Chair Professor Chang-Pu Sun

Quantum Physics and Quantum Information

Office Location
Room A407

B.S. in Physics, Department of Physics, Northeast Normal University, 1980-1984

M.S. in Physics, Department of Physics, Northeast Normal University, 1984-1987

PhD. in Physics, Nankai Institute of Mathematics, 1989-1992

Professional Employment

Professor Chang-Pu Sun, a theoretical physicist, currently is a chair professor at Beijing Computational Science Research Center (CSRC), and the Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics (CAEP). He obtained his PhD in 1992 at the Chern Institute of Mathematics, and then became a professor of physics in Northeast Normal University (1992-2011) and Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). In an adjunct position he even was a Chair Professor of Theoretical Physics of Nankai University from 2003 to 2008.

He was selected as an Academician of CAS in 2009, and a Fellow of TWAS (the World Academy of Sciences) in 2011. He achieved many prizes including the National Award for Natural Sciences in China, the First Order Prize for Excellence Young Scientist in Chinese Academy of Sciences, the National Prize of Science and Technology for Yang Scientists and Citation Classic Award by SCI et al. He is also honored by the National Model Employee of China.

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Research Interests

He currently explored the fundamental aspects of quantum mechanics, e.g., open quantum system approaches to quantum measurement and decoherence, and quantum statistical thermodynamics. His researches are partially oriented to future quantum technologies, such as quantum information processing, quantum coherent devices and also the new generation of energy based on the artificial photosynthesis with quantum effects. He yearn for a ”down-to-earth” understanding of fundamental problems in quantum mechanics in association with the most recent experiments about circuit QED using super-conducting systems, optomechanics with micro/nano-mechanical resonators, the photon transport in low-dimensional confined structure, and ultra-cold atoms in Bose-Einstein condensate.

His research interests also include probing mathematical structures behind the dynamics of physical systems, such as quantum groups related to the Yang-Baxter equation, Berry geometric phase related to general gauge symmetry and finite-size thermodynamic systems far off equilibrium.


  • International

1. Citation Classic Award by SCI (Scientific Citation Index) Institute of Scientific Information, USA, 2000

2. "Papers most Cited in Mathematical Physics Articles" Stanford University Lib. 2001

3. Fellow of TWAS, The Academy of Sciences for the Developing World

  • In China

1. Member (Academician) of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2009. 

2. National Award for Natural Sciences, "Quantum Open System Approach and Its Applications to Quantum Information" C. P. Sun, H.T.Quan, 2008.

3. Prize for Advance in Science and Technology, "Quantum Groups" M. L. Ge, C.P. Sun, K. Xue, 1997.

4. Prize for Advance in Science and Technology, "Generalized Boson Realization Theory and Its Applications" C.P. Sun, H.C. Fu, 1995.

5. National Science and Technology Medal for Yang Scientists The Chinese Science and Technology Association, 1993.

6. Prize for Advance in Science and Technology, "High-Order Quantum Adiabatic Process with Berry’s Induced Gauge Field" C.P. Sun, L.Z. Zhang, Q. Xiao, 1990.

7. Prize for Advance in Science and Technology, "Yang-Baxter Intergrable System" M.L.Ge, C.P. Sun, K. Xue, 1990.

Representative Publications
1.  “The q-deformed boson realization of the quantum group SU(n)q and its representations”, C. P. Sun and H. C. Fu, J. Phys. A: Math. Gen. 22, l983 (1989)
2.  “Generalizing Born-Oppenheimer approximations and observable effects of an induced gauge field”, C. P. Sun and M. L. Ge, Phys. Rev. D 41, 1349 (1990)
3.  “Exact dynamics of a quantum dissipative system in a constant external field”, C. P. Sun and L.H. Yu, Phys. Rev. A 51, 1845 (1995)
4.  “Decay of Loschmidt Echo Enhanced by Quantum Criticality”, H. T. Quan, Z. Song, X. F. Liu, P. Zanardi, and C. P. Sun, Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 140604 (2006)
5.  “Quantum Routing of Single Photons with a Cyclic Three-Level System”, Lan Zhou, Li-Ping Yang, Yong Li, and C. P. Sun, Phys. Rev. Lett 111, 103604 (2013)
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