Hybrid Quantum Engineering for Quantum Sensing and Control
Prof. Jason Twamley
Department of Physics and Astronomy, Macquarie University, Australia

Hybrid quantum systems aim to plug-and-play different types of physical subsystems together to achieve an overall functionality for the hybrid quantum system not possible within an individual subsystem alone. In this talk we describe how, in theory, hybrid quantum devices can be designed to be useful for gravimetry, photon quantum non-demolition measurement, and building a quantum network between spatially distant superconducting chips, e.g. a quantum internet. These designs intermix superconducting, optical, solid-state and mechanical quantum subsystems.


About the Speaker

Professor Jason Twamley is the Chair Professor of Quantum Information Science in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Macquarie University, Australia since 2005. He received his Bachelor Degree from Trinity College Dublin in 1986 and his PhD in Theoretical Physics under supervision of Prof. Don N. Page of University of Alberta, Canada in 1991. Prof. Twamley is a theoretical physicist whose research interests currently focus on hybrid quantum systems e.g. connecting up various types of quantum systems together to achieve functionalities not possible in one subsystem alone. He also has worked on quantum control, novel quantum architectures (e.g. quantum cellular automata), quantum sensors (magnetic), nitrogen vacancy defects in diamond, levitated superconducting quantum systems and endohedral fullerenes

2015-12-10 10:30 AM
Room: A303 Meeting Room
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