Mathematical Analysis and Time-Domain Finite Element Modeling of Invisibility Cloaks with Metamaterials
Prof. Ji-Chun Li
Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Nevada Las Vegas, USA

Since 2006's realization of a cloak with the artificially structured metamaterials, there is a growing interest in using metamaterials to construct invisibility cloaks. In this talk, I'll first give a brief introduction to invisibility cloaks with metamaterials, then I'll focus on some cloaking models. Well-posedness study and time-domain numerical simulations will be presented.

About the Speaker

Jichun Li is Professor of Mathematics in University of Neveda Las Vegas (UNLV), and Director of Center for Applied Mathematics and Statistics in UNLV. Professor Li earned his Ph.D. in Mathematics (1998) from Florida State University, after which he has held Post-doctoral position at University of Texas at Austin. He also served as Associated Director of IPAM (Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics) at University of California - Los Angeles (UCLA), and Summer Research Faculty for U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory. His research interests include diverse topics in computational science both on numerical analysis and applications. Past work covers parallel computing, image processing, groundwater and surface water modeling, and finite element methods. Current main interest is on computational electromagnetics and metamaterials. He published one monograph in Springer Series in Computational Mathematics and one graduate textbook, edited one conference proceeding published by American Mathematical Society and three journal special issues.

2015-12-23 2:00 PM
Room: A303 Meeting Room
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