. Magnetic and metal-insulator transitions in coupled spin-fermion systems, Physical Review B 90, 144418 (2014)
4.  Deepak Iyer, Rubem Mondaini, Sebastian Will, and Marcos Rigol. Coherent quench dynamics in the one-dimensional Fermi-Hubbard model, Physical Review A 90, 031602(R) (2014)
5.  Rubem Mondaini, Tao Ying, Thereza Paiva and Richard T. Scalettar. Determinant Quantum Monte Carlo Study of the Enhancement of d-wave Pairing by Charge Inhomogeneity, Physical Review B 86, 184506 (2012)
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