TchebyFlow: A New Generation of Scientific Computing Where Accuracy is Unlimited
Prof. Gérard Labrosse
CEO of “TchebyFlow”

Unlimited accuracy is the key element of any numerical method which ought to be able to deliver its results at any PREDEFINED LIMITED accuracy. The today-market softwares are not even capable of giving their customer an evaluation of their accuracy. To this regard, the symbolic softwares, like Mathematica or Mapple, for example, can be considered as an important step ahead since they claim that they work at arbitrary precision. In fact this is often not true. The talk-chat will illustrate this situation and showcase the contrast that TchebyFlow's technology represents into the scientific-computing realm.

About the Speaker

Professor Gerard Labrosse is on leave from Universite Paris-Sud in Physic. He focuses on transport phenomena (Fluid flow, heat and mass transfer) and chemical reactions and more generally any application or problem that can be modeled by integro-differential equations. Now he is running a company "TchebyFlow". The detailed information about his company's work can refer to "".

2018-03-01 10:00 AM
Room: A203 Meeting Room
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