Nov 17,2020 Fokker-Planck equations of neuron networks: rigorous justification and numerical simulation A203 Meeting Room
Nov 17,2020 Model reduction methods for two-phase flows based on the Onsager variational principle A203 Meeting Room
Nov 12,2020 High order positivity-preserving and conservative DG schemes for radiation transfer equations A203 Meeting Room
Nov 10,2020 Energy-Conserving Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Vlasov Systems A203 Meeting Room
Nov 07,2020 Semiclassical computational methods for quantum dynamics with band-crossing and uncertainty A203 Meeting Room
Oct 09,2020 Deep Learning Based Image Reconstruction and PDE Solvers: The Unrolled Dynamics Approach A203 Meeting Room
Sep 24,2020 The role of entropy in CFD A203 Meeting Room
Dec 24,2019 Multiscale Analysis and Algorithms in Electrodynamics of Novel Materials and Devices A203 Meeting Room
Dec 23,2019 相对论流体力学方程组的可容许状态集与保物理约束的数值方法 A203 Meeting Room
Dec 13,2019 仿生机器鱼的设计与控制研究 A203 Meeting Room
Oct 21,2019 Asymptotically Stable Particle-In-Cell Methods for the Vlasov-Poisson System with a Strong External Magnetic A303 Meeting Room
Oct 10,2019 High-order Bound-preserving Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Stiff Multispecies Detonation A203 Meeting Room
Aug 22,2019 Numerical Methods for Some Nonlinear Transport Equations in Biology A203 Meeting Room
Oct 18,2018 Algorithmic Adaptations to Extreme Scale Computing A203 Meeting Room
Jun 11,2018 Fluid-Structure Interactions with Biological Applications A203 Meeting Room
Mar 01,2018 TchebyFlow: A New Generation of Scientific Computing Where Accuracy is Unlimited A203 Meeting Room
Jan 23,2018 神威•太湖之光:系统及应用 A303 Meeting Room
Jan 05,2018 Complex Life at Low Reynolds Number A203 Meeting Room
Jul 05,2017 Approximation of Transport Equations with Continuous Finite Elements: The Issue of the Mass Matrix A203 Meeting Room
Jun 06,2017 共融水下仿生机器人 A203 Meeting Room
May 10,2017 Automating Scientific Computing Conference Room I
May 05,2017 Thermal Convection Dictated by Non-Trivial Boundary Conditions A203 Meeting Room
Jan 10,2017 RNA Structurome Reveals a Hidden Layer of Complexity in Gene Regulation A203 Meeting Room
Nov 21,2016 The Study on Adaptive Cartesian Grid Methods for Compressible Flow and Their Applications A203 Meeting Room
Sep 30,2016 Clean Combustion of Internal Combustion Engines A303 Meeting Room
Aug 25,2016 气固流动的格子Boltzmann模拟及最新应用 A303 Meeting Room
Aug 16,2016 Mathematical Models and a Theory of Biological Population Dynamics: From Cells to Ecology, Small and Large Systems A303 Meeting Room
Aug 15,2016 An Integrated Study of Biological Fluid Dynamics in Nature A203 Meeting Room
Jul 29,2016 A Fast Spectral Method for the Boltzmann Collision Operator with General Collision Kernel A203 Meeting Room
Jul 22,2016 Computational Modeling and Analysis in Engineering and Bioengineering A203 Meeting Room
Jun 21,2016 Bounce-Back Boundary Condition at First Order A203 Meeting Room
Jun 03,2016 非结构网格紧致模板高精度有限体积方法的若干问题 A303 Meeting Room
Jun 02,2016 ALE-Phase-Field Simulations of Moving Contact Lines on Moving Particles A403 Meeting Room
Jun 01,2016 A Possible Role of Multiscale Thermodynamics in Computation A203 Meeting Room
Jun 01,2016 Multiscale Thermodynamics A203 Meeting Room
Apr 25,2016 Recent Lessons from the Wings of Nature A203 Meeting Room
Mar 30,2016 湍流燃烧中的大涡模拟/概率密度函数模型计算 A203 Meeting Room
Mar 22,2016 能源中微尺度界面与传输现象的分子动力学模拟研究 A203 Meeting Room
Dec 18,2015 Phase Transition and Multiphase Flows in Low Permeability Geological Porous Media A203 Meeting Room
Nov 17,2015 生物飞行与游弋中的流体力学机制 A203 Meeting Room
Nov 09,2015 可压缩两相流高精度方法研究及其数值模拟 A303 Meeting Room
Oct 26,2015 光滑分子动力学:一种高效的分子模拟方法 A203 Meeting Room
Aug 11,2015 Computational Methods for Deforming Boundary Problems Conference Room I
Aug 09,2015 Filament Capturing with the Multimaterial Moment-of-Fluid Method Conference Room I
Aug 08,2015 A Positivity Preserving All Speed Projection Method for Compressible, Multiphase Flow Conference Room I
Aug 07,2015 Sparsifying Preconditioners Conference Room I
Aug 07,2015 The Fast Multipole Method Conference Room I
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