I am proud and privileged to introduce the Beijing Computational Science Research Center (CSRC).


Established in August 2009, CSRC is administered under the auspices of the China Academy of Engineering Physics (CAEP). CSRC positions itself to make fundamental contributions to the advancement of science and technology.


The research at CSRC crosses disciplinary boundaries and reinvents progress in Mathematics, Mechanics, Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science, and Computational Science, with advanced computational approaches at its core. Programs at CSRC aim to educate the next generation of researchers and leaders who will carry our path forward in years ahead. The ultimate mission of CSRC is to provide supports for scientific discoveries and technological innovations in China, and hence help gain competitive advantages for the nation.


It is my conviction that the mission of our institution can only be achieved by bringing together the best minds across different disciplines in an environment that advocates the exchange of ideas and development of collaborations. To this end, CSRC will explore all avenues to attract talented researchers from around the globe, and create every opportunity for scientists to meet, work and form networks that last a lifetime.


In its short existence, CSRC has become a profoundly important institution. I am here to honor its past, and to anticipate its future, a one that will rely on the efforts of colleagues, collaborators and friends around the world, and a one that will surely be splendid.


Mingxing Luo

Director, CSRC

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