Optical Properties of Hybrid Nanostructures: The Interference Effect
Prof. Wei Zhang
Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics

Modern nanotechnology opens the possibility of combining nanocrystals of various materials with very different characteristics in one superstructure. In this talk, I will present our studies on the optical properties of hybrid nanostructures, focusing on the interference effect. Based on the semiclassical and complete quantum theories, we show that the interplay among different modes leads to interesting interference effects: the Fano effect/plasmon analogy of electromagnetic induced transparency (PEIT). By tuning the nanostructures and/or the incident field, we have found several novel aspects of interference effect in the hybrid nanocomplex, such as incident field intensity-dependent nonlinear Fano effect, reversed saturated absorption due to plasmon-exciton dual nonlinearity, plasmon-modulated excitation-dependent fluorescence, strong coupling induced optimal nanostructures (and related plasmon-enhanced Forster energy transfer), and configuration modulation of PEIT.

About the Speaker

张伟, 北京应用物理与计算数学研究所, 研究员。1998年于中科院理论物理研究所获博士学位, 1998至2000年在北京应用物理与计算数学研究所做博士后, 2001至2007年在美国做博士后/研究学者, 2007年8月至今在北京应用物理与计算数学研究所任研究员。张伟在低维凝聚态/纳米体系的光学、电输运性质等方面做了系统的研究工作, 在包括Nature, Phys. Rev. Lett., Advanced Materials, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., Nano Lett., ACS Nano, J. Am. Chem. Soc.等的国际核心期刊上发表SCI论文80余篇。2014年获“于敏数理科学奖” 、中物院科技创新奖。

2017-11-08 10:00 AM
Room: A403 Meeting Room
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