Stochastic Simulation of Quantum Dissipative Dynamics
Prof. Yun-An Yan
Guizhou Education University, China

‍A stochastic formulation for quantum dynamics of dissipative systems described by the system-plus-bath model has been developed and found many applications in chemical dynamics, spectroscopy, quantum transport, and other fields. This talk presents a brief introduction of the stochastic formulation for quantum dissipative dynamics and the strategies to improve its numerical performance. For the linear bath, the influence of the bath on the system is fully captured by its correlation function, which in turn can be represented by random fields in the stochastic Liouville equation for the system. In general, the plain implementation of stochastic formulation is only useful for short-time dynamics and efficient stochastic methods will be appreciated. Here, I talk about three attempts to improve the numerical performance of the stochastic approach: (1) To reduce the number of stochastic fields; (2) To find stochastic schemes satisfying more symmetry of the exact dynamics; (3) To treat all/part of the noises with deterministic methods. All the schemes are used to solve the non-Markovian dynamics of the spin-boson model and molecular aggregates.‍


About the Speaker

Dr. Yan obtained the Ph.D in Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2002. After that, he went to Institute of Chemistry (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Texas Tech University, Berlin Free University, Rostock University and Kyushu University for postdoc and visiting research. In 2012, Dr. Yan joined Guizhou Provincial Key Laboratory of Computational Nano-science, Guizhou Education University. His current research is mainly to develop methods for the simulations of quantum dissipative dynamics of molecular systems in condensed phases. 

2016-05-31 2:00 PM
Room: A403 Meeting Room
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