Postdoctoral Fellow Positions at Beijing CSRC

PI: Dr. Haiguang Liu, Email: hgliu AT

Project Title:

Image analysis and 3D model reconstruction from XFEL scattering data

Project Description:

X-ray Free Electron Laser (XFEL) offers ultrabright X-ray pulses to generate single particle scattering data at random orientations. In order to assemble 2D scattering data to 3D Fourier space, correct orientations have to be recovered before data merging. On the other hand, biological samples have intrinsic flexibility, resulting the co-existence of multiple conformations. The entangled problem of conformation heterogeneity and orientation recovery must be resolved using computational approach. The goal for this project includes:

  1. Scattering image selection and classifications;

  2. Orientation recovery with presence of conformational heterogeneity;

  3. 3D data assembly and model reconstruction.

The project is in close collaborations with applied mathematicians in the imaging analysis research (Prof. Hongkai Zhao and Prof. Xuecheng Tai). The applicants are expected to be self-motivated, passionate about scientific research, familiar with programming and algorithms in image processing.

We have two positions for this project and also have positions in related projects:

  1. Software development for Data analysis in XFEL scattering and diffraction

  2. Algorithm development for model refinement (X-ray laser and Cryo-EM data)

  3. Molecular Dynamics Simulations for G-protein Coupled Receptor systems

You are welcome to bring in interesting projects that can be aligned with current on-going research directions.

More information can be found:


Requirements: Ph.D degree in relevant fields, capable of participating international collaborations. Initial contract will be one year, and can be renewed based on mutual agreement.

Priority will be given to candidates with experience in scientific computing, familiar with high performance computing, good in programming using C/C++ and Python.

Salary and Benefits: Competitive. Outstanding candidates will be recommended for CSRC honorable fellowship with additional benefits.































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吕琳媛,电子科技大学基础与前沿研究院教授,北京计算科学研究中心客座教授,国际网络科学学会理事会理事。主要从事网络信息挖掘和社会经济复杂性方面的研究。利用统计物理和网络科学的理论和方法解决信息领域中的若干重要问题,原创性地提出了以系综理论和似然分析为基础的网络信息过滤基础理论体系,以及以扩散动力学为基础的网络信息过滤系列方法。在Physics Reports、PNAS、Nature Communications等学术期刊发表论文70余篇,引用8000余次,9篇论文入选ESI全球Top-1%高引论文,成果入选中国百篇最具影响国际学术论文。申请发明专利12项,授权5项,两项专利获腾讯优秀专利奖。学术专著《链路预测》获第四届中国大学出版社优秀学术著作一等奖。入选2018年《麻省理工科技评论》中国35岁以下科技创新35人。2016国家优秀青年基金获得者,目前担任中国工业与应用数学学会复杂网络与系统控制专委会委员、中国中文信息学会社会媒体处理专委会常委、中国指挥与控制学会网络科学与工程专委会常委等职务《国际现代物理C》编委委员。

Research directions:

  • Complex networks (in particular information networks and brain neural networks)

  • Statistical physics models (random walks, percolation, and combination with the analysis on networks)

  • New information economy (basic theory of microeconomics, the new generation of information filtering technology, prediction of macroeconomics)


    Project topic:

    New research direction of complex network based on algebraic topology

    You are welcome to bring in interesting projects that can be aligned with current on-going research directions.

    Basic requirements for postdoctoral researchers:

  • PhD degree (already obtained or in the near future)

  • Good communication skills, self-motivation and exploration spirit

  • Relevant research experience (priorities: statistical physics, computer science, neuroscience, mathematics), good programming skills are necessary

  • Published good papers in peer-reviewed journals in the respective field


    We offer:

  • Competitive salary

  • Possibility to apply for generous scientific research funds and awards (both local and country level)

  • Full support for participation in academic conferences and exchanges at home and abroad

  • Harmonious, free and international working atmosphere

  • Outstanding candidates will be recommended for CSRC honorable fellowship with additional benefits.


    To apply:

  • Send the application information and documents title “application for ***POST NAME***”)

  • In your application, please include the following information: (1) CV, (2) description of your past research results and current research directions, (3) a statement of your future research plans as well as the life goals that you hope to achieve

  • 1-2 Post-doctoral positions, look forward to your joining



    Linyuan Lü, full professor of Institute of Fundamental and Frontier Sciences at University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC), visiting professor at CSRC, board member of Network Science Society. Main research interests include complex networks and information filtering, an interdisciplinary domain related to both statistical physics and information sciences. Published more than 70 research papers in peer-reviewed international journals and conferences, of which the majority are published in prestigious journals, like Physics Reports, PNAS, Nature Communications, etc. Nine papers are the ESI Top-1% highly cited papers. All publications get more than 3500 citations from the Web of Science, and more than 8000 citations from Google Scholar, H-index 32. Academic monograph "link prediction" won the first prize of excellent academic book award of the 4th China university press. Applied for twelve patents, five of which were licensed. In 2018, awarded MIT Technology Review Innovator Under 35 China (MIT TR 35). The member of China Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (CSIAM) Activity Group on Complex Network and System Control, the member of Chinese Information Processing Society of China Activity Group on Social Media Processing, the board member of Network Science and Engineering Committee, associate editor of International Journal of Modern Physics C.


    Brief information about the papers of Linyuan Lü

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